How To Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone

If you are having suspicions that your child or your spouse may be talking to someone, that they should not be talking to you are not without options. One plausible way that you can get to the bottom of things is by having an actual spying app with the ability to read someone’s text messages without their phone.

Some people opt for message interceptor apps, that are offered online and that works basically without having to touch the phone you are interested in. However, many who opt for this route have fallen victim to clickbait and scams that steal their money, time and have even been known to in fact their systems with viruses.

Therefore, to go about reading someone’s text messages without them knowing the safe way. Here are several authentic ways that you can do that including the actual spying app.

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How to read someone’s text messages without their phone:


Spyic is an actual spying app that is designed to spy on any phone without the other person knowing. This app will provide you with all the messages on the phone you are interested in spying on, plus give you their social media chats as well as their call logs. To ease whatever concerns you may have about using the app. Spyic has an offer for a free live demo for you to see for yourself how the app works. 

Spyic has millions of users the world over. And it is gradually proving itself to be one of the best if not the very best. Here’s why?

No root or Jailbreak:

Spyic does not require you first to jailbreak the iPhone or to root the Android phone that you are interested in spying on. This means that the security of the device is left intact.

Jailbreaking of rooting a phone can be compared to breaking its seal. This means that if the spying app you are using needs to first root or jailbreak a phone then, that phone will be left open. And prone to an attack from any other third party. And in time, the person whose phone you were interested in spying on will become aware that their phone is being monitored. 

Easy and Quick Setup:

Spyic makes use of a super setup wizard that does all the setting up of the app on the target’s phone by itself. This entire process takes only a few minutes. The best part is that you don’t need any prior technical expertise at all to set it up.

Web-based Interface:

You will not need to install any kind of software on your device to read anyone’s messages without them knowing. Spyic has a user-friendly web interface that opens on practically any web browser of your choice. All features of the Spyic app can be accessed from this dashboard.

Plus there are dedicated tabs on this web interface assigned for every feature to ensure that the app remains easy to use and simple to understand.

Stealth Mode:

Stealth mode simply means that as Spyic does its work, the other user will not be able to find out about it. The app does not need to access the target phone in any way whatsoever. You only need to determine the iCloud credentials of the other phone and Spyic will comfortably do its work. 

For Android phones, Spyic will need one-time access to the other phone, where you will install the app on the other phone for it to be able to spy. However, as soon as the app is installed it remains untraceable on the phone on which it has been installed. The other person will never see it, and only you will be able to launch it with a secret code.


Minspy is also another way to read someone’s messages without them knowing. This too is a well-renowned message interceptor that can access another phone be it an Android or an iPhone.

Minspy is designed to remain completely hidden, even after it has been installed on the Android phone of the other person. The app will then run in the background without consuming any battery life of the phone it is installed on, and without generating any alerts or notifications.


Spyier is another powerful and super effective spying app that ranks just as high as Minspy and Spyic. This app is used in more than 190 countries worldwide, by over a million users. Once this app is up and running, it will give you instant access both to iMessages and text messages. It uploads these onto your dashboard and you can in turn access these messages from the web interface on your device.

Every text message or iMessage will have an accompanying timestamp. So that you can keep track of when a particular conversation took place. This app can also retrieve deleted messages in addition to giving you the capability to archive messages. With Spyier you can get details of who your target is texting such as full names, locations, addresses, and job descriptions. All messages from your target’s phone are then automatically backed up to your private dashboard.


Cocospy is also a strong spying app that can give you every bit of data available on the target phone. This app is web-based and is a remote solution that can help you monitor the target phone from any corner of the world.

In addition to being able to read someone’s text messages without them knowing. This app makes it possible for you to monitor all outgoing and incoming calls on the target’s phone. The app will provide information on when the calls were made. The amount of time spent on each call, and the number of times a call was made from each caller. The app will also display the personal details of each caller such as their phone contacts.

Cocospy has an added feature of a location tracker that makes use of timestamps. As well as GPS data to provide accurate reports on where a device is at any one given time.

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