Fix Google Drive Authorization Error (HTTP 403)-Access Denied.

Undoubtedly Google drive is one of the best cloud services, that one can use. However, today problems are common in everything. So as in the google drive. You may confront issues while accessing or downloading files from Google drive such as Google drive Quota Exceeded or fix google drive Authorization Error (HTTP 403) Error. However, there always technics to fix such frustrations.

Google drive is the vastly used cloud service in today’s era. More specifically today everyone is shifting their data to cloud-based services, like Google drive, dropbox, Amazon Cloud, and so on. Google Drive allows its users to upload, download, and share files between different devices. Moreover, it also allows users to synchronize cloud storage from different devices.

However, the problems never end in the digital world. And today we have put light on one of the most important problems that many of the google drive users confront in their daily life, “Google Drive Authorization error or Access denied HTTP 403 error.

Why Access denied HTTP 403 error appears?

In fact, there is not a specific reason that we could blame. However, the reasons that result in such errors. which you should avoid in order to be free from errors. Some of the reasons could be your browser’s cache ability that results in such errors. You could have multiple google accounts and access the drives from one hardware. Another strong reason could be that you are not logged in to your account.

Anyways, whatever is the reason, we have got the solutions. Below we have disclosed some methods to follows. that can help you to overcome the google drive HTTP 403 error.

How to fix google drive Authorization, Access denied error HTTP 403:

As we said earlier, there could be multiple reasons behind this error. We have asserted all the possible things that one can try out to resolve this issue. Beginning from the first method, you can try out all the methods mentioned below until the error is clear.

Clear Browsing history:

Looking upon the consumers, applying this method resolves the problems of most users, therefore, we have first introduced this method. Clearing browsing history is the real piece of cake. What you need to do is

  • Directly press “Ctrl+H” to open the history window, Instead of accessing it from the right top side of the screen. And clicking on different options.
  • Then, select All time from the time range.
  • Then check on the boxes of browsing history, Cooking, and other site data, and Cached images and files.
  • And then hit the Clear data button.

Now, restart the browser, and open the google drive folder, where you were confronting this problem. If the error is resolved, you do not need to execute further actions. However, if the problem still exists. Head over towards the second method.

Remove the specific extension:

If the first method does not work. And you use plenty of extensions in your browser, there is a strong possibility, that one of the extensions is causing the blockage in the authorization.

  • What you need to do is disable all the extensions temporarily.
  • Then restart the browser.
  • Now, again go to the google drive folder, where you were confronting the HTTP 403 error. And check if the problem still exists.
  • If not, now enable the extensions one by one and check, which extension is causing in the issue.
  • Once the effecting extension is figured out, remove the extension. And then you are all free from the error.

Sign-out and sign-in in the account:

If the error is still appearing on the file. then you should try out this one. Because, most of the time, as you are signed-in to your account. You are not in the google drive. Therefore, resigning your account restarts everything.

If you don’t know how to sign out and sign in again, follow the following instructions

  • hit on the account avatar in the right top hand side.
  • Then go to the account profile.
  • And hit the sign out button.
  • Close and open the browser, and sign in again.
  • Then check if the problem still exists.

If the issue is resolved, you are good to go. Otherwise, execute the following method.

Try another browser:

If you are a Windows user. You should have several browsers like google, Microsoft Edge, or internet browser. So, what you need to do is try another browser apart from the problematic one. And visit the google drive folder, where you were facing the HTTP 403 error google drive.

And hopefully, you will not confront the same issue again. If this method does not work too. Then you should be really disappointed. And try out the following Technic.

Try Incognito:

Yes, this time simply try Incognito mode.

  • Click on the three dots on the right top side.
  • And press the new Incognito Windows, or as a short cut press “Ctrl+Shift+N“.
  • And visit the problematic folder. And see if the issue is resolved.

These were all the possible methods, that can help you to fix the google drive authorization error HTTP 403. However, we do not witness anyone that could still be confronting this issue.

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All the solutions that can fix google drive authorization Error HTTP 403 is stated above. Moreover, we did not get anyone still suffering the same issue in spite of executing the guided methods.

However, if you are confronting the problem in spite of these Technics, surely contact us through the comment section, So as to help you in this regard. And also DO FOLLOW US for more knowledgeable up to date content.

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