How to rewrite a topic that outranks your competitor’s topic

If you say that you never thought about getting rich and famous with your unique ideas, then you are lying. Everyone knew the online business must have thought of some new ideas to generate more traffic on its website. But when someone tries to launch his idea, he may get fail because the number of competitors and competition both are increased. To dominate the competitor is very difficult now as the market is full of such unique talents that make your content lighter.

So, the thing is that how a new person can compete with those big bulls who are already leading the chart.

How one can be unique from others so that the audience can visit his website and like his content.

The content of an item is its power. Without this power, no one can get success even after investing and making efforts.

For attracting the audience, one must present his idea in a different way that is new for everyone.

This thing happened many times and one can do this easily. He just has to put some effort into more striking mode.

To make these efforts fruitful, one has to search for the old contents about that specific topic and rewrite them in a new method.

Let’s discuss that how one can use the old ideas and make them new for the audience.

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Rewrite the old ideas

No one can generate a new idea every time as it is not an easy task at all. This thing demands a lot of struggles from the user.

Sometimes you have to copy ideas but present them in your way. Uniquely presenting the old idea can be helpful to outrank the competitor.

There is a possibility that the views one is going to use, are already used by others in the market.

So, here you have to rewrite the old content and present it more uniquely. For that, you have to make effort.

One has to read the specific topic from different sources and then extract the juice of those topics.

This will claim a lot of effort and time from the user. Probably, he can make mistakes while generating new ideas from the old ones.

There are chances that he may plagiarize the content that may cause an issue for SEO optimization.

This whole scenario can be dreadful for a website as it can cause a bad impact and be de-ranked by Google.

So, one has to also compete with google. For this thing, he can use an alternative way instead of writing the whole content on his own.

An alternative method for rewriting the content

To avoid such mishappens, one has to use a substitute way by using an online rewriting tool.

An online rewriting tool can help to paraphrase the article uniquely without wasting the time of user.

These tools can rewrite the content without any plagiarism and make it totally unique from the old one.

A user can take help from these rewriting tools to make his content different.

These tools can generate new content for the writer that he can use to outrank his competitor.

How do the article rewriters make the content unique?

The article rewriters or paraphrasers are helping in the sense as they convert the old content into the new one.

These rewriters give the most precise results to the user that can be ranked easily by google.

Here are some benefits of the rewriting tools that a user can avail to save his time and struggles.

  • These tools are AI-based that read the whole content thoroughly and understand the theme of the content.
  • After that, they search for possible alternatives and make the content different from the original one.
  • These online paraphrasing tools help to make the workflow faster in less time.
  • These tools make the content fully polished that supports removing the grammatical mistakes.
  • The most effective thing about using a rewriter tool is that they make the content SEO-friendly which helps in SEO optimization and getting ranked on google.

Top article rewriters

Numerous online rewriters are introduced now that can help the user in writing the articles.

These article rewriters have the same work but maybe differ in some features. Some paraphrasers are free while some are paid according to the provided features.

Here we will discuss the best three article rewriters that can make the content different from the original one.


Let’s talk over these article rewriters in detail

  • article rewriter

Among the top rewriter tools, that can help to change the structure of any content, this article rewriter lies on the top.

The features of this tool make it different from the others and place it before any other tool.

Easy to practice: The interphase of the rewriter tool is very simple and anyone can use this tool quite easily.

There is no complexity to handle the tool and a user can generate unique content with few clicks.

how to rewrite articles without palgerism

Remove plagiarism: The one best thing about this tool is that it doesn’t let any type of plagiarism in the content.

After rewriting the content, it goes through the content removes the plagiarism from it if found.

Remove grammatical mistakes: while rewriting the article, it makes sure to remove all types of grammar mistakes from it.

This thing impacts SEO optimization thus the tool doesn’t allow any grammatical error in it.


The thing that brings this rewriter among the top tools is that it can paraphrase unlimited words at a time in simple mode.

But if someone is trying to use the AI mode, he can paraphrase 500 words at one time.

This tool is one of the best tools in terms of paraphrasing but the only thing that keeps it below the 1st one is that it has a paid version.

While people try to use a free tool. But one who is paying for this tool will never regret his decision as this tool provides the features that are not provided by the free tools.

Compare the content: While rewriting the content, a user can take help from this tool to compare his original article with the new one.

There is a comparison box in this tool that brings ease for the users as they can easily read the original and the new content.

Fast working: This paraphrasing tool is very fast to use and provides accurate results instantly.

The user can paraphrase unlimited words at a time with very fast speed and no delay.

Supports multiple files: If a user directly wants to upload the files or download them from there, he can take help from this tool.

This tool support files like Docx, pdf, doc, and txt, etc. Users can download or upload these files in the tool.


This tool is designed for SEO optimization. So, the article generated by this tool is best for SEO.

This tool spins the whole content and converts it into a new and 100% unique article that helps to outrank the competitor.

Moreover, the content generated by this tool is always attractive and easy to understand which helps it to get Google rankings.

Synonym’s library: This article rewriter contains a big number of synonyms that help to generate unique content every time.

A user can generate several different articles from a single content and the result will be different every time.

Meaningful content: The content rewritten by this tool is always easy to understand and is meaningful.

That means the lines that it has generated make sense and can catch the attention of a reader easily.

SEO friendly: As told earlier, the content generated by this tool is best for SEO optimization.

The factor that google likes for SEO optimization is the easy and understandable content.

This tool rewrites the content according to the policies and makes it SEO-friendly.

Final words

Online competition is increasing everywhere and it is very difficult to outrank the competitors. 

Writing unique content to compete with the big guns is very challenging. But these online rewriters can help to make the content unique.

These article rewriters are very easy to use and handle. A person can take an edge over others quite easily after generating unique content from these tools.

By Safar Ali

Safar Ali is an Entrepreneur, Marketer, and writer. He has been writing for more than three years. And his pieces have appeared on some of the high-authority sites, including HubSpot, Mashable,, Business Insider, TechCrunch, Makeuseof, CNET, and many more.

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