How To Recover Permanently Deleted Photos on Mac OS Big Sur

Today we only have one way to save the memorable moments of our life. And that is taking the picture of those unforgettable and cherished moments. I am myself a big fan of taking pictures. So, I can feel those moments again and again. I also know that there is no alternative to the lost or deleted photos. But thanks to the modern technologies that make our lives and mistakes reset. Today, in this guide we have brought the easiest working methods to recover permanently deleted photos on Mac OS Big Sur.

Getting the photos deleted is common. This has happened personally with me several times intentionally or unintentionally. But I have gotten a solution to retrieve those deleted photos back. And below we are going to guide you through some of the best ways to recover permanently deleted pictures on Mac OS Big Sur.

So, don’t get depressed, go through the below mentioned steps to retrieve those memories back!

How to recover permanently deleted photos on Mac:

No matter, how the photos got deleted, it was deleted accidentally or got damaged by malware. The following techniques will help you to retrieve those files deleted files back on your device. We’re going to use two different methods for this purpose.

Firstly, we are going to use Time Machine backup. The problem with this method is that Time Machine can’t recover the photos that had been deleted far earlier. Therefore, if this method doesn’t work for you. So, the second way to retrieve the permanently deleted photos on Mac is the use of paid third-party apps.

There are various tools available, that can recover the deleted photos, videos, and files, etc on any operating system. There is a great possibility that the time machine will help to solve this issue. In case the time machine couldn’t retrieve the photos. Then you should go towards the second technique.

Use Time Machine to retrieve deleted photos on macOS Big Sur:

Time Machine backup works only if you had turned on it in the past. In case it was turn off when the photos were deleted. So, the time machine isn’t going to bring back the photos to you. But if you had turned it on. So, follow the below steps for the recovery of the photos.

  1. Connect the external hard drive, which you used for the time machine backup.
  2. go to the folder, where the photo was located before deletion. Hit the Time Machine icon and “Enter the Time Machine”.time machine
  3. Now, move the page up and down using the arrows on the right side. And if you succeed to find the deleted photos from here. Simply click on the “Restore button” located at the bottom of the page.

And Hurray! the deleted photo has come to you again.


I usually share my photos on my social media accounts. So, if you do it too. You can simply download the photos from there. You don’t need to go this much beyond in search of the photos.

Retrieve permanently deleted photos using third party apps:

Below you can check the list of some popular data recovery tools, that can help you to recover your permanently deleted photos on macOS Big Sur, Windows 10, or Linux.

  • Remo Recover software (Paid)
  • Disk Drill software (Paid)
  • Photo Rec (Free)
  • Cisdem Data Recovery software (Paid)

We have shown two methods to recover the files. But, you can use more all of the above tools one by one, if the lost photos are the case of life and death for you. But we are pretty sure, the below methods will retrieve the permanent photos back to your computer.

Using Photo Rec:

This software works with command lines for the retrieval of the lost files. Most of the regular users of Mac operating systems don’t like such sort of commands. But there is no other way to use the photo Rec app.

  1. Download and install the Test Disk software. Photo Rec is its secondary tool.
  2. Now, initiate the terminal.
  3. Use the “Sudo Photorec” command to launch it.
  4. Now, choose the drive, where the photo was present before deletion and Continue.
  5. Now, select whether you want to partition the desk entirely or only the specific file system type.
  6. Select the specific file system type, and select the folder, where you want to save the recovered photos.
  7. Then type “C” to confirm the execution.

Close the terminal and finally the photos are back to its original folder.

Using Remo Recovery app to recover permanently deleted photos on macOS Big Sur:

  1. Download and install the app.
  2. After launching, select whether you want to recover photos, files, or drives and proceed.
  3. Then, select “Recover deleted photos” from the option.
  4. Select the drive, that you want the tool to scan for the photos.
  5. Now, wait, until the app completes the scanning. After completion, you will get the list of the deleted photos that the app successfully found on the drive.
  6. Simply save the recovered photo on your Mac.

Now, you have again found the permanently deleted photos on your Mac.

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These were some of the most straightforward and easiest techniques to retrieve the permanently deleted photos on Mac OS Big Sur. The third-party apps not only work on Mac systems but also on Windows OS, Android, and IOS phones. So, sometimes if you get your photos or files deleted from your phone too. You may use these apps for their retrieval.

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