Save web page as PDF in Google Chrome, Safari, Microsft Edge

save Web page as pdf

Every second Google receives more than 63K searches for erudition. And that is really tremendous! We all visit Google every day in search of conventional information. Have you thought of sending such info to others, so that they also get knowledge from that data? Perhaps, before you used to share the link. But what if there is the unavailability of the internet. Therefore the best option is to save the web page as a PDF file format and send it to them.

Because it is the most convenient way to share knowledge with others. Once you convert the web page to PDF, you can edit the file and collect your desired data from that. And accessing that data does not require the internet, or Google too.

You just need to have a PDF reader or some free software like Adobe Acrobat and many more. And you can also store the data for as long as you require the data. Besides, PDF files consume very little storage too.

So, let’s see how can we save a web page as PDF using, different web browsers.

How to save a web page as PDF in Google chrome:

Google Chrome the most used search engine in the world. So, let’s see how can we create a PDF in Google.

  1. Enter the URL of your desired webpage.
  2. Now, on that webpage click on the “Three dots” on the top right side of the screen.
  3. then here, in the list of options. Hit on the “Print” option. You can also use the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+P.
  4. Now, a new Windows opens to print the webpage. In this Windows. On the option of Destination, you may see Save as OneNote as a default.
  5. Click on the arrow and select Save as PDF. Additionally, you may also save it in Google Drive, Fax, or in many other options appearing on the screen.
  6. Moreover, before this, you can change the file format as you require, You can also change the page layout page size and much more.
  7. Once you select the PDF format, hit on the Save button. And select the destination of file and again Save. And finally, the webpage has been saved as a soda PDF file in your device.

Using Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer:

Most Americans prefer Microsoft Edge as their default browser. And converting web to PDF in Microsoft Edge is not much too different than the process we did in Google.

  1. So, on the webpage you want in PDF, click on the three dots in the top right corner. And again hit on Print. Or directly press Ctrl+P.
  2. On this page again, the first option appears is Printer, and again as a default, perhaps the OneNote is selected. Change the format as Microsoft Print to PDF or any other format you want.
  3. Once you select the format, hit on Print and Save the file in its destination folder.

And now, you can share the PDF file easily with any of your friends and family through Email or any other medium. Or can save it to read later.

Save web page as PDF in Safari:

This functionality has also been added to the Safari browser.

  1. Press in the Cmd+P on the webpage. And a new pop up opens.
  2. Now, again as default system may select any other format. Click on Arrow and Select Save as PDF and click file destination.
  3. in the new pop up, click Save and the file will be downloaded in the target folder.

convert webpage to PDF in Android:

You can also save webpages in your desired format for later.

  1. The webpage you are present, Again in the upper right corner, click on the three dots.
  2. Then, select the Print Option.
  3. Now, the print windows, you will see the option of Save as PDF.
  4. And, then hit the Download icon on this page. Then, the file will be downloaded in the target file. And you can access the downloaded file from the folder later.

Third-party software and extensions:

There are plenty of software, that you can use for this purpose some are paid and some are free to use. However, if you can download any webpage as PDF without acquiring any additional software. We recommend that it is not so much important to use any extra tools for this.

However, if you want additional properties like converting PDF to Doc, or converting to other formats, you may use such software. Because, such software has many additional features, which the user can try.

However, below, some of the software have been noted as per the user’s positive feedback.

  1. PDF Shift.
  2. Novel PDF.
  3. Adobe Acrobat.
  4. PDF crowd.

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Bottom Line:

In this article, we introduced all the possible methods to convert webpages to PDF in different search engines. However, you may observe different Pop-up Windows and options depending on the version of Apps, though the overall process remains the same. One more thing that while downloading the PDF files, the headers and footers will be included in the PDF file too.

Consequently, Do tell us in the Comment section, do you prefer PDF format to other formats. Or you may also discuss your digital issues with us.