How to Find Your Lost Childhood Friends with Cocofinder App?

Suppose you are thinking of looking for a friend from your childhood but don’t know how to look for him. Then you are on the right spot to figure out. As today our topic is such an application which helps people reach their loved ones.

CocoFinder is an application that has all the features anyone needs to look for their loved ones. 


It has the ambition to help out people reach their lost pals, relatives, and loved ones. It is 100% reliable and convenient to use. You can rely upon it as it is a trustworthy application with an excellent reputation in the market.

It is an America-based application almost workable in all its states. You can search about anyone living in America with this application. And get tension-free about the authenticity of the information. All the information it provides the users is drawn from authentic sources.

CocoFinder provides a range of facilities to its users with an easy-to-use structure. People use this application in their daily life to get reliable and trustworthy information related to the people around them. Stick to this article or heed towards its official page and get to know every little detail about it.

Why choose CocoFinder:

With several applications present in the market, why go for it? CocoFinder furnishes the customers with features that no other application is currently providing. Further, all the components are very convenient to use.

In-depth Results

When you use CocoFinder as the search engine, it provides in-depth results which no other search engine can eventually provide. Searching on Google can provide you with an overview of the search but cannot offer in-depth results.

This happens because the information that Google provides is the same one available on the web pages. But the one CocoFinder provides is from official public records of the government. 

CocoFinder lets the users view the information and makes it possible for the users that if they want, they can download vital certificates such as birth and death certificates.

E-Devices friendly:

Whatever electronic device you have, you can use CocoFinder on it. No matter if it is IOS or android. You can use it on your desktop, PC, MacBook. Even there is no need to download any software or hardware. You can use it on any of the browsers as it is a cloud-based service, so no specific one is required. 

24/7 Service:

CocoFinder provides 24/7 service. At any point, if you face any problem, you can contact the client care. They will guide you till your situation is solved. All their staff is highly professional and knows how to deal with clients.

Quick Searches:

CocoFinder is super convenient to use with quick searches. All you have to do is enter the name of the person you want to know about. There is no complicated process that the user will have to go through to know about someone.

Even though CocoFinder has a vast database, it still gives you results, particularly in no time. All this is possible due to the next-gen technology they use.

Removal Of Information:

If someone has some privacy concerns and wants their information to be removed from the website, it is possible. All they have to is to follow the following steps:

  1. Search your name in the search bar
  2. When your profile opens, select the ‘OPT OUT’ option.
  3. You will receive the email to verify your request. Click on the link to confirm.
  4. Your profile will be removed in a brief time span, and again you will receive confirmation information.

What can CocoFinder be used for?

There are a number of things for which CocoFinder can be used for. You can find people by searching them through their name or contact number. People Finder tool will help you to find your friends, family, childhood buddies, dates, or more.

You can perform a background check by using its services. The background check feature will help you find out about other persons’ criminal records, court records, employment history, and other related stuff.

It also allows the users to find other persons’ social media profiles and other linked accounts via email lookup. It also lets you find out about the address of the person you are searching for with the address lookup feature.


Though CocoFinder is initially free and you can enjoy unlimited searches without paying up a penny. Butt, if you are willing to go through the detailed reports and enjoy the premium features, you can buy the subscription package. 

Nothing to worry about as all its packages are very cost-effective and are made to cover all the needs of people within budget. So, what are you thinking about? Get the package which you think is best for you, right away.

How to find someone via CocoFinder:

CocoFinder has the most convenient service. Anyone can use it without any problem.


Open the official site of CocoFinder. Go to the option of People Search. Tap that option.


 Enter the name and state of the person you are looking for. If you don’t know about the state, you can only mention the name. Also, there is a filter of age to enter the age of the person you are looking for. It will make your searching easier.


When you find your desired person, open his profile. Then you will get all the details about him (contact, address, employment, marital status, etc.

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Get connected to your lost childhood friends as it is the time to reunite. Buy a CocoFinder subscription and get the detailed report of your buds. What are you waiting for?  We assure you will not come across anything better than this tool. 

We have almost tried to explain everything about this application, but if you have any questions, get back to us or contact its customer care service. Do give us feedback that how our article was helpful for you.

By Safar Ali

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