Best Free Websites for Movies in 2020

We all love to watch movies. Even some of us count seconds for the new and upcoming film. If you are having a problem watching your favourite movies, then, don’t worry, because this article brings to you, The 10 Best Free Websites for Movies in 2020. So stay calm and read the rest.

Movies are the right shoulder of modern entertainment. Because our movie theatres and cinemas gave us movies that entertain us. Movies are not only for entertainment. We have hundreds of movies that can motivate us. Push us to get our dream. There are hundreds of Sci-Fi (Science fiction) movies they show us the future’s world. The historical movies introduced us the past civilizations and traditions. The superhero movies brought too much fun to our daily life.

There are different types of movies based on the purpose, the message, and the story of the film. Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, History, Horror, Romance and Sports are various genres of movies.

Among movies, there are hundreds of Bio-pic movies. The Bio-pic movies are the genre of film from which teaches us by examples. For instance, Alan Turing was a great mathematician. His inventions are still unique and base on modern machines. “The Imitation of Game” is the movie written by Graham Moore is a Bio-pic of Alan Turing.

The Sherlock Holmes movie is based on a Novel. The author of sherlock holmes is “Arthur Conan Doyle”. This movie is based on the Novel. It shows passion, intelligence and the right use of science and knowledge. On the other hand, it shows the fear and illusion spread from the wrong source, which deceives minds and ruins lives. Enough! About the stories of movies.

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10 Best Free Websites for Movies in 2020

1. Youtube

free movies online

It is the most popular website in the virtual world for videos. There are thousands of videos available on different topics like Education, Sports, Comedy, Entertainment, Modern science and others. Youtube has lots of movies in HD quality. You can search for any movie. Remember, the restricted and copyright movies are not available on Youtube. All the videos are free. Even you can watch live streaming shows and matches. It is the safest and trustworthy website on the whole internet. For your information, you can upload your videos for free and earn from it.

2. 5Movies


This site is full of new movies. It is free. As well you can search for your beloved TV shows on this website. This website has been well arranged. You can select movies by the year of release from the menu. It always updates its content by recently released movies.

If you are a Bollywood fan search for Indian movies on this website. 5Movies has more than one site, just google it by 5Movies. OR, You can see the link in the above picture.

3. StreamonlineHD


For streaming online movies in High Quality this Website a good platform. All the movies are free in every quality 720p, 1080p, 4K, and 8K, etc. You can search for every genre and kind of movies, TV shows and show series and TV shows schedules on this website. Also, you can have a look at upcoming movies here.

4.  Movies123


For the latest movies, go to this website. All the new movies as well as old movies, with the best quality, are there. Also, you can search for the movies you like. And see other movies ranks and gotten review stars.

5. HotStar


It is also one of the platforms for watching free movies online. You download the film in every quality, provided that you should have a downloader. Hotstar is rich in Bollywood movies, too. You may have an eye on them.

This website offers you the latest news headline from different trustworthy sources. You can create an account or go to the premium section for better service of HotStar.

6. MoviesFoundOnline


Watch this. This website is a bit different from others because it gives you the latest and old movies as well as it freely offers you short movies, short clips, documentaries, series, and shows and viral videos. Just check it now. Also, MoviesFoundOnline has the movies of the 1960s, 1970s, 2000s to the latest movies.

7. PopCornFlix


In the list of Best Free Websites for Movies in 2020. Popcornflix comes at number 7th. It brings to you the latest movies of every genre. Like Animation, Action, Adventure, Sports, Dramas and others. As well as you can watch TV shows here.

8. Yidio


About 90% of this website is the same as above. But it gives you a better working guideline and better quality streaming of movies and TV shows. Also, you can create your watchlist by logging in to watch only your favourite videos, TV shows, and films. Yidio shows you the trending movies according to user’s and fan’s reviews.

9. Hungama


It is an Indian website. If you love Hindi songs, then it is the place for you, where you can search for your favourite Indian songs and movies. Well, It does not provide the latest movie as soon as the above websites do. But, It gives older movies in HD quality. You can search for short Indian movies, TV shows, and other videos, as well it has exclusive videos for kids to entertain them.

10. JustWatch

Just Watch

Among other best free websites for movies. Also, JustWatch is an amazing platform. It has sorted a menu to be friendly in finding every movie according to the year of release. You can watch TV shows and much more on this website.

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In this article, you read about 10 Best free website for movies in 2020. Almost, all of the sites offer the same content. Because they give the same film. But there is a little difference in the quality of the video, the time of posting the video and the environment of the interface of the website. You can stick with one of them and watch your favourite TV shows, movies, and viral videos. So stay tuned and enjoy the film.

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