The Top 5 Tablets for Techies in 2021


Since the pandemic has persisted for almost two years, many people have been looking for devices to help them get through their daily lives. Whether you’re watching Netflix series or scrolling through social media, tablets are your go-to gadget. Fortunately, the market has grown in diversity, providing you with a wider range of options. However, with so many choices, it’s easy to become overwhelmed or splurge on one with features you’ll never use. Today is your lucky day because we’ll share with you five tablets to purchase in 2021. 

iPad Pro (2021) 


If you’re seeking the largest and most powerful tablet on the market, consider iPad Pro (2021). With a resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels and Apple’s Liquid Retina XDR display technology, the tablet features the largest and finest screen on the market. The iPad’s Liquid Retina XDR display makes use of Mini LED for very deep black levels and loads of brightness, as well as a 120Hz refresh rate, making it ideal for gaming. Face ID has replaced the home button, and the bezels are slim. In addition to USB-C, the tablet is powered by the M1 processor, which delivers desktop-like performance in a tablet.  

Despite the lack of support for microSD cards, the storage starts at 128GB and goes up to 2TB. The iPad also has a long-lasting battery, which provides 10 hours of mixed-use on a full charge, or 9 hours if you choose the cellular-connected model. If you want to sketch on your iPad, you can get the Apple Pencil that is magnetically attached and charges wirelessly. It’s a shame there’s no headphone jack, but if you want the best, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is the way to go. 

iPad Air (2020) 


The iPad Air delivers some of the best features at a cheaper cost. It is lightweight and the 10.9-inch screen is practically edge-to-edge, giving you plenty of room to see what you’re doing. The fingerprint sensor has been moved to the top of the device, above the power button, so there’s no imprint at the bottom. Other than that, the iPad boasts the same 12-megapixel rear camera as the iPad Pro, as well as a 7-megapixel front camera that can record video in low light. 

With a 10-hour battery life, it’s easy to browse the web and study online. The gadget is equipped with Apple’s newest A14 Bionic chip, which is capable of handling whatever you can throw at it. The good news is that it also supports the Magic keyboard for a more laptop-like experience. The iPad Air’s only flaw is the lack of 120Hz, which you can live without. The iPad Air 4 (2020) is a wonderful choice for a lot of people, with decent features and a huge range of colors to choose from. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus 


If you want to take a break from Apple devices, the powerful Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus fits the bill. The S7 Plus’s 12.4-inch Super AMOLED display is huge and boasts remarkable clarity with a resolution of 2800 x 1752 and a super-fast 120Hz refresh rate. In addition, there’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus CPU inside, which is very powerful, and it’s housed in a high-quality metal frame. This Samsung tablet model also includes a four-speaker Dolby Atmos sound system, with one speaker in each corner for a rich, immersive, and realistic sound. 

Unlike Apple’s iPad series, this device has a microSD card slot for removable storage up to 1TB. Now that the 5G model is out, you can get high-speed internet with the S7 plus as well. Top that with the iconic Samsung S-Pen, you’re all good for years. The Android tablets may not be as good as Apple’s iPad series, but if you want an Android alternative, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is the way to go. 

Amazon Fire HD 8  


The Amazon Fire HD 8 is a major upgrade over its highly praised predecessor from 2018. The LCD screen, with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, isn’t the sharpest on the market, but it’s certainly suitable for viewing movies and reading. The Fire HD 8 is lightweight and tiny, fitting effortlessly into handbags or backpacks. Moreover, the Fire HD’s all-plastic body is vibrant and long-lasting.  

You’ll also discover stereo speakers tuned with Dolby Atmos producing reasonably powerful and clean sound. Aside from Amazon Alexa, the Fire HD 8 features a speedier processor and a USB-C port. It has a 12-hour battery life and can be used for reading, gaming, and streaming. Keep in mind that this gadget runs on the Fire OS software, which means you’ll have access to the Amazon ecosystem. The Fire HD 8 is the ideal entry-level tablet thanks to these qualities.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 


The Surface Pro 7 is the closest thing to a hybrid device that can be used as both a tablet and a laptop. Of course, the original Surface Pro had flaws, but the new 2-in-1 is the one to beat now. It has a stunning 12.3-inch display and with a resolution of 2736 x 1824 pixels, it’s fun to watch movies on because of the pixel-packed display and strong speakers.   

Additionally, Intel’s latest chip makes things run smoothly even when many programs are active. You also get two USB ports, which makes connecting a mouse or memory sticks a lot easier than it is on iPads. When it comes to batteries, they can last up to 10.5 hours under normal use. The Type Cover and Surface Pen are fantastic additions to the gadget, especially when used with the full edition of Windows 10. With all these universal Surface accessories, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is definitely worth purchasing.

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