The Ultimate Best Online Fax Services in 2021

You would be surprised to know that even now, two decades into the 21st Century, that countless people and organizations are still interested in finding the best fax online method. Turns out that there are some kinds of documentation, such as contracts and other signed documents, where PDF just doesn’t cut it. At these times, you may just have to give in and send a fax. 

Especially in this day and age with the raging of the pandemic, most probably you will find yourself working from home and unable to get to the office fax machine. One option is to use the fax services of your local office supply store. However, you will quickly find that these physical fax machines are not easy to use, and the services are not cheap. Plus you may have to spend some extra time at the store waiting around for your recipient to confirm receiving your fax.

A second and more logical option is to source for the best online fax methods and use these services right from the comfort of your home. 

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Best Online Fax Services in 2021:


It is an online cloud-based faxing service that makes it possible for users to receive and send faxes online using any device from a mobile phone to a laptop, reliably and securely.

CocoFax makes it possible to fax from Google Drive, Sheets, Docs as well as Gmail. It is one of the best online fax services as it goes a step further and offers real-time alerts for every fax that you receive or send.

If you are using CocoFax, then you should be able to use email to fax from any kind of email such as Yahoo, Gmail, etc. Its users have found that the service offers a one-off fax number for free for faxes of up to 10 pages within 24 hours.

Learn more about CocoFax here.

Here some options to consider for the online fax method. 

1.Fax From the Web

As you shop around you will find that more online fax services offer an online web interface with a varied range of utilities. If you decide to fax from the web, be on the lookout for web interfaces that are highly functional and well-designed that do not obstruct your workflow.

Choosing this online fax method is generally a good option to use, as it is simple to work with. All you will be required to do is to enter the telephone number of the recipient. Most interfaces offer an online telephone address book where you can web save your recipient information for future use.

Faxing from the web allows users to include attachments of various file types and sizes up to a certain limit, allowing you to preview your attachments before sending them.

2. Mobile Faxing 

Most online fax interfaces offer iPhone apps and Android apps that come in handy when you would prefer the convenience of not having to log in to your computer to send a fax. Mobile faxing is as easy as taking a picture of the document you would want to fax and then simply send it on its way.

When choosing between one mobile faxing service and another, it would be wise to look for one that offers a responsive interface that resizes well for phone screens. Other features that should make your mobile faxing experience easier are a sortable inbox, an address book, an intuitive and clean design that makes it possible to preview attachments. 

3. Email to Fax

Email to fax services convert emails into faxes and conversely faxes into an email attachment. It is fairly simple to use email to fax services, and it doesn’t vary much from the afore-mentioned fax online methods. You simply key in the fax number, including the area and country code, then follow with the domain-specific email. The body text and subject line will appear on the cover page of the fax, and any attachments will appear as different separate pages.

4. Send a Fax for Free

If you plan on using the fax services for a one-off requirement, or one or two documents per month, then maybe you could consider using some of the online fax service methods that offer several free faxes per day. However, this only works if you are sending and not receiving faxes. If you are receiving faxes, then you may have to consider another fax online method.

Online Faxing Features to Look For:

 When shopping around for the best online faxing services to use, here are a few features that the fax online method you select should offer:

  1. Scheduled Delivery:

When you are sending your fax, you want to be sure that your fax will get to the correct recipient at the exact time of your choosing. Therefore, this feature should make it easy to send documents across international lines.

  1. Electronic Signature:

The online faxing service you select should have the functionality of adding digital signatures to any documents that you send or receive. Mobile faxing services now also offer this functionality.

  1. Group Faxing: 

A good online fax method allows you to blast out one fax to multiple recipients at a go. With the intuitive web interfaces available in the market today, group faxing should not cost users anything extra.

  1. International Faxing:

As previously stated, the best online fax services offer great flexibility for sending and receiving data and documents internationally. International faxing should operate just as though you were sending an email to anywhere, from anywhere at any time at no extra cost.

  1. Number Blocks:

Some of the best online fax services offer number blocking features for your online faxing account. Within your address book, you should be able to create a list of allowed numbers and if not, then have the option to create a list of blocked or black-listed numbers to keep your inbox free of unwanted faxes.

  1. Encryption:

To ensure that your documents and files are extra safe, the online fax services provider that you select should offer both outgoing and incoming fax encryption. You want to be sure that anything you, whichever online fax method you are using, send out or receive cannot be read by third-party readers.

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