How to sync an iPhone with other Apple products.

Syncing is the best option to share your content from one device to another device. Because we may require one item on many devices. Therefore, In this article, we are going to guide you through the entire process on how to sync an iPhone to iTunes on your Mac or iPad, etc. Moreover, we will see how we can sync different data, including Music, Videos, podcasts and much more.

There are several methods to sync your iPhone.

  • Sync iPhone with iTunes.
  • Sync iPhone with iCloud.
  • And with the help of third-party apps like Quickstart and AnyTrans.

But the most popular and straight forward method os iTunes.So, further, we will see how we can sync the iPhone with the help of iTunes.And again there are two ways to sync your iPhone with iTunes.

  • YOu can connect both the devices with the USB data Cable.
  • You can connect both the devices with the help of wifi.

So let’s see how we can sync our iPhone with iTunes to the ComputerComputer.

Make a connection:

  • Connect your iPhone with the ComputerComputer,iPad, etc.. with the help of data cable. Or you can use wifi to connect both devices. And then Open the iTunes app. Allow your ComputerComputer to access your iPhone by entering the iPhone’s login password (if it has one) on your device. And now click on the mobile icon to display the Summary screen of the iPhone.

how to sync an iPhone

The iPhone section:

  • The first section of the Summary screen lists your iPhone’s total storage capacity, phone number, serial number, and the version of the iOS the phone is running. You can perform two actions from this section.
  • Firstly, you can check for the latest updates available for your IOS version.
  • Secondly, Restore iPhone option lets you to factory reset your iPhone. Restoring the iPhone is also an advanced troubleshooting option for solving problems with your device.

Back up section:

  • In this section, you can backup your device.
  • The iCloud option lets you to backup your important files with iCloud.
  • This Computer option lets you fully backup your iPhone on Computer.
  • The Encrypt iPhone backup option lets you protect your backup data with a password. This option is recommended if you share your ComputerComputer with others.
  • The backup now option lets you to backup your device at the spot.
  • The Restore backup Use this tool to replace what’s on your iPhone with a saved backup.

The options Section:

In this section also you can see Eight boxes that you can check.

  • The Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected box lets you make sure that iTunes launches and syncs the phone whenever you connect it to the Computer. Consider unchecking this if you connect your iPhone to more than one computer.
  • The Sync with this iPhone over wifi option lets you sync your iPhone with the help of wifi.and you do not require to use the cable for connection.
  • The Sync only checked songs and videos option lets you choose your files manually.
  • The Prefer standard definition videos option ensures that, if you have both HD and standard-definition versions of a video, the smaller, standard-definition version is synced.
  • Moreover, the Convert higher bit rate songs to 128 kbps AAC option lets you convert hight bit songs to ACC formats. This option is helpful to conserve mobile storage.
  • The Manually manage music and videos option lets you add the files you want to sync manually. And disables to automatic sync option.
  • The Configure Accessibility Turns on accessibility options for people with hearing or visual impairments.
  • Moreover, on the bottom of the screen, you can see the storage and how much space the specified files will occupy.

Choose what to sync:

On the left side of the screen, you can see the options of the files you can sync.YOu can sync Music, Videos, Books, Photos, podcasts and much more.

So, let’s see how you can sync the contents on your Computer. Firstly, we will sync some Music from our iPhone.

How to sync music?

  • Click on the Music icon of the left side of the screen. And then Check the box of Sync music, and choose your desired options.
  • Now select the playlist you want to sync.
  • Now check the boxes in the Artists section to sync the music of particular artists.

How to Sync Movies?

  • To sync the Music Tap on the Music icon. And then check the box of Sync Movies.or you can select the movies manually by click on the checkbox on each video.
  • If you choose the, Automatically include the option. It will sync all the videos on to your device only and only if your device has the required space. Or else it will sync as many Videos as many your device can store.
  • If you do not need to include the Movies automatically, you can choose the names of the movies to sync by Taping on Movies.

Moreover, the remaining contents can also be synced in the same manner. You only need to check your desired box and then clicking Done will sync those files.

How to sync our emails, Text messages, etc.?

Many times we need our text messages and Email on more than one device. But how to do that? How to sync our Text massages and Email in multiple devices, So that we can check our relevant emails and messages anytime anywhere.

Keep Emails synced in iPhone and iPad:

There are several ways to use and respond to emails from multiple devices with the help of iCloud, IMAP or web-based methods. But here we are going to sync the emails between two devices from the Settings area.

  1. Go to your device Settings area.
  2. Tap on Passwords and Accounts.
  3. Now Tap on Add account.
  4. Now add the Email account you want to keep SyncSync in multiple devices and configure.
  5. As the Email account is added on one device. Go to the second device and repeat the same procedure and configure it.

Any email account you add on both devices remain synced automatically, and you can access your emails from both places. Bear in mind that this method does not work on the POP account, Because in a POP account, all messages are stored locally, and iOS can’t keep the two devices in SyncSync.

Keep Text messages synced in iPhone and iPad:

You can keep text massages synced in multiple devices too. For that, you need to follow the below steps.

  1. Go to your device and Open Settings.
  2. Tap on Massages.
  3. Now scroll down, You will see an option appearing Text Massage Forwarding.
  4. Once you click on the option, you will see the option of your iPad, And turn it on.
  5. Now you will be asked to Enter the password shown on the iPad to verify the SyncSync.

Now your all text messages will be remain synced on both devices and can easily access from both devices.


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In this article, we discussed how you can sync your iPhone and can access your files from multiple devices. Moreover, we also guide you on how you can sync your Emails and Text messages between iPhone and iPad, which the iCloud or iTunes do not give the option. We are glad that we could help you in this regard. In conclusion, we would like to say that we do not forget to read our Editors Recommendations.

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