Disable iMessage Notifications on Mac-Easiest Way.

iMessage is one of the best features on Mac that allows you to view the messages you receive and send. Moreover, if you have a Mac system and an iPhone, you do not need to open up the phone time and again. Instead, you can sign in with your text messages on mac and will be able to control the text messages coming to the iPhone and sending it. However, most of the time it gets annoying to receive messages, especially while working. At that time, you can also disable iMessages notifications on Mac or turn off the iMessage notification on Mac.

As I said, it really annoying whenever, something disturbs us in the depth of our work. And while working on the Mac machine, iMessage notification is the best example.

However, you can permanently or temporarily disable the notifications of messages appearing on the corner of the screen. And again turn on the feature whenever you want.

How to disable iMessage notifications on Mac?

When you turn off the iMessage notification on Mac. The preview of new messages does not appear on the screen. However, the messages can be seen in the messanger app. To disble the iMessage notification on Mac

  1. Go to the system preferences App. I will do this from the Apple menu from the top left of the menu bar.
  2. In the App, open up the Notifications area.
  3. Here you can see all the apps that show notifications. You can disable the notification for entire apps. Or for the messages, press the messages option from the left penal.
  4. Now, on the right side an option “Allow notifications from messages” in turn on. What you need to do is, toggle the gear, and the notifications from messages will be blocked from then.
disable imessage notification on mac

Now, you can work on the computer without receiving any notification. However, you will still be receiving messages, that can be accessed from the Message App.

Turn off iMessage on Mac:

Apart from disabling the notifications, you can also simply disable the Message app. But with this you cannot receive messages on your Mac computer, nor will get notification from the messaging app.

To do that!

  1. Start the Message app from the Dock, Launchpad, or from the Finder app.
  2. Hit the message option and then preferences from the upper menu bar.
  3. Open the Accounts area.
  4. Now, in the left panel, select the app you want to disable. As you are going to disable the Message App. So, select it.
  5. Then, on the right side, uncheck the box of enabling this account, also sign out from the account.

Now, you are totally signed out of the account and permanently unable to read the message on your Mac that you receive on the iPhone.

How to disable specific users on the Message app?

  1. Check out the user from the contact list if he is there. If he is not in the contact list. Add him.
  2. Go to the preferences of the messaging app.
  3. Then go to the account, that you are using iMessage with.
  4. Go to the Block area.
  5. Press the Plus icon. And find and select that contact, you want to block.

Now, that specific contact number cannot send you any message, until you unblock that again, by following the same procedure again.

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It is really irritating when something disturbs us while working on the desktop or laptop. And most of the time the unnecessary notifications do it. However, you can counter this issue by disabling the notifications by following the steps instructed above. Moreover, you can also turn off the iMessage notification from a specific user.

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