IOS 14 Release date, features and everything you need to know

According to research conducted in the USA, regarding smartphone users. The report says that about 70% of the population are smartphone users. Which becomes 108 million in 2020, and most of them possess an iPhone. And 47% of the youth population owns iPhone. And the statistics are conjectured to increase continuously. Therefore America’s biggest smartphone brand Apple Inc introduces new smartphones and a new version of the Operating system every year. Today our primary focus is on IOS 14 release date and its unique features that you will perceive in the upcoming update.

There are many more new features awaiting in the list. However, in this article, we will state the features, that are due to come.

Although Apple has not confirmed the exact date of the IOS 14 release date, suppose we put a glimpse at the earlier versions or IOSes, including IOS 13, 12, 11, and so on. Then we can claim that the rollout will take place in the autumn, mainly in September.

But due to the outburst of COVID 19. Most of the world’s essential milestones have been postponed or canceled. And as seen, there is a sharp expectation that the announcement of the iPhone 12 also delayed due to Coronavirus outbursts. And so as the IOS 14 release date.

But the Apple in the WWDC in (June 22) event has announced the roll-out of the IOS 14 beta version. As experts previewed the IOS 14, There are many significant changes taking place in the newest version of ISO 14 including, smart stack, car keys, Picture in Picture, NFC tags, and so on.

ISO 14 Release date:

In the WWDC 2020, iPhone announced the rollout of IOS 14 but did not proclaim the official release date. However, the beta version is ready for the developers to explore.

Apple launches new IOS in Autumn in September after the reveal of there new iPhone brand every year; however, due to the delay of the iPhone 12, the company also delayed the rollout of the new IOS 14 release date.

Remembering the last five IOS, so those had been released in the middle of September.

  • iOS 13: Thursday 19 September 2019
  • iOS 12: Monday 17 September 2018
  • // 11: Wednesday 20 September 2017
  • iOS 10: Tuesday 13 September 2016
  • iOS 9: Wednesday 16 September 2015

However, let’s see if Apple manages to release the IOS 14 in September too.

Access the Beta version:

Right after WWDC 2020, the company released the beta version for the developers to seek the OS. And after some days, the second version Beta 2, also published by the company. The developers now can use the beta version of IOS 14 to explore it more and inform the bug fixes and much more.

However, you need to be a paid member of Apple to access the beta version. What you need to access the developer’s betas is to be a member of Apple’s developer program, which costs 99$ per year. And then sign in with Apple ID on the Apple developer website and go to downloads. There you will find the new IOS 14 beta version and then select the install profile.

When you install the software, so, your iPhone will Restart, and then you can explore the IOS 14 beta version. And when Apple releases the new beta version, your iPhone will automatically install those updates.

Furthermore, the public beta version has not been released yet. However, we expect this will be accessible till the 15th of July of 2020.

Which iPhone support IOS 14?

This is cut and clear because Apple has said that the devices that support IOS 13 will also support the IOS 14. In other words, those who have iPhone 6 or latest don’t worry the iPhone 6, and onwards models will have support for the new IOS 14 update.

the new features of IOS 14:

There is a collection of new features that you will observe after the update like automatically organized emails, changes in-app library, party app, modifications in Apple pay, and so on. So let’s discuss one by one some of the new features.

IOS 14 Home screen and Apps:

The new IOS 14 introduces an entirely different home page and widget customization. This sort of home page I like, because it seems clean and tidy to collect each kind of apps at one place and make like a bunch. You can now also resize your Whether app too.

Now, you can also make different pages for your apps and can hide a page, so that no one would be able to see your personal apps. You can simply collect the apps you want to keep hidden in one page. And then simply hide the page.

In the IOS 14, also you have different widgets that you can drag and drop from anywhere to everywhere you want on the home page. And there is a new group of widgets, that has got popularity by the name of Smart Stack.

This widget shows you different things depending on the time of day. For example, in the morning time, you may be shown Calenders, at the time of massaging, you are demonstrated the pinned conversations. When you drive the car to some destination, perhaps you are shown the approximate location of that region and much more.

App clips:(My favorite)

This is my favorite feature among the other elements of IOS 14. After the IOS 14 release date, I think this the feature that most people will use. Because with the help of App clips, we will not need to download and install plenty of apps form the app store just to use once or twice.

For example, you need an app to order a taxi or to order a meal online. The App clip can do that for you without downloading the associated apps. App Clips works with the existing Sign In with Apple feature and makes it easier for you to make an order with the help of Apple Pay.

More intelligent Siri:

The world is going towards Virtual assistance. And Siri is one it’s the best example. And the new IOS 14 will have much more intelligent Siri. The new Siri will be smarter, able to translate better and respond quicker.

In the new update, Siri will not cover the entire display of your iPhone; instead, it will appear on the top of your screen just like other notifications.

In-short, there are many more updates waiting for us regarding the voice assistant. And for the first time, Siri will be able to transfer voice messages.

IOS 14 messaging app:

The messaging feature is also having something new for iPhone lovers. You can enjoy a collection of some new emojis and stickers. Moreover, now you have a better group conversation feature. and will be able to send inline replies to specific messages.

Smart home control:

though the smartphone feature is not yet so advanced. Apple has put this on on the priority list too. The company is making new enhancements in the smart home control, which will allow you to have more control over your smart home and offer more automation suggestions. Thus makes it more secure.

Picture in picture feature:

In the case of this feature, the iPhone is a bit late. Where other brands have already added this feature in their smartphones. Finally, the iPhone is going to add this to IOS 14.

Now, you can watch videos simultaneously working on other apps. This feature is convenient and useful in many places. For example, you can enjoy your video in the small display, while also working on other tabs and can move your small screen to any corner, especially while messaging.

IOS 14 privacy improvements:

The privacy policy of iPhone has always been the most secure one. And with the new update there are couple of new improvements. regarding the data leakage. You the apps will ask you before accessing your locations. And also iPhone does not allow apps to find your exact locations, instead it will provide your approximate location to the apps.

Moreover, the new software enhancements will assure,that the microphone and camera of iPhone will remain unhackable. There are many more advancements added in the new IOS 14. But most of those are only known by the company itself.

Alterations in Map:

The map in the new update is much more better. Now, you will a guide on how to choose different places, why those that perticluler resturent of dinner and so on.

The new Map home page also allows you to track every point in your route. Where you go and which way will serve you the best. If you are travellin on electric car. The map will show you all the electric vehicals gas stations.

In short, Apple has made the man a deeper guide. In which you can see which way will take you to your distination quick and save and sound.

Apple pay:

the 9to5mac has claimed that now, users can pay their bill via Apple Pay. You can use to pay online or can scan QR code to pay.

We hope that the digital payment ways will get populer among the world. Because this is the most effective way to maintain balance among the rich and poor.

The digital money can bring revolution in the world of money and will certainly help to fight corruption all over the world. And with Apple Pay, we will get a bit closer to the digital money era.

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This was all about some of the new features of IOS 14 that have been checked by our experts. There is no contradiction that the latest updates bring new and more advanced features. However, let’s see what the iPhone lovers will talk at last. Consequently, we would like to say that DO follow us for more info and knowledge about the Tech world.

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