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There is a continuous surge in the number of Apps with time. According to a report published, reveals that by 2024 the number of users installing apps could reach  1,033.3m. Similarly, there is a simultaneous increase in the number of apps available on the App Store. Among those apps you see such apps too, those are accessible after paying a specific amount of money. However, most of the Android and IOS users, do not know how to download paid apps for free.

There are certain methods to install paid apps for free on your Android or IOS phone. Most of the apps, that are paid, do not show ads during operating it. Secondly, such apps are also unusual, therefore, those are labeled paid.

However, in this article, we have brought a complete guide to make you able to download and install paid apps absolutely free. After examining plenty of apps, we have collected a number of third party play stores, that allow us to download and install paid apps for free.

Download paid apps for free on Android:

There are plenty of third-party apps stores, that allow users to download paid apps for free. However, after testing many of the apps below we have mentioned the list of the apps, that we think, are the best to choose for the free download of apps, as well as without rooting the phone. Point to be noted, that any app could demand to root the phone before, using as a result of alterations, in terms and conditions for users.


You may have listened to this app. This is the most popular apps in the market for free apps. And still, it has occupied the number one choice for the installation of paid apps for free.

Moreover, the developers that launch apps on the Aptoide app store, are thoroughly observed by the Aptoide itself. Therefore, there are quite fewer chances in the spamming of apps.


As by name it demonstrates its ability. This is another app to quench your thirst of the paid apps for free. Freapp has many of the worth mentioning paid apps available freely. However, most of the apps on this app store are free for a limited duration.

Shareware on Sale:

This is not an app but an online portal to use the apps for free, that are paid otherwise. Shareware on Sale usually has discounted apps, or free depending on the contributor. However, the apps contain in-app ads.


BlacMart is a similar App store like Google app store. However, you can download many of the paid apps for free from here. This App store does not contain an endless stream of apps, however, there are plenty of apps that can be found here.


This is one of the oldest sites for free music, movies, and apps. And recently, it has also launched its app on the google app store. Along with the app developers, you too can upload any paid app for the community and use it for free. Moreover, 4Shared not only allows you to download the app but also, movies, music, games, cracks, and so on.

Moreover, there are also some other apps that you can try as an alternative to the above-mentioned apps. We recommend you look for your paid apps in all the mentioned app stores, and if one does not have your desired app, second or third will certainly have.

Some of the apps, that you try too are!

  • Mobogenie.
  • Appstore.VN.
  • Apk4free.
  • Give away of the day.
  • XDA Labs.
  • App Shopper.

The above mentioned six apps complete our list for the best methods to download paid apps for free on Android. Moreover, if you possess an IOS device. And looking to download any app store, that would allow you to download paid apps without compensating. So, head over to the below-recommended apps for IOS.

Download paid apps for free on IOS:

You might have listened about the apps that allow you to download paid apps without compensating for it. However, it would demand to jailbreak the iPhone. However, after looking for such apps without jailbreaking the iPhone, we conclude the following list of the apps, which are beneficial in this regard.


AppValley is the number one choice for IOS users. This is an independent American origin, that provides its services for the paid apps. The apps were first made public in 2017. And from then it has been the first choice for the IOS users, who are hungry for free paid apps.


This is an app available both for Android and IOS. This app allows its users to download applications for free and even without creating an account. The Tutuapp is equally useful for Android and IOS devices. However, you can use Tutuapp on Android without rooting, and IOS users require to jailbreak their phone before installing it.

Apart from these apps, you can download apps such as “AppEven“, “Tweakbox“, “HipStore” and many more for this reason. Again I would like to say that, my purpose to propose numerous apps is to let you download your desired paid apps from any of these app stores for free.


You must understand that nor Samsung neither Apple recommends you to root your Android or jailbreak your IOS device. And if you once make a decision of this. So, execute these actions on your own risk.

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In this guide, we thoroughly explained the methods to download the paid apps for free on Android and IOS devices. Moreover, we also provide a list of the best third-party apps for this purpose, that is trusted worldwide.

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