Colin Huang-Ex Google employee placed among the top richest persons.

The founder and CEO of Pinduoduo “Colin Huang” has occupied the spot of becoming China’s second riched person after kicking “Jack Ma” to the third number. However, “Ma Huateng” is still the wealthiest person in China. 

Colin (Zheng) Huang completed his master degree from the University of Wisconsin in Computer Science. So, After graduation, he first joined Microsoft as an internship. After many years of contribution to Microsoft, However, he got the chance to become part of Google again as an intern. And then continued his job in Google as Software engineer for more than three years.

Colin Huang-Pinduoduo:

Pinduoduo is a Chinese e-commerce platform, literally the most significant interactive platform. However, the second-largest online marketplace in China as per the number of users and orders. 

The Pinduoduo was founded in 2015 by “Colin Huang” with a minimum amount. And rapidly within five years became china’s second-largest e-commerce platform. The Company witnessed a rapid rise amid the COVID 19 pandemic from nearly 50 Million orders to 65 Million per day.

According to Forbes Colin Huang’s total Worth has reached to $43.8 Billion. Besides, got the 23rd spot on the list of world wealthiest persons. Besides a little slip gave Jack Ma again the second spot in China. However, there is still stiff competition between the two Chinese e-commerce giants.

Colin Huang, in his blog, writes about his time in Google. He writes that Google gave him much more than his contributions. Additionally, he writes what he learned in this Three years of Career in Google, how Google is different than most of its alike companies. And how he thought of launching his own Company. 

According to Forbes:

  1. Name=   Colin (Zheng) Huang .
  2. Age   =    40 up to the year 2020.
  3. Company=  Pinduoduo.
  4. Nationality= China.
  5. Net Worth = 44$ as per data of 2020.
  6. Riched person in China= 3rd (As per data of mid-2020).
  7. Richest person World wide= 23rd (As per data of mid-2020).

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What his story teaches us?

The life of Colin Huang teaches us that the only thing in today’s life is important to endeavour and time management. If anyone focuses on these two things, then no one can stop him/her from becoming a successful and inspiration for the people.

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