Download macOS Catalina Virtualbox Image File – With Password!

macOS Catalina Virtualbox image file

Apple macOS Catalina 10.15.7 is the newest operating system for Macs. which was released in the year 2020. This article will teach you how to download macOS Catalina Virtualbox image file onto your computer. Apple has been at their best to make this version attractive for developers.

Most Apple users were anxious to purchase a new MacBook, iPhone or iPad as soon as they were released. Therefore, the market was filled with apps and games that worked only on these devices. Here comes a Virtual Machine that can easily run macOS Catalina without owning any of the devices previously mentioned.

Below, we have provided a link to the Google Drive folder, from where you can easily download the macOS Catalina Virtualbox image file!

Features of new macOS Catalina:

One of the best features of macOS Catalina is its enhanced storage. It uses a new compression technique that takes less space for your files. Additionally, you can create more space on your devices by deleting temporary files that are not needed anymore. The other features are the Dark Mode, which provides easier reading in the dark, the Sidecar support for external displays, and more.

A study was conducted to determine the impact of using the new compression technique on disk usage. Researchers used three different types of datasets to evaluate performance.

1 Control Group:

A dataset with 100 terabytes compressed using legacy HFS+ file system compression algorithms

2 Experimental Group:

A dataset with 600 terabytes compressed using an experimental app called Z

The experimental group of data showed that the Z app had a compression ratio of 57.78%. The control group reached a ratio of 57.5%. This suggests that the new algorithms in macOS Catalina are better than anything we have seen before.

3 Tablet:

A dataset with 100 terabytes compressed using an experimental app called C

The tablet experiment yielded the worst performance among the three experiments. The compression on this group was only at 43%. This is probably because it is easier to compress continuous data such as text and images on a smaller screen like a tablet’s.

Download macOS Catalina Virtualbox image file:

From the below links you can easily download the Virtual image file of the macOS Catalina 10.15.7. We provided the file in two places. One is in the google drive file, and as a second option, the file is also stored in Media Fire. So, in that in case one file gets problematic. You could use the second option.

Moreover, coming towards the passwords. We’re going to put the password of the file in the comment section. So, that everyone comes to comment, they would see the password. Additionally, in case of password change or alteration as well. We’ll update our readers through a comment.

  • 1: Download macOS Catalina Virtualbox image file (Google Drive).
  • 2: Download macOS Catalina Virtualbox image file (Media Fire).

Moreover, if have also provided DMG and ISO files for the macOS Catalina. If you need macOS Catalina DMG or ISO file anytime. You can download those files from the below links without any problem.

How to install macOS Catalina on Virtualbox:

if you’ve installed any Mac operating system on Virtualbox. You should know the entire process is quite long and lengthy. Therefore, here it wasn’t possible to discuss the (A to Z) process of installation. But we’ve published a separate fresh article on how to install macOS Catalina on Virtualbox.

You can visit the guide, it has extensively discussed the entire process easy with screenshots.

However, let’s briefly discuss that.

First of all, you need to download the image file of the macOS Catalina on your computer, which is available in this article already.

Then turn comes towards the creation of virtual machines in the Virtualbox software.

Afterwards, on the completion of the virtual machine, you need to enter the specific command in CMD, which is provided in the above article.

After these steps, you can go towards the final step, which is the installation process. You can easily install the macOS Catalina on your computer and use and guest operating system without any problem.

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Bottom Line:

We established to provide our readers with the latest and problem-solving guides regarding Virtual machines and Mac operating systems. Therefore, this article also included two direct links to the folder of the macOS Catalina Virtualbox image file.

Consequently, if you have any additional queries or facing issues with the Image files, do tell us in the comment section.

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