15 The Best Android Apps in 2020

Android phones are amazing with all the built-in apps But, are not complete without third-party apps. In this article, we bring to you 15 The Best Android third-party entertainment, educational, informative and UI Apps for the year 2020. Android is rich in applications. Most Android apps are free to use but, if you want to use the premium version of some Android apps also you have to pay.

Every operating system contains two major kinds of software/applications. The first software is “System software” which controls the hardware and the system of the device. The second is “Application software” which fulfills the need of users. Let’s make it more clear by examples. If you are using Windows you should know that “Windows” itself is system software. It controls all the inputs and outputs and instructions as well as controls application software.

Apple uses Macintosh as iBook OS. iPhones and pads use iOS. Brands like Samsung, Huawei, OPPO and Pixel, etc use Android as OS. Google Chrome, Facebook app, Messenger or MS office, etc come in the category of Application Softwares because they are developed to fulfill the need of users a user needs a messenger app to send and receive messages. There are millions of Android apps. Well, all of them are useful but most of them are amazing and full of interesting features. Enough intro. Lets being from the first Android Apps.

15 The Best Android Apps in 2020

You can download these Android Apps from Google Play store for free but for using the premium version of some of the Apps you have to pay the developer. These are all reviewed with the best rating status. Every app is reviewed above 4 stars rating. For downloading these apps click on the download link given below. The link will redirect you to Google Play Store where you can download the App.

1. Flipboard – Latest News, Top stories & Lifestyles

Discover the latest news, technology news, sports update, recipes information and trending article which are in trending lifestyle magazines. Flipboard provides you the latest news headlines to keep you up to date. The good feature of this app is that you can personalize the article category. As, you are more interested in sports, technology or other topics you can pick your favorite category.

2. Microsoft Math Solver

This app is amazing! Microsoft Math Solver gives you solutions for different mathematics problems including arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, statistics, and calculus. You can solve your math problems just by writing the problem on screen as you do on paper. It will give you line by line explanation, solution of the problem.

3. Video Downloader for Facebook

For downloading Facebook videos Video Download for Facebook is a great tool. It is very easy to use. For downloading video by this app just follow the given steps.

    1. Copy this link of any App.
    2. Open the App and Paste the link in the search box.
    3. Tap on the Download button.

4. VivaCut – Pro Video Editor APP

VivaCut is a professional video editing tool for Android. You can edit a short video for timeline or story status or Large screen videos. You can edit videos for TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, and other social media platforms. This app offers you lots of features like a multi-layer timeline, green screen features, and chroma key.

5. Scribble – Scribble Animation Effect (Videos and Pics)

This Android Apps is used for both Video and Picture editing. You can apply scribble animations on your videos and photos just by selecting your favourite animation from the list in the App. Always this App provides regular updates. Click here to on Scibbl for Free from Google Play Store.

6. Muviz Edge – Music Visualizer, Edge Music Lighting

You can decide. Is this App fantastic? Well, Muviz Edge App is for fun, Install it and play any music you will see lighting on the edges of your phone. The lighting is customizable you can change the colors and the irritation of the blinking lights. So, It is the first app displays Music visualizer on the edges of the phone.

7. Daywise – Schedule Notifications, Be calm & focus

As we saw Android 10, brought a feature controlling the notifications. If you are not using Android 10 then you should install Daywise App to stay calm and focused at any important meeting or event, because this App will mute you unwanted notifications that distract you all the time. After your meeting, you can check the unnecessary notifications.

8. Zedge –  Wallpapers and Ringtones

You can personalize your phone with the new Wallpaper, Live wallpapers, Stickers, and Ringtone daily. Zedge offers you high-quality Wallpapers and shortened soundtracks for ringtones and alarms. You can create account be the part of Zedge designer and earn from premium products.

9. Tile Shortcuts – Quick setting apps & shortcuts

Tile Shortcuts app will give you quicker and easier access to the most in-use Apps, Websites, Intents, Activities, and Folder by creating tiles shortcuts on your notification shade. You can change the names of the tiles and select icons from the icons pack.

10. Firefox Klar – Privacy Browser

Browse more secure and annoying by using the new Firefox Klar browser. It will stop online trackers all the time you are browsing through Firefox Klar. The good feature of this browser is that it blocks all the ads and gives you a fast browsing service and will automatically ease your history.

11. Air-mirror – Remote support & remote support devices

Have heard about Remote Control by which you can control devices from long distance? Air-mirror does the same. By installing it you can control Another Android phone connected to your phone. You can help your friends or someone who has a problem with the smartphone. It gives you full control over the phone connected to your phone. On the other hand, the connect phone owner also can see the steps you do on his/her phone.

12. Anyride – Cheapest ride fast

If you use Uber or Lyft for your daily rides? You can save money by using Anyride App. It offers you both Uber and Lyft cast for the same destination. Everyone will select the cheapest ride for the same destination and service to save money.

13. Arrive – Package Tracker

When you are purchasing any product from the online market. Then, It takes time for shipping and delivery. So, you should have information about your parcel by tracking it. Arrive App helps you to track the current location of your parcel.

14. Drive Weather

Many Android Apps forecasts weather updates. but, according to my observation Drive Weather has better features. As you are travelling for far destinations this App gives you time by time updates of coming rains, winds and other climatic changes.

15. Onefootball – One of The Best Android Apps

This App in for all football/soccer lovers. It gives them soccer news updates, soccer score update and videos. Onefootball gives users a complete schedule of all league matches and international soccer matches. It has the best review rating and 10 Million+ downloads.

Other Android Apps You Should Give A Try

  • Fitvate – Gym Workout Trainer Fitness Coach Plans
  • LastPass Password Manager
  • NordVPN – Best VPN Fast, secure & unlimited
  • Weather by Falcon
  • Split-screen launcher
  • Glitch Lab
  • Podcast Addict
  • Solid Explorer File Manager

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We brought to you Top 15 The Best Android Apps 2020. We recommend you to give them a try for better use of your smartphone and tablets. All of these apps are available in the Google Play store. Well, the purpose behind the development of every app is to give users better features and save their time.

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