Download macOS Big Sur Image File for VMware

download macOS big Sur image file for vmware

It has been some way around that macOS Big Sur has been launched. And as always, we are here to bring to you the latest macOS Big Sur image for VMware workstations and all other virtual machine software. Below we’ve put the download link to the latest macOS Big Sur image file for virtual machines.

But before that let’s read about some amazing features that have been introduced in the macOS 11 version. Every year Apple Inc its latest operating systems along with its digital products. And also introduces some new and enhanced features in here products.

Some new features that we’ve found are as follows.

Some of the features of macOS Big Sur that I like:

I am sure you’ll like it too!

Control center and menu bar:

The company has tried to treat the control center like a smartphone this time scrolling from top to bottom. Moreover, the icons have also been modified and I kind of started liking it.

You can do many things from this menu bar from changing the screen brightness to switching the MacBook turned off.

Moreover, with this new menu bar, you can drag and drop your favorite features into the control center, and kind customize the look as your personal like.

Notification center:

I get a lot of notifications by the way from Instagram, youtube, and my favorite pages. and the past versions like had a traditional sort of notification popup. But this new one is more appealing and eye-catching to me.

It has been designed to show the widgets with the notifications at the same time. So that you remain hassle-free.

Another feature of the notification center, I would like to say is that now the notifications are combined as per the apps. That how many notifications have been generated from a single app is grouped in a box, and you can turn them like page.

Of course more security:

We are well aware of how much tech companies are cautious about their cyber security and especially Apple Inc. It won’t be wrong if I say that your data at Apple is among one of safest places on earth.

Likewise, the security of their products is also highly complicated. And as reports say this new version of operating systems is much more secure and complex than the prior onces. And as always, if you get any security breakthroughs in the macOS Big Sur.

Don’t forget to inform Apple and get your handsome about to money.

Web browser/Safari:

This is one of the places that I visit most every day and every hour. I am very happy with this update. Because now I have more customization options in Safari.

More control on the usage. Moreover, control in changing the UI of the app and so more.

If you’re a remote worker just like me that congratulations. The Safari supports HDR videos which means now you can connect with your colleagues and boss though HD videos conferencing.

Emoji creators:

There are alot of things in the messenger app. And the most exciting new features introduced in the messenger app the emoji creator.

Now you can create emoji with the emoji creator and also pick different photos and edit them though this emoji creator.

Improved maps:

The maps app has also been improved alot in the new macOS Big Sur. Now you can use all those features of the app which were limited to the iPhones only like routes for cycling etc.

Moreover, you can use guides for resturents, clubs and your other favorite places. Moreover, anyone can also create their own guide for that.

There are alot of new features that I wanted to share with you,but keeping that for the another guide, these are some features that I liked.

Moreover, coming towards the macOS Big Sur image for for VMware workstation. Below you can download the latest version of image file for macOS Big Sur.

Download macOS Big Sur image file for VMware:

Before downloading the file, I would like to say that we consistently try to check and update the file. If you get any sort of problem or issue regarding the file. Please feel free to inform us through the comment section.

macOS Big Sur VMDK file (Mediafire)

Moreover, you may need a faster internet connection to download the file in one run to avoid unexpected problems.

After downloading the file. You can read our guide on installing the macOS Big Sur on Virtual machines.


Here you comes to the conclusion. I hope you get and download the macOS Big Sur VMDK file. Moreover, if you get any sort of problem during downloading the file, or during installation. Feel free to ask through the comment section. And Until the next guide, have a good day!

By Safar Ali

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