How to Enter macOS Catalina full-screen mode on VMware

After installing macOS Catalina on VMware then you need to use some functions on VMware like darg & drop, in simple word copy paste. But there is something while installing the real operating system on your PC, after that, you need to install some essential drivers to get complete access to functions. Like after installing the drivers the Graphics, screen display, sounds, Wifi, Bluetooth, and other features are enabling. The same after installing macOS Catalina on virtual machines you if you want to access that function. Then you have to install tools or simply drivers. One of the most common issues that every developer is facing on VMware is the full-screen mode. The reason is that your VMware tool does not exist with OS, due to that you have to install separately after installation.

For VMware Workstation you need a VMware tool, VMware tool is a small tool developed by VMware Inc. VMware tools allow the guest operating system to use the full functions of an OS on VMware Workstation. Like macOS, Windows, Linux, and Zorin OS. Many times while getting to the VM tab of VMware, then we see that the VMware tool option is disabled there. But separately you can download the VMware tool from the internet which known as “Darwin”. I hope you know drag & drop between the host and virtual machine on Windows PC.

However, VMware tools without enabling the full-screen mode of macOS, Windows, Linux. It has another goodness also, that brings a smooth and better performance in virtual machines. However, in this guideline, I will show you how to enter macOS Catalina full-screen mode on VMware.

Install VMware Tools on macOS Catalina 10.15

Step 1. Turn on the VMware Workstation then click on the VM menu tab from the top. Check below the install VMware tools, if that does not exist manually select “Removable devices” > “CD/DVD” > then click “Settings”. After choosing the “Darwin tools” then insert that.

Insert the darwin tool
Insert the darwin tool

Step 2. After inserting the Darwin tools the App will automatically appear in the desktop, double click on that to launch.

Darwin tools

Step 3. When the Darwin tools opened right-click and click open option.


Step 4. On the welcome to the VMware tools installer, click the continue button to go ahead into the next step.

Welcome wizard

Step 5. You can specify the location of the tools where it should be installed. Or simply, you can continue with the recommended location. If you agree with installation click Install. After clicking the install warning option will pop-up “When this software finishes installing, you must restart your computer. Are you sure you want to install the software now? simply click “Continue installation”.

Continue installation

Step 6. In this step, again the VMware tools will ask you that the “Installer is trying to install new software”. You can allow the permission for this step by entering the password of your username, after that, click install the software.


Step 7. During the installation, the “System extension blocked” warning will pop-up. I think this tool does not allow in macOS due to that you have to allow by clicking on “Open security preferences”.

System extension blocked

Step 8. In this window click on the yellow lock icon.

Lock icon

Step 9. When you clicked on lock icon this window will appear, here you have to enter your user name password, then click unlock option.

Enter your password

Step 10. Once you unlocked the VMware tools on macOS Catalina. After that, you will be required to restart the virtual machine in order to access the full-screen mode window. Now close the security & privacy window, then open the installation window.


Step 11. When the extension unblocked plus all the files installed you will require to restart. On the summary step, you will see the installation was successful then click restart.


Step 12. Therefore, again coming back to macOS Catalina if you are unable to use the full screen. Once again you have to reinstall the VMware tools, after that, you reinstalled again “restart” the virtual machine.

Step 13. Most of the time that I have tried by installing the VMware tools for one time. I get access to functions of macOS Catalina, but sometimes I reinstalled.

macOS Catalina full-screen mode

Bottom Line

However, that’s was all about how to enter macOS Catalina’s full-screen mode on VMware. To enter macOS Catalina full-screen mode or access to other functionalities you need to install VMware tools. Before installing VMware tools you have prepared the required files for a clean installation of macOS Catalina on VMware. After that, navigate to VMware Workstation power on that then follow the above guides. If you like the article share your feedback below in the comment section.

By Safar Ali

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