How To Create macOS Monterey Bootable USB on Windows 10

I know you might be searching that how to create macOS Monterey bootable USB on Windows 10. But unfortunately, I can say that you didn’t get any satisfactory results from google.

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Because the same I did. I searched, on how to do it. But the first two pages just contain irrelevant articles. And shockingly, one search result had the same headline. But when I clicked on the article. The author was talking about macOS Big Sur and Catalina etc.

Honestly, I don’t know how such sort of article ranks on the first page of google.

Anyway, These things are quite common for me. And I have been writing about operating systems, about every new Mac operating system.

So, it is not quite challenging for me how anyone can create macOS Bootable USB on Windows 10. Therefore, today, in this guide, I am going to show you particularly, that how you can create macOS Monterey Bootable USB on Windows 10.

Yes, you heard right. I am going to talk about macOS Monterey 12, not any other version of macOS.

Coming towards the main point, a lot of people prefer to create bootable USB on Mac machines. But there are also a lot of people, who do it on Windows machines. And there they get problems. But thanks to the new software and technology.

Now, you can use free software available online, and solve your problems, without minutes.

How to create macOS Monterey bootable USB on Windows 10:

Before, going towards the creation, some people might have questions that why we need to do it. Well, there are various reasons, personally, I create macOS Monterey bootable USB, because, I usually need it for a clean installation.

Moreover, my friends, also know that I have these things, so they always ask me for them. So, I always, keep on a prepared copy.

Moreover, some people, also keep it as a backup for their Macs. because, if they get any problem in urgency. So, a ready copy in the flash drive can save their day. And can reinstall it within minutes. There are many reasons, anyone would want to create a bootable USB.

How many ways to create a bootable USB:

There are several ways, that you can create a bootable USB of any operating system. And talking regarding the macOS Monterey on Windows 10 devices. There are particularly two methods to do it.

Firstly, their terminal method. I have found it newly That on Windows you could be able to create a bootable USB.

And the second and easiest way to create macOS Bootable USB on Windows 10 is the third-party software. There is various free software in the market available that could be used for this purpose.

The best thing about these software is that you don’t need to be a technical person to use these software. Through the terminal or command prompt, you might get need to have a bit of technical background.

But fortunately, using these software is just like installing any sort of application or video game on your system. So, anyone with any background can do it.

So, now everything should be cleared at this point. And you should be able to initiate the process. And don’t worry, you don’t need anything extra, except for a USB drive with a minimum of 18GB space, your computer, and some of your valuable time.

And if these devices are ready, let’s rock!

Format the Flash drive:

It is always, a good idea to former the drive before creating a bootable USB, even if you are buying a new USB. And if that’s old and used before. So, in that case, it’s mandatory to format it prior to the process to avoid any unexpected problems.

Just plug in the USB with your Windows 10 computer. Go to my computer section. Right-click on the USB and you’ll see the format option.

Format the drive, and unplug the drive.

Download the macOS Monterey DMG file:

Now, we need to download the macOS Monterey DMG file, which we’ll be using for the creation of macOS Monterey bootable USB on Windows 10.

So, downloading the dmg file on macOS is not a big deal. Everyone knows how to do it.

But for Windows users, that could be a little problem. But hang on.

We’ve arranged everything for you. Downloading macOS Monterey DMG files from a reliable source is very important. And we’ve already done it for our readers. We have a separate article, on the DMG file. You can visit the article and easily download the DMG file from there.

Once you download the DMG file on your Windows system. Now you can move on to the next step.

Install Software to create a bootable USB:

As we already mentioned that we’re going to use reliable third-party software in order to create macOS Monterey bootable USB on Windows 10. And now that step has arrived. There are several software available online, that can help you in this regard.

But I personally use two software and I don’t see any issue with those, and It seems quite easy to use those software too.

These two software are Ultra DMG and Transmac.

I always try to bring things that are not premium or at least cheap. Unfortunatly Transmac is now a premium tool. And you’ll also get its free cracked version online.

But I am not satisfied with the cracked version. Therefore, I am going to show how you can create macOS Monterey bootable USB with Ultra DMG.

Ultra DMG is pretty straightforward to use and is also a free tool by Sysgeekrar.

You can download and install its free version from its official website.

Once you install this software on your Windows 10 machine. And also the DMG file is downloaded and ready.

You can move on to the last step, which is the final and most important step.

Create macOS Monterey bootable USB on Windows 10:

  1. Open the Ultra DMG software on your computer.
  2. You will see two options on the interface. The burn option, and the Extract option. And obviously, we need to burn the DMG file of macOS Monterey.
  3. So, select the burn option. From there select the DMG file that you downloaded on your system.
  4. On the DMG file selection window, you’ll get an automatic guide from the software too. Don’t forget to do those steps as well.
  5. Then finally click on the burn button. And in short, the process to create a macOS bootable USB on Windows 10 machine is started.

It will take some time depending on several things to complete the process. Once the process is complete. You’ll get a completed successfully message on the screen. You can check the USB drive. It has the macOS Monterey-ready copy in it.

Now you can use it anywhere anytime you want.

Wrapping Up:

This was the complete process of creating a bootable USB on windows 10 without any extra talk and text. You might search for other guides. But the problem there is that they talk less about the main topic. And inject additional useless things in between.

But in this article, we just focus on macOS Monterey. And how you can create its bootable USB on Windows 10 system. Although you will need the same process for other versions of the Mac operating system.

The same software the same size as the flash drive, and the Windows operating system.

Lastly, if you get any software of questions or want to add anything more. Feel free to comment below. We will be more than happy to read about your thoughts.

By Safar Ali

Safar Ali is an Entrepreneur, Marketer, and writer. He has been writing for more than three years. And his pieces have appeared on some of the high-authority sites, including HubSpot, Mashable,, Business Insider, TechCrunch, Makeuseof, CNET, and many more.

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