How to Install Xcode on MacOS Mojave on Windows PC?

Do you know how much MacOS Mojave is the best so far among several Apple operating systems? However, MacOS Mojave was released in 2018 with tons of features and you might get the new update and version of Mac OS called MacOS Catalina 10.15. Apple is the top company among all producers and this year Apple has released the best operating system with several major features like SideCar which is the feature to make iPad as a second screen display, Auto Dark Mode, and many more. Hands down, MacOS Mojave is still the best and legions of users are downloading and installing MacOS Mojave on Macbook, Hackintosh, or Virtual Machines like Virtualbox and VMware. Therefore, if you installed MacOS Mojave on Virtualbox or VMware then you might want to Install XCode on macOS Mojave on Windows PC.

You might installed MacOS Mojave within few days and now you want to use and test several applications on MacOS Mojave although you are Windows users but you love to try Mac apps on Windows. However, MacOS Mojave has many software and applications to use and one of them is XCode application that helps you to develop an application for IOS, WatchOS, tvOS, and Mac OS. XCode is the same as programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Script, and many more. So, XCode is working the same in macOS Mojave.

Therefore, if you are a windows user and you don’t have the clue how to install Xcode then in this article, you will get the guidelines on installing Xcode on MacOS Mojave on windows 10 PC.

What is XCode?

Before installing XCode on MacOS Mojave it is better to know a little about Xcode, However, Xcode is basically the best effective development tool, providing you create, design, test, troubleshoot, and you can do whatever you want and develop applications for Mac OS, iPhone devices, iPad, Apple TV, and WatchOS. needless to say, Xcode has several options, features, source control, and many more.

What to do before installing XCode on Windows?

As you are a Windows user and you can install and use all windows applications but what about Mac application? can you use Mac apps on Windows? of course ‘No’ Mac OS doesn’t allow you to install Mac OS on Windows then how it can let you use its applications. it is the confusion question how to install Xcode on windows and how to download Xcode for windows. here, I will show you how you can use Mac apps on Windows.

To install Xcode on Windows you will need to download and install Virtual machines and in this article, we will take VMware virtual machine as an example. So, download and install VMware Workstation on Windows and download the MacOS Mojave image file. after that, install MacOS Mojave on Vmware. However, the article link will help you to install MacOS Mojave on virtual machines.

Once you have to install MacOS Mojave on VMware or Virtualbox then you can download and install Xcode easily on Windows PC.

Install Xcode on MacOS Mojave on Windows

Now you have MacOS Mojave on your Windows and you can go with Xcode application. therefore, open VMware and select macOS Mojave virtual machine from the left side of the page then click the Power On button and follow the below steps.

Step 1: Now, go to App Store and search for Xcode and hit the enter key.

Step 2: Afterward, you will see the Xcode application on the screen, So, click the Get button to download the application.

Step 3: The file size is 6.1GB and it will take a while to complete the downloading process. Once the download is done then click the open button to install Xcode.

Step 4: When you open the installation page then you will see the first page which is Xcode and iOS SDKs License Agreement, therefore, click the Agree button and it will ask you to enter the admin password and click Ok button.

Step 5: To continue the installation you have to quit iTunes, therefore, click the Quit All button.

Step 6: Now, to confirm the Xcode installation you have to enter your admin password and click the Install Software.

Step 7: You have installed Xcode on MacOS Mojave successfully, Once the software has been installed then it will open automatically.

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Bottom Line

Now, you can develop any apps for Mac OS, iOS, iPad, iPhone, and other systems. therefore, this is all about installing Xcode on MacOS Mojave on Windows. So, if you have anything to share with us or you have any question then please comment in the comment box.

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