What is Green technology? How can it revolutionize our world

In the 21st century, the human race has a lot of challenges. Unfortunately saying, most of these challenges have been created by ourselves. Moreover, one of the most dangerous things is climate change. And its only solution is Green technology.

But exactly, what is Green technology? In this article ahead we will define it. Additionally, will see some examples of Green technology.

So, without wasting any time let’s dive in!

What is Green Technology?

It is such a sort of technology which is totally environment friendly. The green technology consumes the non-damaging resources to create, produce, and supply the products.


This technology is still young and is adopted by some countries in the world. But it is considered to switch every technology to green and clean technology.

the purpose of green technology is to create such sorts of products, that are entirely environmentally friendly. Moreover, it’s purpose is to preserve the natural resources of the Earth and deplete the free available resources.

Today due to the Anti environment technology like petroleum Vehicles, and other transportation machines, Industries, the Earth is becoming hotter day by day. 

And this is the primary effect. Due to such technology, the Glaciers are melting. Climate change is also disturbing the weather on Earth and results in unpredictable natural disasters.

The huge number of green forests are burning every year and the lands are becoming vast deserts.

These all the consequences of Environment enemy technology.

Therefore the new concept of technology has been introduced in the world by name of Green technology.

This technology can help us not to further damage the environment. It introduces a shift to clean resources like Solar energy, Wind energy, Bio-gas, and so on.

This technology can help us to heal the damaged Ozone layer. And also bring back the vast jungles. If the world seriously decides to switch to this technology.

Some Examples of Green Technology:


Recycling is the best example of green tech. The depletion of recycling materials can save the planet from uncontrollable waste. Moreover, it can also help us to preserve the natural resources of Earth. And consequently, the environment can remain preserve from junks and dirtiness.

Renewable Energy:

The best example of green tech is renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources like Solar energy, Wind energy, Hydropower energy, Geothermal energy, and many more can be used as an alternative to Fossil fuels.

what is green technology

And this can reduce pollution, environmental issues, and other problems to a great extend. Currently, China is the world’s biggest investor in renewable energy. And the world’s largest country to use renewable energy. 

If we use renewable energy in our Factories, transportation, and other industries. It can help us to control most of the challenges, that we are facing due to pollution etc.

Water Waste Management:

Today we are using drinkable water in our industries with great ruthlessly and flow that water in Seas and oceans. This reduces the amount of drinkable water on Earth. Additionally, the wastewater is also dangerous for marine life.

Water waste management is also a great example of Green-tech.

Vertical gardens and farms:

With the unstoppable increase in population, it is becoming difficult to manage lands for agriculture. And consecutively the fertile lands are used to built cities. 

In this case, the concept of vertical farming seems the only solution. With the help of vertical farming, we can use a small piece of land many times with the vertical cultivation technic. In this technic, we can cultivate more vegetables in small areas.

Editors’ Recommendations:

How can it help us?

It can help us in every field. Green-tech can help us to reduce junks and pollution from the environment. It can reduce the depletion rate of natural resources. And preserve nature.

The use of green tech can bring revolution in human lives. It can help us to control pandemics and health issues. And last but not the least, it can increase the life of planet Earth.


By Safar Ali

Safar Ali is an Entrepreneur, Marketer, and writer. He has been writing for more than three years. And his pieces have appeared on some of the high-authority sites, including HubSpot, Mashable, Business.com, Business Insider, TechCrunch, Makeuseof, CNET, and many more.

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