How to install Virtualbox guest addition on Ubuntu guest OS

If you are using any Virtual machine in Virtualbox software, so, you may have noticed some issues and completeness in that Virtual machine. That could be some missing functions. It is because of the absence of guest addition. But how to install Virtualbox guest addition on Ubuntu.

The guest OS you are using is Ubuntu. Therefore there is always a guest addition in your system.

But as you have not installed them yet. You are facing some missing functions like full-screen option and many more.

In this article, we are going to see what Guest additions are? Why are these important? And finally, how to install the Virtualbox guest addition for Ubuntu Virtual machine?

So, let’s dive in!

What are guest Additions?

The Virtualbox guest additions are device drivers and applications to make more relations between host and guest OS. Moreover, these are used to enhance the performance of Virtual machines and add some extra features to the Virtual machines.

Why are Virtualbox guest additions significant?

These are important. Because these improve performance and add some extra features to the Virtual machines. For example;

  1. Mouse pointer integration:  You can move in and move out of the VM freely. You no longer need to press the Host key (usually Right <Ctrl> key).
  2. Full-Screen Mode: The guest additions enable you to change the guest OS to full-screen mode.
  3. Shared folders and Clipboard: With the help of these, you can copy and paste things between the host and guest OS. And share folders between those two OSes.
  4. Time Synchronization: You can sync the host time with the guest time.
  5. Better Video Support: The custom video drivers that are installed with the Guest Additions provide you with extra high and non-standard video modes, as well as accelerated video performance.
  6. Increase performance: These increase the production of Virtual machines, and you can switch between the OSes straight forward.

How to install Guest Additions?

Before installation, let me clear that the Host OS could be any. It could be widows, mac, etc. and here the guest OS is Ubuntu. And we are trying to install Virtualbox guest additions for the Ubuntu guest OS. So,

But before installations, you must install Some built tools. So,

Install Tools:

First of all, start your Ubuntu guest OS. Now, open the Terminal and update the APT package repository cache with the command:

$ Sudo apt update

Then the repository cache will update.

Now, Enter the following commands to install the required built tools.

sudo apt install build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r) dkms

Then press the Y key and Enter to confirm the installation.

And finally, the required packages will be installed.

install Virtualbox guest addition on Ubuntu

Now Execute the following command to Stut down the Ubuntu Virtual machine.

$ Sudo power off

Insert the VirtualBox Guest Additions CD to the VM’s CDROM:

Now, Restart the Virtualbox and select the Ubuntu Virtual machine. And then click on Settings.

Now, click on Storage.

Then a new window opens, and there you will see that the file written Host Deliver NEC…  click on it.

Then click on the Disk icon. And it will further open a new page. Click on Remove disk from virtual drive.

And finally, click on, OK.

This step will eject the attached  CD.

Install the Virtualbox guest addition:

Now, start the Ubuntu Virtual machine by selecting the VM and clicking on Start.

Then, once it starts, click on Devices and then click on Insert Guest Additions CD image…

Once you select the above option, the system will ask you to whether run the installation process or not. 

Simply click on Run to start the installation.

Before starting the Ubuntu will ask you to authenticate yourself. Enter your password and click on Authenticate.

Now the installation will start and after some time. You will see a message that Press Return to close this window. So click on the Enter button to complete the installation.

And finally, you just need to Restart the Ubuntu Guest OS to implement the changes to guest OS.

And it is Done! You have successfully installed the Virtualbox guest addition on Ubuntu.

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Bottom Line:

So it was al about the installation of Guest addition on Ubuntu gust OS to add some extra features to the guest OS. The article included three steps. 

In the first step, we did some mandatory installation of tools, and then we use a CD/DVD to install the Guest addition. And finally, we showed how we could install the Guest Additions.

To conclude, we would like to say they Do follow us for more info and knowledge on Technology and Virtualization. And also don’t forget to read the Recommendations of our Editors.

By Safar Ali

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