Jailbreak IOS 13 without computer- Updated method.

So, here we are! Today we have brought the all-new method to jailbreak your IOS 13 iPhone without a computer. If you have performed this action before, you know what it is. However, if you are new to jailbreaking, then we will explain it roughly in the below paragraphs.

With the every latest update of Operating systems. New modifications are implemented on the device. Therefore, software settings alter, and you need to change your procedure too. In this article, we have brought the complete guide to jailbreak your IOS without a computer. However, there are several other methods to jailbreak your iPhone with the computer.

But before starting the jailbreaking, if you are unfamiliar with jailbreaking. Then take a look at the following section of the article.

What is jailbreak? And should you execute this on your IOS?

Jailbreaking by its name, it seems that you are going to free anyone from detention. And it suits its name too.

Jailbreak your IOS 13 without a computer, enables you to free your iPhone from limitations. After jailbreaking your iPhone, you can perform additional commands on your iPhone that were impossible and not permitted without jailbreak.

One of its best examples is that after jailbreak, you can install unauthorized apps and software on your device, which were detained before the escape, by the device’s company.

Moreover, as far as jailbreaking your device is concerned. Apple does not allow you to jailbreak their devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. Nor, other companies enable their devices to be jailbreaked.

Because jailbreaking overcome the company’s official privacy rules concerning the devices, and terminates the warranty time of your device. Secondly, as sources say, jailbreaking increases the vulnerabilities of your device. And makes it a soft target for hackers.

However, the ball is in your court! If you require any additional things on your iPhone, that is not accessible without jailbreak. So, go ahead!

However, there are always possibilities of troubles with your iPhone. Keeping these conversations on one side, If you have decided to jailbreak your ISO 13 without a computer. So, go ahead and follow the instructions written below.

How to jailbreak your IOS 13 without a computer?

Before jailbreaking your iPhone, It is recommended to backup your IOS to avoid the loss of data in case of an unexpected problem.

Secondly, The App we are going to use supports iOS 11.0 through iOS 13.4 (Excluding 12.3-12.3.2). Therefore, for the successful jailbreak, you should have any of the stated version of IOS.

Once you get these things ready, now get to the main point!

  1. Visit the Uncover.VIP website. And if the file, the site doesn’t work on your device.
  2. Open Safari, and visit the https://next.tweakboxapp.com/#!/tweakbox Tweakbox website. And there go to the Apps category. In then, click on Tweakbox apps.
  3. Now, scroll down, and you will find the Uncover Jailbreak App among the rest apps.
  4. Then Tap on install. And then again hit the install button.
  5. The App will install on your device. When for the first time, you open the App. So, the notification shows you to trust the developer. For this, Go to the settings > General > Device Management.
  6. Under the enterprise, apps tap the Zhuhai Hengqin bright scholar management, when it is opened, hit on the enterprise app, and select trusted and done!
  7. Now, again open the App; this time, you will not see that option again.
  8. So, finally, you are fully ready to jailbreak your IOS 13 without a computer.

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Bottom Line:

In this article clarified how you can jailbreak your IOS 13 in just simple steps. The App we used (Uncover jailbreak) is one of the significant apps for jailbreaking. We hope this helps you out.

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