Create macOS High Sierra Bootable USB Installer on Windows 10.

The first introduction of the macOS High Sierra happened in WWDC 2017. However, Apple is continuously bringing new updates in the macOS High Sierra. If we talk about its popularity, it is popular among mac and non-mac users equally. However, we know that Mac Operating systems are only installable in Mac machines. So, till what extend this is true? Is there any way to install macOS High Sierra on Windows 10 PC? Honestly, yes! however, you need to create a macOS High Sierra bootable USB on Windows 10.

Except for the creation of a bootable UBS installer for macOS. There are several other methods to install macOS on non-mac machines, Such as Windows, Linux, and So on. However, that topic is for another day. And today our primary focus will be on how to create macOS High Sierra bootable USB on Windows 10 PC.

Why create macOS High Sierra bootable USB?

You might think, that Mac users can easily install macOS high Sierra. What they require is the macOS High Sierra file from Apple Store. Secondly, if Window or Linux users want to install macOS High Sierra on windows PC. Then they can do it with the help of virtual machines too.

So, what is the need for macOS High Sierra bootable USB? There is a significant advantage of the USB installer in this regard. You can install macOS on Mac and non-mac devices easily with the help of USB multiple times. However, without using USB you need to follow the complete steps time and again. Therefore, there are still users who use USB for such purposes. Secondly, it is a light weighted and small tool, that can be taken anywhere anytime.

How to create macOS High Sierra bootable USB on Windows 10:

We need a third party software to create macOS High Sierra bootable USB on Windows PC. With any software, it is impossible to execute these commands. Secondly, there are several well-known software such as Unibeast, Transmac, R-Drive image, and so on. Similarly, every software has different steps for the creation of a bootable USB.

However, after checking for most of the sources, we have brought the most straightforward method to create a macOS High Sierra bootable USB on Windows 10. Different people suggest different software, however, we recommend you to use Transmac software here.

But before you start the procedure, bear in mind you have the followings.


For the bootable USB of macOS high Sierra, you require the followings

Download Transmac.

Once you own a USB drive, DMG file of macOS High Sierra, and download and install Transmac on your Windows PC. You are fully ready to initiate the creation of bootable USB for macOS High Sierra.

Create macOS bootable USB:

  1. Connect the USB drive with the Windows 10 PC.
  2. Right-click on the Transmac and Run as administrator.
  3. bear in mind to transfer entire data from the USB. Because you need to format the USB for this purpose. You can format it manually, or you can format it from the Software.
  4. However, after you format the USB. Go to the software and Right-click on the USB. And select Restore with the Disk image. Moreover, from here you can also format the USB if you have not formatted it.
  5. From this window, select the macOS disk image, that you had downloaded earlier.
  6. Once you select the macOS DMG file, press Open to start the process. And the software will start to write the DMG file to the USB.

And after a while, Tramsmac will complete the creation of bootable USB for macOS High Sierra. Now, you can use this USB to install macOS High Sierra on any Mac machine.

Furthermore, if you want to install macOS High Sierra on non-mac systems like Windows 10. Please follow the instructions given in an extensive guide below.

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After reading this guide you should have understood the easy way to create bootable for macOS High Sierra on Windows PC. There is no difficult steps in this process, you can get the complete requirements from this guide, except the USB flash drive.

Consequently, we would like to say that DO FOLLOW US for more knowledgeable up to date content. Confronting problems during the process? Why not tell us in the comment section.

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