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Becoming a writer was never a piece of cake. It requires deep thinking and observance as a basic characteristic. furthermore, you have to practice, practice, and practice until you learn to play with words. And it can take years to become a professional writer. In today’s world, there are lots of tools, software, and apps to assist you in starting writing. In this article, we are going to bring a list of the best apps for writers or for those who want to become a writer. Using these apps can help you out in writing.


Firstly, before writing, what is the most important thing? Well, you need to have a full grip on the language you are writing. And the grammar is more important because you write, and you need to use tenses, prepositions, punctuation marks correctly. And as English is an international language. Most of the people write in English whether native speakers or as a second language speakers. Grammarly is the best option to enhance your writing. And produce a perfect piece of paper.

best apps for writers

You can add the extension of Grammarly, where it gets access to your device. And whenever you start writing, Grammarly automatically rectifies your grammar and spelling mistakes in your writing. Besides, the app also tells you about the characteristics of your manuscript, whether that is engaging, confident, optimistic, etc. And therefore, you can modify your writing and can shape your essay in a way you want if you write on the internet as well. It is helpful because the plagiarism checker tool of the Grammarly compares your writing with millions of web pages to check the plagiarism in your writing.

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Well, a common issue that every writer faces in his or her life is writer’s block. We can say that it is something that blocks our minds to ponder further regarding particular titles and stops us to further proceed with our writing. There are lots of ways to overcome writer’s block. And in the world of technology, the tool by the name of Brainstormer is the online solution of writer’s block.

The best method recommended by writers to overcome writer’s block is to start writing about a new thing. And the Brainstormer does the same. The Brainstormer turns the wheel and brings a new title for you to write about for some limited time to get out of writer’s block. And after a quick gap, you can continue your prior writing.tT

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This app is also one of the most useful tools for bloggers, novelists, and business writers.ProWritingAid has lots of features like grammar check, text style, spelling, and complex sentences, etc. Moreover, it is used by fiction writers to go to the depth of stories. The ProwritingAid can be integrated with MS Word, Open office, google docs, and much more.

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The novel factory:

Do you have a dream of becoming a successful novelist? So, you must app the novel factory. The Novel Factory is a unique software that helps its user to write a new step by step through tutorials guiding on how to start a novel, introducing scene, theme, and characters.

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Dragon naturally speaking:

This is the world’s leading software to turn your voice into text. Once upon a time, it was just a dream of turn our sound into a book. But, now it is possible by using dragon naturally speaking. This app makes your writing 3x faster and saves a lot of time to write more and more. The introductory package of the app includes 150$ per month, and the professional package includes 300$ per month.

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Focus writer:

One of the most challenging thing for a writer is to avoid distractions and focus only and only on its writing. But it not that easy. Therefore this app is here to help the writers to avoid distractions and focus on there writing as sure by its name. When you enable this on your system, it blocks everything on your screen and helps to focus only on your writing. You can also allow goals too, and the app reminds you when the time limit reaches, or word count reaches. This app can be used on mac, windows, and Linux.

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Task management Is also essential for everybody, including writers. Because the tasks they are given if that do not complete those on time or do not manage busyness regularly he\she considered irresponsible. Therefore the Todoist is the best option to use to be on track. And the importance of Todoist gets more crucial if you are a remote writer or freelance writer. Because in the world of freelancing deadline is everything. So, keeping in mind the different tasks and completing them on time one by one cannot be done without the Todoist.

The Todoist has all the features that a writer needs to keep the work smooth and continue. On Todoist, you can manage the tasks of the next seven days and can manage your team to work continuously without any confusion. Moreover, You can manage your work on vacation as well. Continuos typing makes everyone too lazy. Therefore, you can also manipulate time for your fitness through the software. The Todoist has lots of other exciting features too. So, let’s get to the software if you are a writer.

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Do you see this for the first time? Well, A writer is nothing without proper investigation and research. Moreover, if you are a blogger, Freelance writer, Non-fiction writer, or business writer. Research is the first thing that you need to do on a particular topic before starting. So, TED is for the same purpose.TED is an open-source platform for information by experts on business, technology, global issues, and almost all topics.

Myself personally, as a writer, when I start to write about any topic, I firstly, go to TED.com and watch a couple of videos regarding the problem I write. And to be honest, TED has given me lots of knowledge and changed my thoughts regarding particular things. Bear in mind that those who are providing lectures on TED are experts in that specific field. And therefore, you cannot miss such a chance.

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Good Reader:

Well, I cannot consider my stuff complete without GoodReader.It is a professional reader and editor specifically for a writer. As a writer, every day, I need PDF files that I have to go through once and edit and get some info that I require. Moreover, I can highlight, circle, copy and move, rename files, split and merge pages compress, and extract My PDF files.

Except for these basic features, GoodReader has many other features that you can explore and evolve your writing career.

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Now you may think that what is the link between twitter and a writer. Well, there is a substantial thing between these two. As a writer, most of the time, I get demotivated because our job is like that.write, write and only write. Consequently, that makes us frustrated. And I am quite sure that many of the other writers face this problem too. So I have found out the most effective way That is Twitter. As all know that Twitter is a social media platform where most professionals are available, whether politicians, artists, doctors, engineers, or writers.

So, when I get demotivated, I visit the famous writer on Twitter and observe what they have twitted. And when I see my ideal writer that  he\she has wrote these many words and still going to continue. So, That reignite that fire in my body and get to my work back and resume writing. And to be honest, nothing has made me these much motivated than Twitter.

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Well, becoming a writer has never been easy. You face lots of problems like writer’s block on time of writing, demotivation, distractions, and much more. So, being a writer, the difficulties I face, and the solutions I have found are those that I have mentioned in this article. I am delighted that these tools have helped me in my writing career and made me able to concentrate on my writing and become a successful writer fully.

By Safar Ali

Safar Ali is an Entrepreneur, Marketer, and writer. He has been writing for more than three years. And his pieces have appeared on some of the high-authority sites, including HubSpot, Mashable, Business.com, Business Insider, TechCrunch, Makeuseof, CNET, and many more.


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