How to install macOS Catalina 10.15 final on VMware on Windows PC

When macOS Catalina 10.15 released on 14th July on the “WWDC” Worldwide developer conference under the supervision of Apple Inc. Then besides that most of the new unbelievable features introduced. The new features include the Auto theme mode, Apple TV, Apple Podcasts, and there is no more difficult to use your iPad or iPhone mobile devices as a second screen display on macOS Catalina 10.15. Therefore, when the beta version of macOS Catalina released for the world of the developer to check the usability and function on any kind of Virtual machine. Because naturally when any operating system is releasing then firstly there can be much doubt due to having to the safe a security system or other bugs issues. In that case, here I will guide to on how to install macOS Catalina 10.15 final on VMware on Windows PC.

Alongside without testing the macOS operating system on VMware Workstation, there is a VirtualBox machine to test any kind OS on that. However, while testing the macOS operating system on Windows PC. There are also many ways for Mac users to test a Windows operating system on VMware Fusion or VirtualBox machine that the versions are available for Windows and Mac. Besides that, for macOS, there is Parallel desktop software that can provide the best service to install Windows OS on that.

How to install macOS Catalina 10.15 final on VMware on Windows

Before having a clean installation of macOS Catalina 10.15 final on VMware on Windows PC. You have to download and install some essential files needed for the macOS Catalina installation on Windows PC. Without the files, you are not able to install the macOS Catalina on Windows. The files which include macOS unlocker WinRaR/7Zip, macOS Catalina VMDK file, VMware Workstation Pro/VMware Player. Make sure that your PC can handle or support this program indeed for the installation it needs high-performance PC. Because macOS Catalina is heavier then macOS Mojave.

  • macOS unlocker: macOS unlocker: It is an open-source helper tool that helps VMware Workstation to appear macOS operating system option on VMware and known as “Darwin tool”. Also, it will fix the issues of VMware Workstation or missing files.
  • WinRAR 7Zip: WinRAR or 7Zip: WinRAR and 7Zip are familiar for Windows users that by this you can compress your file or protect the important from viruses or bugs. And now we use WinRAR to decompress the macOS Catalina 10.15 VMDK file. Now it depends on you whether you select WinRAR or 7Zip.
  • VMware Workstation Pro: VMware Workstation: VMware Pro 15.5.1 version is out now, you can download and purchase from its website. Therefore, VMware Workstation can be found in a free version but if you want to use the Pro version then you have to money for that. Also, VMware Workstation is an open source for testing the macOS operating system on that.

Complete the macOS Catalina 10.15 requirements

Extract the macOS Catalina VMDK file using WinRAR or 7Zip, for that navigate to download file of macOS Catalina and Right-click on the file. After that, select “Extract here” after extracting the VMDK file will create.

Extract macOS Catalina VMDK file
Extract macOS Catalina VMDK file

In this step, after the installation of VMware Workstation Pro. You will see that the macOS operating system doesn’t exist on the list. Therefore, for the unlocking of the macOS option in VMware Workstation we use a small tool by the name of “macOS unlocker”. All the requirements plus unlocker you can download from the above-given download link. After downloading extract the unlocker folder and scroll down, then right-click on “Win-install” and “Run as administrator. Another black screen will open will till 100% of downloading the necessary files after that the window will close automatically.

Unlock macOS

Create a new Virtual machine for macOS Catalina 10.15

After that, you successfully did all the essential things before creating a new virtual machine on VMware. Then open the VMware Workstation or Player and click on “create a new virtual machine.

create a new virtual machine

On the first welcome wizard of VMware Workstation Pro choose the “Typical (Recommended) and click next.

Select I will install the operating system letter and click next.

For the installation of macOS Catalina, you have to select the guest operating system from the below option “Apple Mac OS X” and the version. Remember that the macOS 10.15 version is not available in the or version of VMware, in this case, try to upgrade your VMware.

Give a name for the virtual machine for macOS Catalina 10.15. And click on the Browse option to specify the location where you have to install macOS Catalina then click next.

Specify the disk according to your wish and select “Store virtual disk as a single file” and click next. Now the virtual machine is ready for macOS Catalina finally clicks the Finish button.

Edit Virtual machine for better performance

For the better performance of macOS Catalina installation on VMware to perform some important settings. Navigate to “Edit virtual machine settings”

Edit Virtual machine setting

Select the “Hardware” tab and select “Memory” Increase the size of RAM it depends on your system. That how much your system RAM is. In my case, I will increase from 2GB up to 4GB for better performance.

Increase RAM

Navigate to the “Processor” tab and specify the processor number from 1 to 2.

Now select “Hard disk” and click remove from the bottom down.

Increase RAM

Again click the “Add” button for adding a new hard disk

Select “Hard disk” from the list “Hardware types” and click next.

Hard disk

Select the virtual disk type “SATA (Recommended) and click next.

Choose the use of an existing virtual disk and click next.

Here you have to insert the macOS Catalina VMDK file, to insert click on browse option. And navigate to the folder where you extracted the macOS Catalina VMDK file and click open.

Insert macOS Catalina VMDK file

Now choose the option “Keep the existing settings”

Now click to “Option” section and from the “Guest operating system” section choose “Microsoft Windows” and the version should be “Windows X64”. Make sure that you have performed all the changes cleanly on VMware Workstation for the macOS Catalina installation.

Edit macOS Catalina VMX File

VMX is a complete set for macOS operating in some cases. It will fix the graphical issues or lagging issues during the installation. It means that it can be the complete property value for macOS operating system on VMware Workstation. Like while installing macOS Catalina on VirtualBox that needs the huge number of code to be installed on VirtualBox.

To edit the “VMX” file open the document folder where you have selected the location for macOS Catalina. And open the macOS Catalina virtual machine folder then right-click and open with notepad.

Edit VMX file

When the file opened scroll down, and at the last add ” Smc.version = “0” in case if it didn’t work add Smc.version = 0 then click save.

Install macOS Catalina 10.15 Final on VMware on Windows PC

Now every setting of macOS Catalina on VMware Workstation is completed. Therefore, open the VMware and click on “Power on the virtual machine.

Power on the virtual machine

Now wait for the Apple logo to bypass don’t touch otherwise it will be stuck on the Apple logo.

Now the macOS Catalina is installing on VMware workstation. It depends on your PC performance also be patient to install successfully. After that, the installation is completed shut down the Virtual machine.

Installing macOS Catalina

Now once again you have to edit the virtual machine. Click on Edit virtual machine or the other option right-click on the virtual machine and click setting. Then choose the “Option” tab and change “Microsoft Windows” to “Apple Mac OS X” and the version and click “OK”.

Again Power on the virtual machine to start the macOS Catalina installation

Power on the virtual machine

Select your country and click continue

Select your country
  • Choose your written and spoken language and click continue.
  • On Data & privacy simply click continue.
  • Select don’t transfer any information right now and click continue.
  • Click sign up later and click the skip button.
  • Click agree to the terms and conditions of macOS Catalina and click continue.
  • Create a computer account and click continue.
Create a computer account
  • On express set up again click continue.
  • On analytics again click continue.
  • On-screen time click continues.
  • Now choose your look and click continue.
  • Now, wait for the final setting of macOS Catalina for the first use.
  • And Finally,
  • macOS Catalina is successfully installed on VMware Workstation Pro, enjoy using macOS Catalina for your first experience on VMware.
macOS Catalina on VMware


Final Point

That is all about how to install macOS Catalina 10.15 final on VMware on Windows PC. Only one of the last setting is remaining on VMware for macOS Catalina 10.15. That is how to use the full-screen mode of macOS Catalina on VMware. Soon I will prepare the article about that. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. And also, have gotten something from this article if you faced any kind of problem feel free and comment below in the comment section.

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