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Today technology is bringing new and better options for us in every field of life. The technique and the online world have changed our daily lives. Whether it is our health, education, career, customs, and traditions, even it has changed our thinking habits. And living with technologies and software and apps has changed our lifestyle and compelled us to adopt new things. And the same is happening in the educational field. Today we have brought top apps for education. Because today even classes are online, and students get help from the online world, more than there teachers and books.

As stated before, that technology is evolving our whole lifestyle. And today, a five years old boy can use and control smartphones, which are the proves of change. And they are getting farther from traditional educational practices and coming nearer to the online world. So, it is compulsory to educate them via traditional or non-traditional methods. But it is quite more comfortable to teach them via online sources. Therefore today, we have brought some of the best and helpful apps for educational purposes.

Google Classroom:

As we all are aware that Google is one of the biggest companies in the world. And it brings everything that can change the lives of people like google itself. And the field of education also google has started its journey to evolve and meet the challenges of the new world by introducing google classroom.

The app is fully functional and ready to be used by everyone. These apps have all the requirements that a student and a teacher need, like quick communication between teachers and students, giving assignments and quizzes, checking them easily and quickly, managing the day to day tasks, asking and answering. To me, the best feature of google classroom is that the parents can easily monitor the studies of their children and as well be aware of every task given by the teachers to their students. In short, the parents have full control and aye on their children. And do not need to visit the school every week.

Some feature of google classroom:

  • Quick and enhanced communication.
  • Full control of the studies and tasks.
  • A better technique to avoid distraction for students in quizzes etc.
  • Better communication between parents, teachers, and students.
  • Having particular pages for every features that helps to organize materials.
  • She has a better discussion environment via commenting.


As we all know that with new technologies, the flood of demand is on our way for coders and programmers. And one of the best options to learn to code is Sololearn. It is the app that helps to learn to code even you know less about coding. Today the world’s biggest companies include tech agencies.

The sololearn app offers various languages like CSS, javascript, HTML, C++, Swift, PHP, and so on via tutorials.

Some worth mentioning features of sololearn:

  • Crowed learning helps you to learn with people just like you help interacts with them and asking questions and answer the questions.
  • Practise makes a man perfect. In the app, you have the feature to practice what you learn.
  • Unbound learning helps you to learn anytime, anywhere.


Motivation is the most challenging thing to build in students. So, that it helps to keeps the students on track. But How to built and keep motivation in students. The worth mentioning answer is seesaw. This is the educational app that gives features to students to make a portfolio of their best works and share with their teachers and parents. And parents can celebrate the achievements of their loved ones. On the other hand, teachers can also appreciate their students and mention the student’s improvements and success, .and also highlight the main weak areas. And definitely, these appreciations by teachers and parents can keep the students motivated.

Features of seesaw:

  • It helps to unlock creative thinking in students.
  • It helps to get insights into the students.
  • Engage families to conversations to the learning of their sons and daughters.
  • Keeps motivation in students to do best every time.
  • It gives space to the students for their ownership and choice.


Udemy is the world’s one of the most video-rich sites and apps in the world. It includes almost 130,000 learning videos based on every field of learning, whether language, business, science, arts, and so on. Moreover, most of the courses offered on it are paid. And you can judge the enrichment of materials in the course through the feedbacks given by the learners of the course.

Some of the courses are offered free as well, and you can learn by them. Moreover, most of the classes have free introduction tutorials for the learners before paying for the courses.

Features of Udemy:

  • Expert instructors.
  • Discussions.
  • Question and answer panel.
  • Videos almost on every topic.


Why people dream of learning in universities like Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Oxford? Well, we all know that these are the world’s best universities and have given the world’s sharpest and valuables minds. Moreover, these academies offer courses in an amount that not everyone can afford. But wait to know it is possible to learn from there through edx. This app or site includes courses form some of the world’s best universities.

This app also offers certificates that are valuable and can make your future bright. And overall, it is now possible to learn the materials from the world’s best universities in cheap fees.

Features of edx:

  • Easy access to world-class learning.
  • Provision of the certificate on passing particular courses.
  • Chance to listen to the lectures of the world’s best lecturers.

Khan academy:

Today if anyone wants to learn even if he does not have money to pay the fee. Honestly, there are a thousand ways of learning today and free. And all thanks to the online world and community.

There is a source like that by the name of khan academy. Khan Academy has its educational learning process. It is a free and volunteer source of learning, and also you can teach there as teaching makes your grip tighter in subjects.

As said, every child deserves to learn. It has helped lots of education, hungry individuals, to acquire free, of course, and play their role in the betterment of the human race.

Features of khan academy:

  • Free access to learning.
  • Practise materials.
  • Courses in multiple languages.
  • Trusted tools.


It is also a tutorial-based app that helps in learning science and arts is a university-level learning platform. It has its course and assignments. That is tracked and used while issuing the certificate to completion to the students. Some courses are offered free, while most of the courses are paid.

Coursera is somehow like edx and offers professional courses. It has more than a thousand tutorials that cover science, math, and technology topics.

Features of Coursera:

  • Provision of the certificate.
  • Up to date learning materials.
  • Offers specialization in particular courses.


In the world of language learning, you cannot forget Duolingo. It was introduced in 2014 and still has an audience who wants to learn languages, especially English. Duolingo has a very engaging process in which you have to pass levels and gives to chance to learn some new world at the end of each topic.

The Duolingo offers language not only in English but also in some other languages like Spanish, Dutch, Danish, French, German, Italian, Irish Japanese, Dutch, Turkish, Korean, Greek, Mandarin Chinese, and so on.

Duolingo is used worldwide by the language learners and has given positive responses to the learning materials of the app.

Features of Duolingo:

  • Courses in multiple languages.
  • Free access to courses and without ads.
  • Engaging way of learning.
  • Stories and discussions.
  • Language learning events.


Piazza is the world’s best learning management system, where you can ask questions regarding any topic and get satisfied and correct answers by the instructors. You can ask questions on piazza regarding engineering, computer science, economics, biology, mathematics, chemistry, and psychology.

The instructors are valid, and the answers given by them are trusted. Students love it because it provides a quick response to their questions as well as hide your personal information while asking questions.

Features of piazza:

  • Anonymous Question posting.
  • Highly customizable online polls.
  • Free access to the knowledge provided by the best instructors.
  • The smooth and comfortable way to ask questions.


Which is the world’s most prominent visual content platform? The answer is YouTube. So, how can we miss youtube in our top 10 learning platforms? Almost everyone is aware of youtube because it is the most significant learning platform and free. Youtube is the only Platform in the world where you can ask any sort of questions and can get its answer available right away.

In short, we cannot neglect the importance of youtube in learning because every second, a one hour video is uploaded on youtube. So, those videos are only and only for the teaching and aware purpose of the world.

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the world is evolving, and therefore everything needs to change Because evolution is the need for a progressive world. The day we stop progression, so on that day, we will start to die. And educating the new generation is a bit of evolution. The same is with our teaching process. Today’s students are accustomed to technology. Therefore, it is easier to teach them by using technology. The educational apps can help vastly in this regard.

By Safar Ali

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