How To Fix “Webpage Has a Redirect Loop” Error-Too Many Redirects.

If you own a website. Most probably you have come across such errors that “webpage has a redirect loop”, or “Error 304″ or”net: ERR _TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS”. So, the main point is how to fix the webpage has a redirect loop error or such related issues.

This error may seem serious, but if once the reason behind the error is found. Then the troubleshooting is much easier. As our own website gets such issues, there are some different methods, that we apply and the issue is resolved successfully.

In this article, we have designated out entire methods, that one can execute to encounter redirect errors.

What is a Redirect Loop?

Whenever you publish an article. The article or webpage has a particular address. And whenever, anyone clicks on the page, he is landed on that page.

But whenever, you edit the webpage and modify the slug or the title, the webpage address is also changed. And when you visit the modified page. You are redirected to the updated report.

And modifing the webpage too many times creates problems.

But it is not true that only this creates problems. The redirect loop can also be created due to many other reasons too. Which we will discuss ahead.

How to fix the webpage has redirect loop Error?

Depending upon the reason, let’s discuss every method one by one, that one can execute to troubleshoot the error.

1. Clean browser History:

If you are facing a redirect loop error on your own computer or smartphone-only rather than every device. So, the best and the simplest way to fix the webpage has a redirect loop error is to clean the browsing history of the device.

  1. Press Ctrl+H to open the browsing history.
  2. Select the clear browseing history from the left panel. and clear the history.

Now, again visit the problematic webpage. and check if the issue is resolved. It may take some minutes to fix the issue.

However, if the issue still exists, go ahead and try out the other methods.

2. Disable Extensions:

The second most usual reason that most of the users confront, is the conflict between the extensions. Because, most of the time that you use extensions, at some point, the extensions come face to face any try to cancel out the effects of one another.

And as a result, you confront redirect errors.

The best thing you can do to check whether the issue is caused by the extensions, is the disable the extensions one by one and check the affected webpage.

And if the error is occurred due to the extensions, you can find out the specific extension that causes the redirect loop.

And to resolve the issue, you need to remove or change the extensions with another alternative.

3. Disable WordPress plugins:

Thirdly, if a webpage has a redirect loop in every device. There is only one issue, and the issue is with the server configuration.

The server configuration issue is caused by the plugins you use on your WordPress website. One thing more you may have noticed. That before, confronting this issue you could have installed any new plugin.

Personally, our website ( usually face redirect issues due to the conflict between the plugins. Therefore, there is a strong possibility, that if your particular webpage has a redirect loop. That occurs due to the installed plugins.

And again, the best way to check, which plugin causes the redirect loop, is to disable every plugin one by one, until you find the accounting plugin.

4. Check the Robot txt file:

If you still cannot troubleshoot the problem. So, the last thing, that you can do is check the robot txt file.

You can visit the google robot checker, to check, if google robot is blocking the webpage and creates a redirect loop. And if you get the source of the problem, then finding a particular solution is not a big deal.

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Why most of the website show redirect loop is due to the conflict between extensions, used in the browser, or the plugins. The best way to figure out the main problems is to disable the extensions or plugins one by one. And check the source of the issue.

And once the issue is found, then you can easily fix the webpage has a redirect loop error.

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By Safar Ali

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