How to Hard reset iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus?

This issue is common for everyone who uses smartphones. Because we all usually download such apps, which results in the slowness of our smartphones. Due to that, we need to reset our smartphones to bring it to its original phase. Likewise, iPhone users also face such issues after installing apps which are harmful to smartphone or apps that are not good for smartphones. Sometimes it also happens that due to some unknown issues, our smartphone behaves slowly. Almost all iPhone smartphones have the same methods. But in this article, we will focus on How to Hard reset iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 has two ways to reset.

First is the Hard reset or (Force reset) method.                                                                                                            Second is the Factory reset method.

What is the hard reset method?

The hard reset method or force reset method is when we reset the smartphone by using external buttons located on the left and right sides of the smartphone.

When applying this method?

When you face troubleshooting problems, or your phone slows down due to heavy apps, you need this method to apply. Similarly, sometimes our phones freeze due to unknown reasons. At that time also you can use this method to reset your iPhone 7. Sometimes, it also happens that when we wake up in the morning, our phone works abnormally due to internal issues. So, there as well, you can resolve this issue by hard\force reset method.

How to apply this method?

So, How to hard reset iPhone 7? This has some straightforward steps to do hard reset your iPhone

Step 1: Press and hold the wake\lock button, which is located on the right side of the phone.

Step 2: At the same time, press and hold the volume down button. Caution; Do not release the wake\lock button in the process.

Step 3: Keep holding the buttons until the screen of the mobile does not turn black and Then turns on and shows the Apple icon.

Step 4: Wait for some seconds until the screen of the smartphone shows the lock screen. When it shows the lock screen, it means that it has successfully been rebooted.

Now you have reset your phone successfully! Congratulation!

These were some easy steps to reset your smartphone through the hard\force reset method.

Note 1: Release the buttons after finishing step 3. In step 4, your phone automatically restarts.

Note 2: Sometimes, your smartphone does not restart. In case, hold the lock button to reset it as we do traditionally.

How to hard reset iPhone 7.

What is the factory reset method?

In this method, you do not need to press and hold various buttons, But you only need to do this from your smartphone setting. So basically, we can say this is the method in which we reset the smartphone using the smartphone setting area.

How many ways does this method have?

There are two ways to factory reset your iPhone. The first method is applied from the setting area, while in the second method, we need to use iTunes for the purpose. Both approaches have there own pros and cons, .which we are going to interpret in the following paragraphs.

What to do before the factory reset?

The issue with this method is that this method deletes the entire data that you have saved on your smartphone through lift time. But do not panic. We have a solution for that too. But if you want your smartphone like a new one, you have to transfer your data to any other device. Moreover,  you can also reset your Device without moving or losing your data through iTunes.

How to factory reset through settings?

So, for this purpose, you have to go to device settings.

Step 1: Go to settings.

Step 2: Scroll down and click General.

Step 3:scroll down and click Reset.

Step 4: Click, Erase all content and settings.

Enter your password (if you have) and tap Erase iPhone.

Now its done, and your iPhone will take some time to process this. This estimated time depends on who many apps and how much data is in the process of elimination. And after a couple of minutes, your iPhone will restart, and you will find a new iPhone.

How to factory reset through iTunes?

If you do not want to Erase all data of the iPhone, you can merely backup data and apps and emails, and all data will remain reserve.

Connect your iPhone with your computer through a cable. You will see on the upper side of the computer screen appearing option of DeviceClick on the button Device.

Press the sync button at the bottom right corner of the summary option.

Note: If the automatic sync option is already chosen, it will start transferring data and all the songs and apps you have bought. Or else your self has to select manual sync, and it will start the process.

Once it is synced. Go back to the information page within iTunes. On that page, you see two buttons .press the Restore button. It will warn you of erasing all data but click to proceed, and it will start the process. During this process, do not disconnect your Device. Moreover, the Device will give several massages and read those massages and click proceed.

When this process finishes, two options will appear on the screen Restore from backup and set up a new iPhone.

You will certainly choose Restore from backup. After that, your iPhone will restore all your data along with songs and apps, And then it will restart automatically.

Congratulation! You have done it successfully.


In this article, we brought the complete procedure of resetting your iPhone 7 mobile.and also all the methods with help of that you can reset your mobile as you want. This method does not work only on the iPhone 7 but the rest iPhone smartphone also can be reset through this method. In short, we tried to make you understand the complete procedure on how to hard reset your iPhone 7. If you have any further queries regarding this issue, feel free to comment below.


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