Download macOS Monterey Image File For Virtualbox

Just like every year the year 2021 goes to the new Mac operating system Monterey. And here we’re again with a new guide regarding the new macOS Monterey. Below we’ve provided links to download the macOS Monterey Image file for Virtualbox. Moreover, we’ve also listed down some of the features that are worth trying out.

download macOS Monterey image file for vmware

If you’re an American you know that is where the name of the new macOS 12 comes from. But if you don’t know let me say that Monterey is California’s best place for ocean lovers.

Moreover, just like the prior versions of the mac operating systems its name too represents a special message.

Moreover, before going towards the download links, let me first clarify the word image file for our friends, who are confused between these terms.

what is an image file:

The ISO image file is used for many purposes. This sort of file is can used to create installation media for different things such as for making a bootable USB for installation on computers and laptops.

Or you can also use the image file in virtual machine software. Those who don’t know what are virtual machines. These are special sorts of software, which are used to install multiple different operating systems in one system without any barrier.

These software don’t require any sort of system requirements. Some are free while some are paid software. Moreover, the image file available here are not only for VirtualBox, you can also use them for VMware.

As said, the virtual machines software requires ISO image files for installation of that particular operating system on any other system regarding less of its version or manufacturer. And I am sure you want to download the macOS Monterey image file for the second option.

Some features that I like in the new macOS 12:

I won’t discuss each feature here one by one rather, I will list down what I like in this new mac operating system.

  • No doubt security is the first priority of Apple Inc, And so it’s for its customers. There are a lot of new things and improvements in the new version, which makes it almost impossible for anyone to steal or leak the data, and hence there are a lot of new techniques used for security.
  • The new macOS Monterey also comes with better face time. I work remotely, and sharp video conferencing is essential for me. And I would say that the face time has improved a lot and I like to work on it and attend the company’s meetings.
  • The new notification center and style are also quite classy. That small notification area on the side of the screen, where you can do almost anything with the notifications very concisely.
  • I personally don’t use Safari much I don’t know why might be I am addicted to Chrome, but there is a lot you can explore in the new Safari, especially the speed enhancements.
  • With detailed guides and city maps, I have just started liking the map. There are more details on the map, especially for Americans, and you can use it very easily in your day-to-day life.
  • Last but not least and my favorite. I have been waiting for this a lot. The new Universal controller. You might hear this for the first time. But this is totally a new concept in the mac operating system. Even though this feature is quite new, and for some time, you could use only its beta version. But now you can put your hands-on practice on it. and Explore this feature. And it is said there is a lot coming in these new features in the near future.

These were some of the features that I thought should be shared with you. You can visit the official Apple website to read about the all new features concepts and enhancements in the new macOS Monterey.

Moreover, now the only thing that remains is the download links to the image files of the macOS Monterey. and You can get those now.

Download the macOS Monterey image file for Virtualbox and VMWare:

We have set up the file in two different variants. One link takes you to the complete file, which is about 15GB large. And below that, we’ve also provided links to the divided files for those, who can’t download large files at once.

So, whichever is your preference you can click on that link and download the files totally for free.

Below the file has been saved in smaller sized and three pieces. If you have a problem downloading the large file. You can download the below smaller-sized files.

One thing more if you get any sort of problem downloading the file such as the password on the file. Feel free to tell us through the comment section. We will hand over the password of the file.

You can also follow our guide on the installation of the new macOS on VirtualBox through the following article.

Wrapping Up:

It’s not easy to create ISO image files for virtual machines. Therefore, we put our time to create one and share those with you. If you get any sort of difficulty with downloading. Or want to install the operating system. You get all sorts of guides on our website.

By Safar Ali

Safar Ali is an Entrepreneur, Marketer, and writer. He has been writing for more than three years. And his pieces have appeared on some of the high-authority sites, including HubSpot, Mashable,, Business Insider, TechCrunch, Makeuseof, CNET, and many more.


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