How To Transfer Data To New iPhone Safely For Free?

As we all know that Apple consistently introduces new iPhones every year. And most of the people switch to the new ones. But there is always a crucial issue for them when changing their iPhone. And that is the transmission of data and files to the new iPhone. However, here we have brought the top 3 ways to transfer data from an old iPhone to a new one.

Most of the users often complain regarding the safe transfer of data after they buy new iPhones. Because most of the users don’t use iCloud or iTunes. And those who use, don’t know too. Therefore, below we have guided all the new buyers. How to transfer data from old IOS to new one safely.

So, without wasting time lets get straight into it!

How to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone?

First thing first, there are several methods to transfer data. There are a couple of apps that can be used. You can also use iTunes or iCloud. Or you can use the all-new method called iPhone migration. We are going to put those all in front of you. And it’s up to you, which one you prefer.

Using Third party apps:

The first method is using third-party apps. There are a couple of apps available to backup and transfer data from one device to another. However, after testing most of them. We have brought the best one. That is quite straightforward and easy to use.

And that is “AOMEI MBackupper“. It is a product by “aomeitech“, which is used primarily for the transfer of data between the old iPhone and the new one. Through this app, you can not only transfer data for free. But can backup and restore too.

Additionally, you can transfer any sort of data, whether that is your apps, music, videos, files, messages, or contacts. You can transfer all your data from your old iphone to new one in just some clicks.

However, the app may charge, if you want to use the paid features.

Transfer data to new iPhone by using iPhone migration:

keeping in the mind the problems faced by IOS users after changing the phones. Apple introduced a new feature in IOS 12 by the name of “iPhone migration”.

This feature makes it pretty easy and seamless to transfer data between the IOS devices. besides, it doesn’t require any additional software or complications. And you don’t need to back up the files too.

here is how to use this feature!

  1. First bring both old iPhone along with a new one.
  2. Now start your new iphone for the first time. And answer some system-related questions. Then you will be asked, whether to transfer data from an old iPhone. And Accept the invitation.
  3. Now, bring the old iphone near the new one. And wait, until both devices are connected with each other.
  4. After a successful connection, the new iPhone will display a pattern or something like a barcode. And the old iPhone will open its Camera.
  5. Afterward, bring the highlighted position of the camera on the pattern. So, that both the iPhones pair to one another.
  6. Then, enter your Apple ID and password. And proceed by answering the device-related questions. And finally, the data will start to transfer from the old iPhone to the new iPhone. The time taken for the complete tranfer of data depends upon the size of the data that is transfered.
  7. After successful shift of data, sign in to your new iPhone. And get all your files, you had on the old one.

Transfer data by using iTunes:

Though by the coming of the iPhone migration feature, you don’t need to handle the daunting iTunes settings to transfer data. However, if you have an older iPhone OS. You might not have that feature.

And in that case, execute the below mentioned steps to tranfer data using iTunes.

  1. Firstly, back up your old iPhone with iTunes.
  2. You must have activated your new iPhone. Connect your new iPhone with the device that, has the backup of your data.
  3. Then the iTunes should open automatically. And click on the device tab.
  4. On the welcome new iphone page, select Restore from this backup. And choose the backed up data. And press Continue.
  5. Now, open iTunes on your new iPhone.
  6. Go to the device tab page, and select summary.
  7. Now, choose to restore the backup.
  8. Select backup and click restore.

And you are done!

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The new feature of IOS 12 has completely resolved the issue of transferring data. However, there is still a number of iPhones, that run older iPhone OS. However, for them too. The mentioned app is the best choice. And if they use iTunes. Then can transfer files through iTunes too. To conclude we would like to say that DO FOLLOW US for more informational and up to date content.

By Safar Ali

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