How to Install Virtualbox on Windows 10? Best Virtual Machine

Virtualbox is the open-source virtualization software that allows Windows, Mac, and Linux users to run multiple guests operating systems on their PC. this is the best platform to try any operating system although you have several virtualization software such as Vmware workstation, Hyper-V and many more. Virtualbox is the best choice for any Host Operating system users. Therefore, in this article, I am going to guide you on How to Install Virtualbox on Windows. Remember, if you are Mac users or Linux then you can install Virtualbox on your Mac and Linux PC. in this case, download Virtualbox for your operating system.

As you know, there are many operating systems that you want to try it out and get an experience of its features and function but you know you can’t install more than one operating system on your host. therefore, you can install any guest operating system on Virtualbox on your PC and give it a shot. specially, Windows users love to try Mac Operating systems and they are curious to find the solutions thus they should install Virtualbox on Windows and create a new virtual machine for the operating systems.

Therefore, download and install Virtualbox on your windows 10, after that, install Virtualbox Extension Pack to not face a problem with mouse and keyboard stuck during the installation of any operating system.

What is Virtualbox?

VirtualBox is an effective x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization product for the company in addition to domestic use. Not only is VirtualBox an incredibly function-rich, excessive-performance product for agency clients, it is also the only expert solution this is freely available as Open Source Software beneath the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2.

Presently, VirtualBox runs on Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and Solaris hosts and supports a massive range of visitor operating systems together with but not constrained to Windows (NT 4.Zero, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10), DOS/Windows 3.X, Linux (2.4, 2.6, three.X and 4.X), Solaris and OpenSolaris, OS/2, and OpenBSD.

VirtualBox is being actively evolved with frequent releases and has an ever-developing listing of features, supported visitor operating structures and structures it runs on. VirtualBox is a network attempt subsidized with the aid of a devoted corporation: anybody is endorsed to contribute while Oracle guarantees the product usually meets professional satisfactory standards.

Useful Features of Virtualbox:

  • Save your non-public files, VirtualBox gives you the actual answer for hiding your non-public documents. Because the garage of VirtualBox is sufficiently massive to maintain your files shop there.
  • Learn to partition, frequently you have misplaced the vital documents don’t worry just deploy, the OS files to preserve your files keep from deleting or partition.
  • Surf your net, from time to time you are in worry that from the internet the viruses will assault your computer, but VirtualBox prevents the virus from the internet.
  • Check whether or not the ISO is Bootable or now not, generally your wondering that whether or not I should burn the ISO report to CD/DVD.
  • Run Android on Virtualbox, you can run the android gadget in VirtualBox, and OS additionally.

Download Virtualbox on your PC

To install Virtualbox on Windows you will need to download the latest version of Oracle Virtualbox. If you want to install it on Mac or Linux then download the Mac or Linux file. The below steps will show you how to download Virtualbox on windows.

  • Open your favorite browser and search for
  • Click the Download option from the left side of the page.
  • Here, you will see Virtualbox Platform packages.
  • As I am going to install Virtualbox on Windows, therefore, I will download Windows file.
Download Virtualbox on Windows 10
Download Virtualbox on Windows 10
  • Once, you click on the file then you will see the download information, here click the download button.
Download Virtualbox

Install Virtualbox on Windows 10

Step1: Go to Download folder and find the Virtualbox setup, then, double-click on the setup to run Virtualbox installation.

Step2: On the first page, you will see the welcome wizard page. Therefore, click the Next button.

Welcome Wizard

Step3: On the Custom Setup page, you can change the installation location and click the Next button.

Virtualbox Custom Setup

Step4: After that, select the way you want features to be installed, Therefore, choose from the option and click the Next button.

Custom Setup

Step5: Read the warning network interfaces and click the Yes button.

Virtualbox Warning Window

Step6: The Setup Wizard is ready to begin the Custom installation, Therefore, click the Install button.

Install Virtualbox

Step7: Congratulations, you have installed Virtualbox on Windows 10 successfully.

Installation Finished

Install Virtualbox Extension Pack

Once, you installed Virtualbox on Windows then you have to install a Virtualbox extension pack because if you didn’t install an extension pack then you will face problems during installation of any operating system and the problem is mouse and keyboard stuck, therefore, to fix the issues install the extension pack.

Step1: Again go to and click the download option from the left side of the page, then scroll down a little bit and download Virtualbox extension pack latest version.

Download Virtualbox Extension Pack

Step2: After that, open Virtualbox and go to File->Preferences and click the Extension option form the left side and click the small icon to add extension pack.

Virtualbox Extension Pack

Step3: Now select the Virtualbox Extension Pack that you downloaded later.

Select Virtualbox Extension Pack

Step4: Now, it is ready to install Virtualbox Extension Pack on Virtualbox on Windows. Therefore, click the Install button.

Install Virtualbox Extension Pack

Step5: After that, you will see the agreement window, therefore, click the I agree button.

Virtualbox Extension pack Agreement

Step6: Finally, the Virtualbox Extension pack has been installed on Virtualbox successfully. therefore, click the Ok button.

Virtualbox Extension Pack has been Installed

Create a Virtualbox Machine after Installation

While you are done with the above heading then you can create a virtual machine for any operating systems. creating a Virtualbox machine allows you to install multiple operating systems. So, you have to know how to create a virtual machine.

Step1: To create a Virtualbox machine, open Virtualbox and click the New button.

Create a Virtualbox Machine

Step2: Afterward, give the name and Operating system, as I am going to install MacOS High Sierra. Therefore, I give MacOS high Sierra Name to the guest Operating system.

Create a Virtualbox Machine

Step3: Then, give half of your RAM size to Virtual machine and click the Next button.

Virtual Machine Memory Size

Step4: On the hard disk page, select the second option which is to create a virtual hard disk now and click the Create button.

Virtual Machine Hard Disk

Step5: After that, select VDI (Virtualbox Disk Images) and click the Next button. then, select Dynamically allocated for Storage on Physical hard disk and click the Next button.

Step6: At the last step, select the file location and size for a virtual machine. finally, click the Create button.

Create a Virtualbox Machine for Operating System

This was the instructions for creating a Virtualbox machine for any guest operating system. if you want to install Mac OS, Windows OS, and Linux OS. then, you can apply this method because before installing any operating system you will need to create a virtual machine. in this case, you have to download the OS image file. after that, you can install the Operating system on Virtualbox successfully and you can run multiple operating systems at a time.

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Bottom Line

Finally, you learn the installation of Virtualbox on Windows and remember, the same method will work on Mac and Linux Operating systems. in case, you want to install Virtualbox on Mac or Linux then you can apply the above method. Moreover, if our article was helpful to you then please give your feedback.

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