How to write a piece that stands out-Experts advice

According to Worldometer, every day, more than 6million blog posts are published. In this scenario, it is super hard to bring your ones on the first page, isn’t it? Don’t get discouraged. It isn’t impossible. With the mammoth number of articles written every day. What should you do? So, that your article could stand out among the rest?

Google is continuously changing its techniques and methods to bring the best results online. So, that the user gets what he/she is seeking, and this the breakthrough that can make your piece stand out. 

Moreover, we all know that Google considers almost 200 factors when ranking the results. So, on one side, you have millions of competitors trying to occupy the number one spot. And on top of that, you also need to go in Google’s way.

So, today we’re going to find out how to can manage both challenges. And write an article, that could please google as well as the readers.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

First of all, let’s take care of google. You should craft an article that Google loves? In simple terms, it is called “SEO” Search Engine optimized content. First, we want Google to rank our article. So, that a reader could reach to our piece and get the information they want.

Whenever writing an article, the factors that search Engine looks for should be obeyed. When writing an article, there are some rules to follow to make it SE Optimized. Like using the keyword in the first paragraph, and a particular density of its synonyms, which you want to rank for.

For example, in this article, I want to rank for the keyword “Write a piece that stands out.” Therefore, I have added this phrase in the title first. Secondly, I have included this keyword along with its synonyms in the first paragraph.

write a piece

Moreover, there are many other factors that you need to care for while writing because obeying these rules will help Google to grasp the content quickly and thoroughly. And if your article helps Google for a good thing. So, Google will surely payback.

Write a catchy title:

Suppose your article has ranked on the first page. You have made it here. What’s next? On the first page, there are 9 more pages except yours. So, here you have to attract everyone towards your article.

And for this, you need to write a stunning blog title. So, whenever a searcher arrives on the first page. Your title should say that This is what you want? So, hit this page. And look what surprise I have for you.

Again, taking our example, this article’s title is “How to write a piece that stands out.” Whenever anyone searches for information, and ideas, about “how to write a better article”. Firstly, it is short and concise. So, the sentence isn’t cut and incomplete.

Secondly, when the searcher reads the title. This clicks in their mind. Yes, this is what I want. I want to write an article that stands out. So, they will land on your article, rather than the blog titles, that give 10 tips, 30 tips, rules or guides, etc. 

The tiles should be easy, to the point, and eye-catchy so that it attracts the reader to lend on your page.

Write a Captivating Beginning:

Your battle doesn’t end here. You still need to focus on some more things to please google as well as the reader.

So, till here, you have won the heart of Google. You have also successfully attracted the Audience to your blog post. Now, you need to keep their focus on the information you are providing them. Don’t let them quit your article without making it to the end.

And for this, your initial paragraphs are crucial. You need to build interest in the reader. And how can you do it? According to experts, try to tell the reader a story related to the query. So, they read and try to understand the moral of the story.

If you can’t tell stories so, the next big net to capture them is using an interesting fact or statistics, which we have mainly used in this piece. In our first paragraph. On the very first line. We have added an eye-opening fact along with proof.

So, after reading this fact. The reader says, wow! I didn’t know that. So, let’s read further what we have more. So, such sort facts, statistics, stories compel the reader to move on and read the article thoroughly.

 Many experts recommend asking the reader questions regarding their problem to build sympathy for the reader. In comparison, many take it as an exaggeration and unnecessary.

Use simple and easy language:

Suppose you have satisfied the visitor to continue reading your blog. You have won the 80% battle. The next 20% is pretty easy to achieve.

Next, if you think that using long and complex words in your article will raise your reputation, so, you are wrong, unfortunately. 

According to research by Cambridge University, the total population of the world is around a 7.5billion. And approximately 2Billion people worldwide speak English, which makes around 26% of the total population.

So, Google or other search engines aren’t only for English speakers. And the other 74% of the population can’t understand lengthy and complex English if you want your writing to stand out. You need to write in such a way that facilitates everyone.

Try to use simple words. Include “Use” instead of “Utilize.” Include “Face” instead of “Confront.” Unless it is academic writing, or your piece is for a particular group of Audience


Credibility makes your piece stand out:

Last but not least. When the reader thoroughly reads the piece of information that you have provided. So, the question arises in his/her mind. Why should he/she accept your information? Are these facts? Or just a thought and word of mouth.

So, the information you are providing them must have a credibility factor. It must have backing points. Or else it makes the reader doubtful of the information. 

In this article, the facts we have provided. We have also linked them to credible sources. So, the reader gets the point to be accurate, and it is also essential that the source of information be credible.

For example, the above statistics we have shared are initially by Cambridge University, one of the world’s top knowledge centers. So, no one can raise fingers on its credibility.

Along with the credibility factor, Let me add it. That is also a Google’s ranking factor, which most of the SEO experts miss out on.


In this guide, I didn’t bring a complete book. So, that perhaps after reading half of it. You get bored. We just provided 5 points that you need to consider while writing so that your piece stands out in terms of reading and credibility.

If you hire a writer, or you want to be a writer, especially for online media. You must focus on these primary and most important factors because tons of pieces are published every day. And tons of fake pieces of information are also distributed.

By Safar Ali

Safar Ali is an Entrepreneur, Marketer, and writer. He has been writing for more than three years. And his pieces have appeared on some of the high-authority sites, including HubSpot, Mashable,, Business Insider, TechCrunch, Makeuseof, CNET, and many more.

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