How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages On IPhone Without Backup

Whatsapp is the most used app for calling and texting. According to recent statistics, about ‘2000M’ people remain active on Whatsapp Application every month with the continuous increase. Due to the large share of the digital world. Its manufacturers are also trying to make it batter and batter every day. And with every update, you see new improvements in this App. Over time, the app has improved its services to the next level. Now, you can use Whatsapp through your computer with Whatsapp Web. Similarly, if your message and data get deleted on the app, you can recover deleted Whatsapp messages on your iPhone without backup even.

Moreover, you can do as many things as possible to ease the use of the App. keeping the rest of other times, today we are going to show you the best methods to retrieve deleted Whatsapp data on iPhone without backing up the phone.

So Sit back relax and read on!

How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone without back up:

recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone

The first method that comes into your mind could the use of the backup option. overall backup has been introduced for the same reason. But today, we are going to show you the other options you can try except the backup option. Because often people don’t turn on the backup settings on WhatsApp. So, the data isn’t saved frequently.

Using paid tools for recovery:

But there are several other methods to retrieve those lost messages and call history. The first way you can try up is the use of third-party software. There are a number of paid tools online that are useful for the recovery of the lost data on WhatsApp.

Most of these tools are paid, and can help you successfully retrieve the lost data even you don’t have its backup. We’re not going to name any specific software/tool. But most of the tools work on the same principle. So, you can buy any tools that have better testimonials and affordable.

Moreover, operating the apps is also piece of cake. Anyone can use the Apps. And most of those also have a guide on how to use that particular app.

Before, going toward those apps, you need to consider one thing if that particular software is compatible with your device. Because, as we observed. Some of them don’t offer support for the IOS devices.

Paid tools are the most straightforward methods and easiest methods to recover the deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone without backup. But, if you don’t want to use paid tools. We also have other free alternatives to this. But those aren’t going to work every time, and also have a bit complicated process.

Recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone without back up for free:

Apart from paid software and tools, I found a data recovery app online with exceptional features and feedback, which you can use for free. This tool is called “Minitool mobile recovery for IOS“.

This tool has especially been build for IOS devices. And it supports your iPhones, iPad, and Mac machines all for free. This tool recovers not only the deleted WhatsApp messages but also the messenger app, photos, videos, and much more. Moreover, you can use it to retrieve the data from the external SD card too, even that is corrupted.

Using this app is also extremely easy. Open the link above, and go to its home page. Where you can download the tool with a single click on your IOS, Windows, Mac, and Android devices. And after installation of the software. Open up it for the first time. And select the option, you want to use this software for.

After choosing the required function, the software will scan the particular app on your device for the recovery of the lost data. After completion of the scanning, all the lost data will appear on the screen, which has been found by the software.

Retrieve lost WhatsApp data on iPhone via iTunes/iCloud:

If you own an iPhone, you must also be using iTunes or iCloud. Apart from storing videos, music, etc, you can use these Apps for the recovery of the lost WhatsApp messages too, which is unknown to many iPhone users.

For the recovery of the files from iTunes, you need to first download and install iBeesoft restore WhatsApp messages on your IOS device. Secondly, the backup option on iTunes must have been turned on.

After successful installation of the software, open the software, select ‘Recover from iTunes” and go ahead. This will initiate the search of the deleted file on the phone through iTunes.

Once the software completely scans the device. It will show all the recovered data into different categories. So, you can check out your required file by opening these pages.

The same method goes for iCloud. To retrieve WhatsApp data through iCloud, you need to download the “WhatsApp recovery iPhone app”. This app helps its users to retrieve data by using the iCloud backup option. follow the same process as above open the tools, select scanning the phone. And after completing the scanning of the device. You will all the entire list of data, which it has successfully recovered for you.

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Bottom Line:

With billions of users worldwide, there are certainly folks, that confront problems often. And Google is the best place to find out solutions to those problems. Similarly, if you’re facing problems with the recovery of the lost data on WhatsApp, you can try out the above-mentioned methods to get those back on the device. Don’t forget to follow us for more interesting problem-solving guides. And do tell us, if you haven’t found any solutions to your particular problem yet.

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