Best Satellite Internet Providers In United States 2022

best satellite internet suppliers in USA

The internet has been helping people in many ways that we cannot even count, ever since it was invented. It’s an incredible technology and we cannot deny the fact that now, we cannot even imagine a world without the internet. Everything we do, somehow, requires the internet. From online education to working remotely, the internet works as a great blessing.

There was a time when people were not aware of the importance of this incredible technology. However, with time passing by, people are getting aware of the importance of the internet. The people who are living in urban areas have been using the internet for multiple purposes for years. In the rural areas, the usage of the internet was less because people were not ready to accept that the internet could make this world a better place.

After the COVID pandemic, everything pretty much changed. Now we do everything on the web. To stay connected to this modern world, we need to make sure that we have a reliable and high-speed internet connection. Those who are living in urban areas will get multiple options. There are around 7,000 internet service providers in America and most of them are available in urban areas, so if you are living in a city, you will get multiple options. However, if you are living in a rural area, chances are you won’t be getting a lot of options but don’t worry, the satellite internet connection will be there for you.

Should I get satellite internet?

Satellite service providers use satellites to transmit data over the internet. There are only a few companies in America, which are using satellite technology to deliver services to people because the entire process is very complicated and costly.

If we compare satellite connection with cable or DSL, satellite connection is not that good when it comes to reliability and high-speed internet. Cable, DSL or Fiber Optics provide high-speed internet with a reliable connection.

The satellite internet connection can be a good option if you don’t have a lot of internet usage. The best part is that no matter where you are at if you have a clear view of the southern sky, you can get satellite services.

With a satellite connection, you might face issues with the speeds or with the connectivity in the event of bad weather. With cable and other connections, you usually don’t face such kinds of issues often even if the weather is not good.

If cable or DSL connection is available where you live, go for those connections as satellite connection is usually used in the rural areas where you do not get any other option other than satellite connection. When it comes to the satellite connection, there are two internet service providers, who are best at their work and provide their customers with the best services. The following are the best internet service providers when it comes to satellite connections.


Hughesnet is one of the best satellite internet providers, which is offering services to around 1.3 million people. It’s services are available in all the U.S. states. With up to 25Mbps speed offered by Hughesnet, you can watch your favorite movies and favorite TV shows like Breaking Bad without any interruption.

If you are into music and you listen to music a lot, you can download your favorite music and can make your playlist, which you can enjoy, offline. With Hughesnet internet packages, you get up to 25Mbps of downloading speed and 3Mbps of uploading speed.

All the internet packages come with the same speed but with different data caps. You can choose a package as per your need. With Hughesnet, you get data caps that range from 10 GB to 50 GB but the best part is that you get a premium time zone in which everyone will be getting 50 GB of extra data cap from 2 Am to 8 Am and you can download large files like movies or your important stuff during that time.

You can get free installation with Hughesnet if you have a good credit score and can even lease the equipment. If you go over the allocated data, don’t worry, you will not be disconnected from the internet, you can still enjoy the internet service but with less download and upload speed. No matter which package you get, there will be a contract of 2-years and you will have to pay a fee to cancel your services.


Viasat also provides services via satellite connection. The provider currently serves around 700,000 customers. With up to 100Mbps speed offered by Viasat, even if you do online gaming, Viasat will work fine and you can have the best gaming experience.

With Viasat internet packages, you get download speed ranges from up to 12Mbps to 100Mbps and 3Mbps of the uploading speed. The data cap varies from package to package. You get data cap ranges from 12 GB to 150 GB and you can have any package as per your entertainment budget and your needs.

Viasat offers promotions that only last for three months. After three months, the prices will go up. For the first three months, you will pay the same charges but after three months, you will have to pay more as the prices go up. You can get a discount on your packages if you bundle your Viasat internet service with Direct TV or you can also get a discount on your internet service if you bundle your internet service with Viasat voice.  With Viasat, you will have to go for the professional installation because there will be a lot required and certified technicians will do the installation.

Summing it up:

If you are looking to get internet service and only a satellite connection is available, go for any of these two options and you will have the best internet experience as both offer amazing internet services. If you ever face issues with your internet connection, you can reach out to their customer service and their customer support team will make sure that your issue gets resolved. Compare the available options and see which can be the best shot for you.

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