How To Measure Screen Size of a Laptop/TV Or Phone? No Tape.

how to find screen size of laptop

Have you wondered how to measure the screen size of your laptop, TV, or phone? And perhaps, you would have gone for the search of measuring tape to measure that, like most of us.

Well, you don’t need a tape to measure the screen size of any device. There are certainly easier ways to do it. But our mind doesn’t get the idea most of the time. And therefore, we start searching for the Tape.

In this article, we have shown. How you can measure the screen size of your laptop, TV or desktop, etc, without touching the measuring tape.

So, without wasting time let’s see some of the mind-clicking ideas to measure the laptop’s screen size.

How to find the screen size of a laptop, TV, or phone?

Below we have mentioned some of the easier methods to find the accurate screen size of any device without the need for measuring tape.

1. Go Online:

Today every device has a unique identity which is also its model number. Without searching for the tape here and there. It is quite easier to type in the model number of the device on google.

And you will get the entire information from the screen size to the weight of the device. And also accurately without any hassle.

So, next time when you get to find out the weight or size of any product. Simply go online and search for the specs of the product. And you will every specification of the device in no time.

2.Check out the user manual:

The time when you want to measure the screen size. And what if you don’t have access to the internet. So, again you go for the tape? No! it is better to find the user manual from the stuff and read all the specs. Instead of measuring it with tape. And is that accurate? Who knows?

3.Find screen size of laptop from the settings:

So, what if the user manual is lost. And neither you have an idea about the model of the laptop. Well, no worries. There is still a chance to find the model number of your device.

You can easily find the model number of the system from the settings area.

  1. Open your computer/laptop.
  2. Search in the system information.
  3. And open the page of the system’s information.
  4. Now, look for the system’s model number written among the rest specifications of the laptop.
  5. Now, open the browser and type in the model number. And Google will tell you the exact measurement of your laptop’s screen.

Moreover, usually, you may have observed a sticker on the backside of your laptop or TV. If that still exists on the backside of your laptop. So, you can find the model number written there too.

And you don’t need further to find for the measuring tape or user manual etc.

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Many times, we get confused under certain conditions. And the same happens, when you try to measure the screen size of a laptop. You just start to getting the measuring tape for it. Though you don’t need that.

Therefore, in this article, we mentioned some of the better methods to use for the accurate measurement of the screen instead of using strips.

Consequently, we would like to say that DO FOLLOW US for more daily hacks and information regarding the laptops, and Operating systems.