Android 11 ‘R’ Beta Release Date and New Features, You should know about.

Google is releasing Android 11 in the upcoming months. In this article, we will discuss on developer preview mode, BETA versions, Final Build and new features of Android 11. And is your device eligible for Android 11 upgrade or no?

Android changed the old and traditional naming way for the upcoming mobile operating system. By releasing Android 10 Google decided to Follow the order number instead of different desserts names such as Jelly bean, Pie and Cupcake, etc. Although, Android 11 is not completely released. Well, Google is releasing Android 11 just five months after the release of Android 10. But This is not the final build or complete version of the Operating system, it has many bugs and errors that Google will sort them about by releasing the final build.

By releasing developer preview mode Google wants users to have a look at the new OS and give feedback. Android released 3 developer preview mode. Every new mode they solve the preceding modes errors and bugs and added new features.

The first developer preview came in February 2020 with lots of superb features as promised like support for 5G, better storage, and privacy. Google released 2 more developer previews within 2 months (March and April) after the first developer preview. In May 2020, Android released the first BETA version. BETA 2 also came after BETA 1 in June 2020.

If your anxious to have a look at Android 11 you can download it.

Warning, If you are a user then it is not recommended for you. Developer preview mode is only for developers.

Android 11 Name

Google is done with the dessert’s name. No more desserts name for Android OS. It is quite simple for users to use the order name replacing the specific dessert name, like Android 8 Oreo or Android 5 Lollipop. We can just call it Android 10 or Android ‘Q’. Android 11’s name is as simple as Android 10 name. You can call it Android 11 or Android ‘R’.

Android 11 Release date

If you want to get updates of the New Android operating system then you should wait for the complete version and final build of Android 11. Although if you are a developer then you try developer preview mode and Android 11 BETA versions.

Good news for the eligible smartphone and tablets that they can upgrade Android 10 to Android 11 by October 2020, due to some resources.

Devices Supporting Android 11

  • Pixel 2, 3 and 4 series (Google Phones)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 series and Samsung Galaxy Note S10 series
  • Huawei P30 series and Huawei Mate 30 series
  • Xiaomi Mi Note 10 series
  • OnePlus 7 and 7T series

Devices Supporting Android 11 BETA

You can install the BETA version on Pixel smartphones such as Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 2A, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

Android 11 BETA Features

Here we are having words on Android 11 BETA features. Because the final build on Android 11 is not released yet. These features are just like a demo. We can see all of the new features in the final build or complete version. So, there is no way, We have to wait for it.

As we saw there were bundles of visual changes in Android 10. Many user interfaces were different from the older Android versions. But Google wants to bring tons of change in Android 11 internally in features and performance. The dark theme was one of the best features among other features in Android 10 that users liked. So, This feature will be promoted by Google. So, here we are gonna have a look at some features of Android 11

  • Scheduling Dark Mode

Well, the Dark theme was announced with Android 10. But, Google wants to make it much more interesting.  Modern smartphones contain different types of sensors. Have you observed, on the front side of mobile phones there is an ambient light sensor that controls auto-dimming and brightening of the screen? So, many users demanded a feature that Android’s newer versions should have an auto-switching feature between dark mode and light mode, by which the device should have the ability to switch the modes by senses of sensors.

  • Screen Recorder

It is a piece of good news for developers, Gamers, Youtubers and the users who want to records, what is going on on their phone screens. Finally, Google brings back screen recording with a new release. However, there are many other apps by which you can record your device’s screen but most of the users prefer default apps of OS.

  • Privacy, data security, and permissions

In today’s world, Almost everybody is part of modern technology, Besides all the comforts they always want stronger security. All software developing companies are always in thoughts to provide users the strongest security. The new Android version offers us better security and privacy.

Google takes care of the specific bugs that ask for your location permission time and time, again and again. If you deny any apps request twice then that will not disturb you again.

Now every permission you give to any apps to use your data like contacts, etc, location, camera, and your phone’s microphone will be one-time permission. For the next time, the app needs your permission again, So, this feature will give you the chance to focus what who you are allowing to use your data or personal phone peripherals. Also, no longer the Play store could track your location.

  • Conversion in the Notification

With bubble feature Android 11 will bring a new interesting feature, Conversation in the notification. This feature gives users more space to do their other activities alongside conversion in a specific conversion section on the notification shade.

  • Scrolling page screenshots

The screenshot is one of the most helpful features of smartphones. Android 11 brings a new screenshot feature Although, It is also a screenshot, it shots full-page. If you want to screenshot a complete web page from start to end then this feature is you.

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In this article we all we sharing information about the upcoming mobile operating system, Android 11. This operating system will unveil in October 2020. Android’s new version will bring amazing and interesting features for all users. Following this article, you can have a look at developer preview of Android new operating system but if you are not a developer then it is not recommended for you.

For the procedure of installing Android 11 on Android Studio. Click here,

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