How to convert Word File to PDF using Ms. Office? Easy steps.

In case, you want to print any Ms. Word file/document. It is the best way to convert that file to PDF. In this article, all our words are upon the above title. How to convert word file to pdf. There are tans of software that can convert your file to PDF. But we are gonna do it by Ms. Office.

There are many reasons behind converting Ms. word file to PDF file. Firstly, If you have used different types of Fonts. While printing it can create a problem for you. Like the computer through which you want to print your Ms. Word files/documents might not have the Fonts installed. Unluckily the guy can ruin your hours’ hard work.

So, the better method is to convert Word File to PDF using Ms. Office. There are many softwares and online websites like Google Drive, etc. Most of the computer users use Ms. Office daily. Due to that, they should know that it is a really easy and handy way to create a safer and better document/file for better use.

What is PDF?

It stands for Portable Document Format, developed by Adobe in the 1990s. PDF is a kind of file format for capturing and sending documents through electronic mail.

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How to convert Word File to PDF using Ms. Office?

We go over a few steps. By following the steps you can easily convert word file to PDF.

Step 1: Open Ms. Word. (Any version you have installed)

Step 2: Create the document you want or open any existing word file.

convert word file to pdf
Create a new document.

Step 3: Click on the File tap above on the ribbon.

Click on file tap.

Step 4: Click on Save as, button.

Click on Save As button

Step 5: Click on the Browse button. In case, you want to save your document on desktop or document folder you can just, click on that.

Click on the Browse button

Step 6: Rename the document then, Select PDF from the dropdown list.

Rename the file and select PDF from the dropdown list.

Step 7: Click on the Save button.

After, this step you can open the PDF file with any PDF reader software.

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By following this article you can convert Microsoft Word file to pdf in 7 steps. So, this is an easy trick and useable. In case, you are writing documents in Languages Arabic, Persian, Chinese and other languages which are not is common use. Because the PDF file is not easily changeable in case of sending documents online or printing files outside your office.

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