How to install macOS and Windows OS on one PC? Explained.

There are two dominating desktop operating systems in the world. Certainly macOS and Windows OS. According to the latest statistics, About 72.98% of PC, laptops, Tabs, and consoles are using Windows OS. And the rest use macOS, Linux, and many other operating systems. And allegedly it is said that you can’t install macOS on any system rather than Mac. Is that true?

Well, not so! Now, you can install macOS on any system, whether that is Apple Mac, Dell, HP, or any other system. Moreover, you can install macOS and Windows OS on one PC at a time. And also can use them simultaneously without any problem.

Today, we are going to show you, that how you can dual boot Windows OS and macOS on a single PC. There are several ways to dual boot Windows and macOS on a PC. But we are brought the easiest, straightforward and legit way to do it.

So, sit back, relax and read on!

How to install macOS and Windows OS on one PC?

As we already said. There are multiple ways to do it. But the method, we are going to show you here is the Virtual machine software. Virtual machine software were primarily build for desktop virtualization.

Its global market revenue is about $15.9B annually. Some of the most used Virtualization software are VMWare Workstation, VMware Fusion, VMware Player, and Virtualbox. And each virtual machine software used a different approach for desktop virtualization.

But in this article, Our main focus will be merely two virtual machine software, VMware workstation, and Virtualbox.

First and Foremost!

Install Virtual machine software:

In the first stage. You need to download the virtual machines. You can download Virtualbox from And VMware workstation from

The Virtualbox is an open-source and free software by Oracle Inc. Whereas VMware is paid virtualization tool. And due to this difference mostly folks use Virtualbox software.

But if you are more concerned about your PC. Or you are using Virtualization software in professional life. So, we recommend you to use VMware.

After visiting the Virtualbox website. On the very first page. You get a download link to the latest version of Virtualbox. Which you can download just with a single click.

Whereas for VMware workstation. You need to visit the product page. On the product page. You get all the products that are available by VMware Inc. Scroll down until you get the VMware workstation.

install VMware

After downloading the file. Go to the download folder on your computer. And double click on the file to start the installation. The installation process of both software Virtualbox and VMware workstation is pretty easy just like the regular installation of games and software.

download the ISO file:

The next thing, you need is the ISO image file. Both the software Virtualbox and VMware workstation use ISO files for the installation of a secondary operating system.

For example, if you’re going to install macOS Big Sur on a VMware workstation or Virtualbox. So, you need to download the macOS Big Sur ISO file. The ISO files are freely available online. Moreover, we’re going to provide you the links below. where you can download the ISO file.

Create Virtual machine and install macOS:

Now, the final step is the creation of a Virtual machine. And through this virtual machine. You can install macOS on Virtualbox or VMware as guest OS. And like this, you will have both macOS and Windows OS on one PC.

Both software Virtualbox and VMware workstation have different processes for virtual machine creation. And also for the installation of the operating system.

Anyway, we’ve already covered that section as a separate guide. We’re going to provide you the links below to those guides. Which have thoroughly explained the complete process from the creation of Virtual machines up to the installation of Mac operating systems.


So, this the complete process, how you can install macOS and Windows OS on one PC. In this guide. We have used macOS as guest OS. Because it is a bit tricky and difficult to install Virtual machine software on macOS. And use Windows OS as guest OS.

Anyway, Do follow us for more knowledgeable up to date content. And also feel free to send us your queries regarding any issue or confusion.

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