Download macOS unlocker for VMware workstation.

As we all know, the virtualization software are in trends nowadays due to its great functionalities. Most of you might have tried virtual machine software like VMware. And could have tried to install a Mac operating system on it. However, you even don’t see any option of macOS, thought VMware is for such purposes. However, don’t worry. You just need to download a macOS unlocker for VMware workstation/player or fusion. And the issue will be resolved.

Perhaps you listen that VMware does not support macOS because you cannot find an option for the Mac operating system at the time of creating a virtual machine.

But is it true? Well, a Long story to short it untrue. You can install any macOS, including macOS 11 (Big Sur), macOS Catalina, macOS Mojave, or El caption on VMware without any hassle.

But you need to download some additional software to make it possible. And that software is macOS Unlocker VMware. After installing this software, you can install any macOS version on VMware. However, it would help if you remembered that macOS unlocker VMWare isn’t supported by AMD based computers.

So, let’s see what unlocker is and how to download and install macOS unlocker for VMware workstation/player/ Fusion without wasting time.

What is macOS Unlocker? And should you install it?

This light and the handy tool has plenty of advantageous features. But the most important is that it enables you to install Mac operating systems on VMware workstation.

So, Whenever you create a new virtual machine in VMware workstation. You must have noticed that you need to select the operating system version for which you want to create a virtual machine. And you must also have observed that the macOS option is missing among the other options of operating systems.

Here you require macOS unlocker VMware. When you download macOS unlocker for VMware workstation and install it, then the macOS option appears, and you can select macOS for your virtual machine.

As long as the question, that should you install it is concerned. Well, if you are going to install macOS on VMware workstation, It is mandatory! Or you can skip this for the rest operating systems.

Download VMware unlocker of macOS:

If you want to download the VMware unlocker for macOS, so we have provided a link. And you can easily download the software from there. Once you download the software, then you will need to add this to the VMware. And how to do that? Check that out in the coming paragraphs.

But first of all, download the macOS Unlocker for VMware from the following link.

Once you download the macOS unlocker for VMware workstation, now head over to install it.

install macOS Unlocker for VMware workstation:

Before the installation of the VMware unlocker tool, make sure the VMware workstation isn’t active. If it is, turn off the software completely. If you proceed without logging off from the VMware, VMware could face severe consequences.

  1. Go to the download folder and extract the VMware unlocker file.
  2. After extraction, open the file and select Win-install, right-click and select run as an administrator.
  3. Now, the command prompt will pop up. And copies some files and patches.
  4. After fixing some settings, the command prompt will close automatically.

Just this much, the VMware unlocker tool has successfully been installed. Now, to verify the installation, let’s check out whether the macOS option is appearing.

For that

  1. Start the VMware workstation.
  2. Hit the create a new virtual machine. And click next to proceed.
  3. Just skip the installation, and select Next.
  4. Now, in this window, the option of macOS is observable, as well as as you can choose the version of macOS from the down arrow.

It means that the VMware unlocker tool has done its work. Now, you can create and macOS virtual machine and install it on VMware.

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macOS unlocker tool for VMware workstation is a quite light and small tool. But it mandatory for the creation of a macOS virtual machine on VMware. As long as the installation of the tool is concerned. Though it is quite straightforward, we have explained the procedure so that you should not get confused.

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