Best Android Games For Free in 2020

If you are a game lover or pro-level gamer. then, you should already know that 2019 was a fantastic year of games. Many game developing companies like EA, RPG, Tencent, and others entertained us with their games. So, We bring to you the best android games for free of 2020 and also provide information about new updates for old games.

Call of duty Mobile was released in October 2019. So, It was developed in the Unity game engine. Without a doubt, this game breaks the record of the downloads and downloaded more than 100 Million, before 2020. Above all, Call of Duty won the Best game of the year in 2019.

Also, The EA (Electronic Arts) is famous for its sports and war games. FIFA games, FIFA mobile, Apex Legends, Star Wars and Need for Speed are the EA games. Luckily,  EA develops games for every platform. Such as PC, Playstations, and Smartphone. Whether it is Android, Apple or Microsoft.

Although, Gamers have information about the categories and types of games. So, If you are a rookie. then, this paragraph is for you. Hands down, the concepts for the games are taken from real life, Science fiction movie or theories or real-life and puzzles. Like, Chess is a famous game. It is for a game of the mind, focus, and specific tricks.

So, there are various types of games based on the concept behind them. Such as Action, Sci-fi (Science Fiction), Puzzle, Sports, Simulation, real-time strategy, & role-playing, etc.

Here is the list of 10 Best Android Games for free of the year 2020. So, You can check them out in the Google play store.

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10 Best Android Games for free in 2020

1. Hede’s Star

If you are in love with space games So, this game is for you. Hede’s Star is a space and strategy game. In the game, you will have a high yield planet where you can develop your empire. Also, You can optimize your trade routes and other resources. This game gives you a feeling of being in space. So, You can download it for free from the Google play store by clicking the below download link.


2. Mindustry

Beside all mind games in the Google play store. Mindustry is one of the best games. Hence, It is 4.5 stars rated in the play store. It is a sandbox-style game that gives you several tools to specify your strategic method of attacking and defending. As well, this game has a solo play mode, as well have multi-player mode, which is one of the users supporting features in the modern games.


3. Call of Duty Mobile

Since a long time, we were playing Call of Duty in our PCs. But, last year in October the Mobile version of Call of Duty was also released by TiMi studios & Tencent Games. It got the best game of the year award. Also, it breaks the previous download record of all the games. In 2020, the developers update this game and add a new feature in the game by the name of  “Warfare”.

It has 3D graphics and a thrilling sound. Call of duty is a multiplayer online game owning Royale battlefields and advanced types of weapons. Also, You can customize load-outs, get better ranks, win game prizes and much more.


4. PUBG (Playunknown’s playgrounds) Mobile

Tencent Games and PUBG corporation unveiled PUBG mobile game on July 30, 2016. PUBG Mobile has millions of daily active players. It is downloaded more than 100 million times.

In case, your mobile phone has less RAM and, cannot support PUBG Mobile? Don’t worry. because you can download PUBG Mobile Lite. then, Good news for PUBG lovers. A new feature is added to the PUBG Mobile Game in 2020. Now, You have a room feature inside PUBG, that allows you to team-up and play head to head with your friends.


5. Madden NFL Mobile Football

This a Football game! Take heed! I did not mean Soccer. I am talking about football. It is published by EA sports. All EA Sports games are like the same sport we play and watch on TV or other sources. So, Madden NFL Mobile Football has all seasons like in the real game. All the players, squad and kits are complete. Also, EA provides updates version by version since the real-life game changes.


6. Dragon Ball legends

Dragon Ball is a well-known game series. We are playing this game from past years, It is also a fighting game and also has amazing characters inside, as well including impressive battlefields, power ranks and lots of fun. You can play in 1 v 1 against your rival.

The developer of Dragon ball legends is BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, And the publisher is also BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and Dimps.  This game also available for PCs & Playstations.


7. Into the Dead 2 – Zombie Survival

Fortunately, In Google play store we have hundreds of Zombie games. But, Into the Dead 2 is amazing. Due to, impressive 3D graphics and the best audio quality. So, Inside the game, your journey is through Zombie apocalypse and have to survive your family. So, you should arm yourself with arsenal powerful weapons to fight zombies to save your family.


8. Pac-Man

Pac-Man is a classic game. It is the 40th anniversary of this game. It is an arcade and free video game. So, I think this game goes in the category of adventure games. Character in the game should score by eating the dots and fruits and avoid the ghosts. This game may improve your focusing power.


9. Friday The 13th – killer puzzle game

If you adore solving puzzles. Absolutely Friday the 13th is for you. Wear a mask and take the role of Voorhees. Friday th13th game is all about carefully trailing, duping & slaughtering unaware victims, also It has 100+ puzzles to solve.


10. Need for Speed – No limits

Do you love racing games? If the answer is yes! So, Need for speed is especially for you. It was developed by EA Sports. There are different racing cars are in the game, such as McLaren, Lamborgini, Ferrari, Pagani, Hennessey and more others. luckily, you can customize your owing car with new car parts and give your machine a better look and more speed. So, Start race among rival cars and race in chaos and create more chaos.


10 Android Epic Games You should give a try

  • Code Live by Tencent
  • Ni No Kuni – Cross Worlds
  • Project Odin
  • Modern Combat Versus
  • Hundred Soul
  • Breakout – Dark Prison: The Last Rescue
  • PASCAL Wager
  • Fortnite
  • Pokemon Master
  • Sky Children for Lights

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In this article, we shared with you about 10 Best Android Games for free. And 10 Epic Android Games. So, If you are a game lover you should give a try and have fun with new 3D graphics and features. In case, you want to download Epic games, we share with you, You can go to the official site of the game and download them. Are you using iPhone or IOS? No reason to worry about, because, these games are available for iPhone and IOS, too.

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