Install Final Cut Pro on Windows 10-Complete guide.

In the world of video editing software, there are plenty of resources that have struck the market. And undoubtedly, among the best video editing software, there is always a name “Final Cut Pro.” And in this article, we have brought the (A to Z) guide to install Final Cut Pro on Windows 10.

You may know that the Final Cut Pro can only be operated on macOS. Except for macOS, you cannot run it on other operating systems. But today, we have brought a fully comprehensive, legitimate, and straightforward method to install Final Cut Pro on Windows 10 PC. But before that, let’s take a look at what is “Final cut Pro”?

A glance on Final cut Pro:

Those who don’t know, Final Cut Pro is a leading software developed by Macromedia Inc., And later on, the software was purchased by Apple Inc. The software was first introduced on June 21, 2011. After the endeavor of many years, Apple launched its stable version on December 10, 2019.

The final cut is Pro is the first preference for the professional video editors. The software has a large number of extraordinary tools that make a video a piece of perfection.

Moreover, Superior organization tools, including libraries, ratings, tagging, auto analysis for faces, and scenes, make it a complete set of tool software that video editors dream about.

It’s Support for 360-degree footage and HDR, Multicam, along with the faster performance, allows your edit more video in less time with razor-sharp details.

Moreover, you can buy this tremendous software in $299.99 only. For the detailed guide on all new features, please visit

How to install Final Cut Pro on Windows 10?

It is impossible to download it on Windows 10 PC directly. However, there are several other ways to do it!

As we stated before, below, we will guide you through installing Final cut Pro on Windows 10 comprehensively in a legitimate manner.

First of all, you will require to download and install Virtualbox or VMware virtualization machines. Virtual machines are software that is used to run multiple guests Operating systems on the host OS.

Once you install a virtualization machine, you will install any OS on your Windows/any supported OS using the Virtualization machine. And there, you will download and install macOS Mojave or Catalina as a guest OS.

And finally, you will be able to install Final Cut Pro on your macOS. But don’t worry! You are not going to confront any hassle until you follow our instructions.


With the help of this method, you can install Final cut Pro any OS that is supported by Virtualization machines.

Download and install Virtualbox (Virtual machine) on Windows 10:

There are two leading virtualization software.

However, in this article, we are going to use Virtualbox. Because it an open-source and free software. Additionally, the best match for Windows 10.

  1. First of all, you need to visit
  2. Download the Virtualbox software.
  3. Install the software on Windows.
  4. Install the Virtualbox guest addition.

The download and installation of Virtualbox on your Windows need a separate article to write about. Therefore, we already have an (A to Z) guide about this. Please visit the following section on how to download and install Virtualbox on Windows.

A complete guide on how to download and install Virtualbox on Windows 10.

Moreover, due to any reason, if you want to use VMware virtual machine to install macOS as a guest OS on Windows. Please visit the following extensive article.

A complete guide on how to download and install VMware workstation on windows 10.

Now, you are ready to run any new Operating system on Windows as a guest OS using Virtualbox. Therefore, you are going to download and install macOS. And then finally on macOS, You will download and install Final cut Pro on macOS.

Download and install macOS Catalina on Windows using Virtualbox:

As the latest macOS is Catalina ( up to the time of writing this article). Therefore you should install macOS Catalina. Moreover, we will share an extensive guide to install macOS Mojave on Virtualbox too.

It doesn’t matter which version of macOS you install on Virtualbox from these two versions. However, it is a good idea to install the latest version of macOS.

So, as now you have installed both software on your Windows. Now, it is time to install the final cut Pro on Windows.

Install Final cut pro on Windows:

Now, you are ready to install Final cut Pro on your macOS, which you are running as guest OS.

  1. Visit the official website of
  2. Enter your Apple ID and password.
  3. Buy or try final cut Pro for free.
  4. Download the Final cut Pro from the Apple store.
  5. Install Final Cut Pro and run.

As you have installed the software, bear in mind, that your Windows PC must support extensive and substantial software. Or else due to the incompatibility of your system. You could confront an issue during working on Final cut Pro.

Next Up in Microsoft Windows:

Bottom Line:

That is all about the installation of Final Cut Pro on Windows OS. The complete process is not complicated but lengthy. However, we explained the entire process step by step in a straightforward way.

To sum up, DO share your thoughts and issues through the comment section. And also, DO Not forget to follow us for more info and knowledge regarding day to day technology guides.

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