Best software for animation- all time best.

The animation is a tough job. First of all, we require a compatible system that could work on animation software smoothly. The second thing is which software should we learn for animation that would be the best software for animation?

In this article, we have brought a list of the all-time best software for animation purposes. The software that is used by famous film industries like Hollywood and Bollywood etc. And the software that has their international academies to teach the student their software.

Making animation software is not an easy task. It requires the best animation program to design one software for animation. And it depends on the ability of the programmer how good he develops the software. How easy he keeps the interface. And how easy he makes the design of software for people to learn comprehensively.

In this article, we will talk about 3D animation software.

Autodesk Maya:

Firstly, Autodesk Maya, or more particularly Maya is a 3D animation software owned by Autodesk. Autodesk is a world-leading software making company in the field of animation, rendering, computer graphics, and so on. Maya is used to making realistic 3d models 3d applications and animated movies. This is the most used software by game designers and the film industry particularly.

Moreover, you can get the software from the official website of Autodesk. You can run Maya on windows macOS, Linux. Initially, it was developed by the alias system corporation, and currently, it is the product of Autodesk.


  • 1620$ per year and free for students.

Download here.

Key features:

  • Best for game designing and animation movies.
  • Easy environment.
  • Perfect accuracy and control.
  • Perfect for flying logos, titles sequence, and branding.
  • Eligible to create and handle complex technical effects.

Cinema 4D:

Another 3D animator is cinema 4D. This software is also one of the best software in the 3D animation, texturing, 3D modeling, and rendering category. The developer of cinema 4D is MAXON Computer GmbH. Moreover, This software is mainly used for motion graphics and is a better option in terms of using after effects.

Cinema 4D has Modeling, Materials, Sculpting, UV Edit, MoGraph, Animation, Bodypaint 3D, Camera, Lighting, Rendering, Character Rigging, and Xpresso. Moreover, it can take you up to two years to get a good grip on cinema 4D.


  • 720$ per year.

Download here.

Key features:

  • EXtend varieties of preset scenes, materials, and objects.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • A logical and powerful interface.
  • Develop concepts without time modeling.

3D studio max:

This is another 3d animation product also owned by Autodesk. The fundamental difference between 3ds Max and Maya is that Maya is used in-game and animation scenes in movies. While 3ds Max is the best option for 3d visualization, civil engineering, architecture, and 3d designers, furthermore, In terms of easiness, 3ds max has an easy interface and can be learned quickly than Maya. Except for this difference, 3ds max also produces realistic results and creates impressive scenes.


  • 1620$ per year and a free three-year subscription for students.

Download here.

Key features:

  • It creates a realistic visualization of buildings.
  • Max creation graph controllers.
  • Rendering in A360.
  • 3ds max interactive.
  • Vray.


We have placed Blender in the fourth spot. It is an open-source software developed by Ton Roosendaal. For your further information Ton Roosendaal is a dutch web developer and chairman of the blender foundation.

Except for Blender, he is the creator of various other open-source software too. Blender is entirely used in 3d modeling, 3d rendering, stimulation, 3d application, visual effects, animation films, motion graphics, texturing, rigging and scanning, 2d to 3d conversion, and so on.

Some of the animation movies developed in the Blender are spring, big buck bunny, elephant dreams, tears of steel, etc. Furthermore, Blender has a role in many important projects like experience curiosity by NASA, some animated scenes from spider man 2, and the animated movie Next Gen was entirely created on Blender.


  • Free.

Download here.


  • Simulation tools for soft body dynamics.
  • Integration with several external render engines through plugins.
  • Basic non-linear video and audio editing.
  • Camera and object tracking.
  • Grease pencil tools.

Lightwave 3D:

It is a 3D computer graphics program developed by New Tak. Lightwave 3D covers areas of visual graphics, digital matte painting, video game development, product design, architectural design, and so on. It has a fast rendering engine that supports such advanced functions that visuals things like realistic. Its 3D modeling components support polygon modeling too.

Its animation components have features including forwarding and inverse kinematics and character animation. There is a list of long movies that used Lightwave 3D as an animation tool. Moreover, some famous movies are black hawk down, Blade, eagle eye, fantastic four, ghost rider, iron man, the man in black, mortal combat, and so on.


  • 995$ per year. Can vary as per changing cost.

Download here.

Key features:

  • Dynamics.
  • Hypervoxels.
  • Material shaders.
  • Nodes.


Maximo is the leading software used in creating 3D characters particularly. The developer is MRO software and currently owned by IBM. Maximo has its library of 3D characters which you can use and reshape to your desired 3d style as it focuses on 3D character modeling and animations. Therefore, this is somehow secure software to use.


  • 164$ per user.

Download here.


  • Ready to reshape characters.
  • Automatic custom character set up to the human skeleton.


Animaker is another video on the list developed by RS Raghavan. It is a cloud-based video animation software. Animaker uses online tools to edit and animate videos. This software mainly focuses on video animation and editing. This is the first software that has introduced vertical video creation. Moreover, to clarify, we would like to say that vertical video is a video that is created in portrait mode, which is taller than its width.


  • 19$ per month per user.

Download here.

Key features:

  • It can create and animate vertical videos.
  • It is cloud-based software.
  • It’s all tools are available online.

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The world is evolving rapidly. Every day There comes new software and tools. in the world of technology. Similarly, the same happens in the case of animation. The software for animation mainly focuses on different areas of animation. Some are Special in video animation, while some are good in game design, and some are good in visual effects. This article was focus on all areas. And on the software that could handle more and more tools and could be easy for learning.

By Safar Ali

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