iPhone 12 release date, specifications, look, price and leaks.

As we all know, Apple Inc.’s iPhone 12 release date will be by October 2020. Furthermore, This time it is going to be different in many cases as many expect. There come advance modifications in Camera and the internet if We are looking towards iPhone’s most projecting opponent Samsung. Because Samsung has already announced 5 G in its smartphones and the new Samsung Galaxy S20 has four cameras with the eyes-catching 148 MP.

Furthermore, Apart from these two specifications, the apple also maybe bring new things in design and battery backup timing in iPhone 12. which will certainly play as a punch line for Apple.

Again it is all rumors regarding the upcoming smartphone. But let’s hope for the best and see what Apple has a surprise for us in the year 2020. the things our forum is sure about is in the following paragraphs.

iPhone 12 release date.

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What to expect?

Last time with three rear camera iPhone 11, it had made reasonable effort to come to the ground and gain people’s attention. Similarly, Samsung has introduced its first five-camera smartphone. Therefore it provokes iPhones to beat the drum harder. And here she may bring something better in its Camera. And is quite sure that it will also have 5G connectivity too.

Another thing could be regarding its exterior design that could play as a plus point for apple. Because now a day, a good looking smartphone is more preferable to people.

iPhone 12 Release Date?

Likewise, other times, apple intends to be regular and release the iPhone 12 in the annual press event organized in September. But maybe due to the outbreak of coronavirus around the globe, it may be delayed.


A report from Bloomberg also claims that there could be a month delay in the announcement of the new iPhone 12. Because of the disturbance and gab in the manufacturing of the new iPhone 12.

what could be the price?

If we take a look at the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 pro max, the prices were 699$, 999$, and 1099$, respectively. The new 5G smartphones introduced by Samsung also have a rise in price. So it is quite sure that the cost of new i phone 12 could be a little bit expensive due to its 5G eligibility. As a result, there is no specific estimation regarding the price of the new iPhone 12.

How could be the look?

There is a huge demand for something new in the design of the phone by people. Typically the look of the iPhone is a little bit boring than other phones and the same notch. But there are rumors that the company is keen to bring something exciting in the look of the phone, and it is also said that the new iPhone 12 comes in the additional color of blue and green.

Perhaps the backside of the phone has a glassy look, as claimed by iPhone analysts. Another rumor is that the new iPhone 12 could be slimmer than the iPhone 11. And the same size could be used for the phone that had been used on iPhone 11. Because protecting the screen size will make the phone unattractive.

How could be the camera design?

The news all around is that iPhone 12 has four rear cameras. Somehow it is evident that it will have four cameras but whether in all models or in one model that is not conform yet. As Apple always looks towards its rivals that Samsung has introduced a five rare camera smartphone with incredible zooming power. iPhone will ponder towards this and try to add something better than its competitors.

This image shows the look and camera of the new iPhone 12.

So, to put one step further, the Bloomberg article claimed that the new iPhone 12 would have a depth-sensing time of flight cameras, which is used to scan the whole surroundings. And the Camera will have 120MP power making it best for shooting anytime anywhere.

What could be models and specifications?

With the iPhone 12 release date coming nearer. The iPhone analysts also have opened pandore box regardings its models and specifications.tha rumors are that the models will be three in numbers and could have different names as per its models. As the name of the iPhone 10 was iPhone X, And similarly iPhone 11 so it is pertinent to say that it will have some different names.

With some new features and specifications, there come new names. If we talk about its most common models so it will have 6GB RAM along with 128GB ROM. And the ISO 14 would be in use on the smartphone. If we talk regarding other specifications so it would have a Hexa core processor with 4300mah battery. Here you need to know that with the higher and powerful system comes more consumption of power and to tackle that it is essential to raise the battery efficiency. And consequently, the price of the product also rises.

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So as a conclusion we can say the time is less while competition is more complicated. Apple has to manage each and everything to lower the price of the new smartphone. She also has to give surprise to its customers as well as its rivals to gain the market again. Moreover, if we talk about its Camera, people have become more acquisitive in this regard, and spacially, iPhone lovers are waiting for such a camera that could work for any sort of shots.

In recent years statistics show that there is consecutive cold-heartedness in the buyers of the iPhone. And buyers are being reduced day by day. That is not good news for Apple because such things compel the company to strive and bring sound and new stuff in its products to regain the attention of people.

In short, we can say that again. It will be the years the most important product of the Apple company. And those who have the desire to buying this fantastic smartphone keep your eyes on our website for further updates.

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