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macOS high sierra is one of the most running Mac operating systems. According to the latest statistics show that macOS Catalina has the greatest market share among macOS. And the second and third place has been captured by macOS Mojave and High Sierra respectively. Due to its popularity, most of the non-mac users also run macOS high sierra on non mac machines. However, you require to download the macOS high sierra ISO file for this purpose.

macOS High Sierra is the fourteenth major update of macOS proceeding macOS Mojave, Catalina, and Big Sur. And according to the report shared above macOS Catalina has the biggest market share of about 52.96, which becomes more than half. However, there is also a significant number of systems running macOS High Sierra.

We have already covered the section of download the macOS Mojave ISO file and download the macOS Catalina ISO file in earlier reports. And today in this article we have brought the complete guide to download the macOS high sierra ISO file.

The IOS file of macOS is not available freely in the market. Instead, you need to download the DMG file and then convert the DMG into an ISO file. The conversion of DMG into ISO is not complicated. However, you need to have a mac system for this. However, we have already converted the file into ISO and made it accessible free for our readers.

Download macOS High Sierra ISO file:

We have already created an ISO file for macOS High Sierra, that you can download from the link below. The file is about 5GB. Therefore, it is recommended to have a stable internet connection before downloading.

You can download the ISO file from the above link. Moreover, below we have listed the systems that support macOS High Sierra. You can check your system if it supports macOS High Sierra.

System requirements for macOS High Sierra:

You may know that with the bringing of a new Operating system every year. Apple Inc also cancels the support for old machines. Therefore, most of the users are compelled to upgrade their system too. Below we have shared the list of systems, that still supports macOS High Sierra.

  • MacBook: It must be late 2008 or fresher.
  • MacBook Air: It must be also late 2008 or freshers
  • Macintosh Mini: It must be of 2009 or freshers
  • MacBook Pro: It must be mid-2007 or freshers
  • iMac: It should be 2007 or freshers.
  • Macintosh Pro: It should be early 2008 or the fresher
  • Xserve: It should be in early 2009

Furthermore, you machine must also fulfil the following specifications for the smooth installation of macOS High Sierra.

  • Operating System: OS X 10.9 or later
  • Ram (Memory): 2 GB Minimum required for this dmg.
  • Disk Space: 20 GB of free space needed for this app.
  • System Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or later (Core i3, Core i5).

Some worth mentioning features of macOS High Sierra:

Apple brings a number of new specifications in its every new OS and also modifies the old one. Apple introduced some of the new specifications that are worth mentioning. below we have listed some of the features, that we think you should check out once.

  • Enhanced security:

Undoubtedly, every new update strengthens the security of the system as well as the software. In this regard, Apple has fixed so many bug fixes and also fixed so many issues that users complained about in macOS X El Capitan.

  • High Afficiency video coding:

The HAVC mode has been added to the new macOS High Sierra. This feature was first introduced in the rollout of ISO 11 on iPhone and iPad. Now, you can also enjoy this feature in the macOS High Sierra.

  • API to metal 2:

The old systems contain low graphics API. However, this feature has been improved and upgraded to metal 2. This feature improves the graphics of the system, and bring a more clearer and cleaner screen experience.

  • Applications:

In terms of applications, you can see many improved versions of applications that include Final Cut Pro, Safari, Siri, Photos, emails, and so on. You can check out some new features included in the apps.

  • Further improvements:
  • Apple Pay for Apple Pay Web
  • New storage optimization using iCloud Improved
  • Apple Music App Overview
  • Copy content including text, images, photos, and videos from one Apple device Paste it to another device
  • Image-to-image capability and multi-window capability in Sierra – iCloud space expanded from 20 GB to 150 GB
  • Enjoy your favorite and forgotten favorites from the photo library
  • Use Apple Pay, a secure payment when shopping in Safari on your macOS High Sierra

Install macOS High Sierra on Windows 10:

With the IOS file of macOS High Sierra, you can also install it on Windows systems with the help of virtual machine software such as Virtualbox and VMware workstation. However, you need to mount the ISO file for this purpose.

If you are willing to install macOS High Sierra on Windows machines, So, you can visit the following extensive article on how to install macOS High Sierra on Windows 10 PC.

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The ISO file can be used in many places. You can use it to create a bootable Installer. Furthermore, you can use it to install macOS on Windows OS with the help of Virtual machine software.

Consequently, we would like to say that DO FOLLOW US for more knowledgeable up to date content. And also contact us through the comment section, if confronting problems downloading the OS ISO file.

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