Uninstall Adobe Acrobat DC from the Mac-Updated method.

Adobe Inc is a multinational software company. And its software is used worldwide. Moreover, the latest statistics clearly affirm this. However, there is always insufficiency in software performance, which is amended by the companies consistently. However, below we are going through a complete way to uninstall Adobe Acrobat DC from Mac and Windows.

When I installed the Adobe Acrobat in my system, so, it helped me a lot. But in the presence of the new Microsoft Edge, I started to operate it rarely. Because all my works concerning PDF file used to be done with Microsoft Edge. Therefore I decided to uninstall Adobe Reader from My Windows PC.

The second issue I got with the Adobe Acrobat DC, that it used to be launched automatically. And used to take lots of time for loading. This wasn’t due to the computer, but due to the software. And for this reason, also I decided to uninstall it.

The clean uninstallation of Adobe acrobat on windows PC is a straightforward method. However, on Mac systems, there are always possibilities, that after complete uninstallation, its leftovers still occupy space on the device, if it didn’t execute the process correctly.

However, don’t worry. Below, I have brought a straightforward method to uninstall Adobe Acrobat DC from Mac. However, it is a great tool to keep your PDF files secure.

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Why and How to uninstall Adobe Acrobat DC from Mac and Windows?

Many of the users complain about their functionalities. The most common error complained is that this software works dull on typical systems.

Secondly, they complain about their uninstallation procedure. It is apparent that they confront problems during uninstallation and cannot uninstall it accurately. Therefore, the software again appears on the screen after uninstallation too.

And the third reason, that made me delete it from my device is Microsoft Edge. After installing windows 10. This browser is added as a default app in the system. And it has the competence to read and support PDF files. You can also edit your PDF files using Microsoft. Therefore, it almost eliminates the need for any third-party software like Adobe Acrobat, reader, etc.

Moreover, as the uninstallation process is concerned. Let’s check out how you can clean uninstall Adobe Acrobat DC from Mac and Windows PC.

How to uninstall Adobe Acrobat from Mac:

There are two different methods to delete apps from a Mac system. The Quickest way to uninstall the apps is to search the App from the search box and hold on the App until the Delete icon doesn’t appear. Once the icon appears. Then hit the delete, and the App is uninstalled permanently.

But you may haven’t seen delete option while holding on App. It is because this method works with App directly installed from the App Store.

For the uninstallation of all apps, including App store software or manual software. There is a second method.

  1. Open the Finder on your Mac, and click on the Applications folder on the sidebar.
  2. Search and locate the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Then drag the application’s icon and move towards trash. And then drop it in the trash.
  3. Then right-click on the trash and hit the Empty trash, and confirm it.


Once you Empty the trash, all the data present in it will be permanently lost. There is no way to retrieve those data. Therefore, before clearing the trash, check if it contains important files.

Delete Adobe Acrobat reader DC leftovers from Library:

When you erase the application itself, however, its components still remain stored in the Library. If you want to delete all its components from the device.

  1. So open Finder and then menu bar. And finally, go to the Library.
  2. Now, search the keyword Adobe Acrobat. And all the associated files with it will appear.
  3. Now, move all the files to the trash. As well as remember to empty the trash too because the data can still be restored if remains in the trash.

It is always important to search for those leftover folders. Perhaps, you find files that you need in the future.

How to uninstall Adobe Acrobat from Windows PC?

It is pretty easy to delete the apps from Windows permanently. What you need to do is.

  1. Hit the window icon in the bottom left corner. And then tab of Settings.
  2. Then in the Settings area, tap on Apps.
  3. Now, from the left navigation panel. Tap on Apps and features.
  4. Then hit the Adobe Acrobat DC and then tap ob Uninstall.
  5. Afterward, tap on let the App to make changes to the system and again tap on Uninstall to confirm the installation.
  6. Now, the software has been moved to Recycle Bin.
  7. Right-click on it and select the Empty and then OK.

Now, the files have been permanently uninstalled from your Windows 10 PC. Similarly, you can follow the same instructions in Windows 7, 8, or any other version of Windows.

How to delete the leftovers from drive C?

  1. Head over to the Computer icon on the home screen.
  2. Then, go to the C drive.
  3. Now, there search for the Adobe Acrobat keyword.
  4. Then all the files, including these words, will appear on the screen.
  5. Select the folder and delete those.
  6. Now, again Empty the Recycle Bin to delete the folder permanently.

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Bottom Line:

So, this was some easy steps to uninstall Adobe Acrobat from your Mac and Windows PC. You may find these solutions easy. But believe it or not. Most people still don’t know the exact way to perform the deletion of data from their devices. And the files remain on their computer, affecting the system’s performance and occupying the extra storage.

Consequently, we would like to say that DO FOLLOW US form more knowledgeable Up to date information. And feel free to ask us through the comment section.

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