How To Fix “Bootcamp Couldn’t Locate OS X Boot Volume”

Bootcamp is a pretty handy tool when it comes to dual-booting of macOS and Windows 10. But with ease comes problems too. Some folks have been complaining about Bootcamp when switching between macOS and Windows OS. The problem appearing is Bootcamp “Couldn’t locate OS X boot volume”. After looking up to this problem we successfully found the reasons behind this error.

If you are also facing this problem while switching from Windows to macOS. Below have brought some fixes for this issue along with some recommendations to avoid such sort of unexpected problems in the future.

Resolving the error “Couldn’t locate the OS X boot volume” on Bootcamp:

Always use the latest version of Bootcamp:

In the world of technology, updating is the key factor to maintain a healthy working environment. Therefore, every software, you use is updated often. Likewise, if you haven’t updated the Bootcamp for some time. You may likely confront the “Couldn’t locate the OS X boot volume” error when switching from Windows to macOS.

Therefore, It is always recommended to keep the software and tools updated. So, next time, if you confront the error. Again, update the Bootcamp. Most of the user’s problems solved after updating the Bootcamp on their system. But, if your’s still insisting on this error. There could be another reason behind it.

Try out manual switching:

If you are trying to “Restart to macOS” from the notification bar in Windows 10. And this error occurs. Try to boot macOS manually.

  1. Restart the Windows OS by click “Alt + F4” or from the Windows icon on the left corner side of the screen.bootcamp issue
  2. During restarting, press and hold the “Option key”, this will take you to the partition page.
  3. Select the “Machintosh HD” and login to the macOS.

Here go to the “Update page” and check for updates. After updating the tools, Restart the macOS and check whether the error still exists.

Moreover, if you’re not using a Mac keyboard. So, alternatively use the “Alt” key instead of the “Option” key and repeat the same process.

Furthermore, if the error doesn’t resolve. Move on to the third try.

Convert the default OS to Mac in Bootcamp:

If the macOS is already set as the default Boot OS. So, move on to the fourth step. And if not, so once set default Boot OS to Machintosh HD. Here is how you can set it!

  1. Restart the Windows OS using the bottom left corner Windows Icon.bootcamp issue
  2. Before restarting the Press and hold the “Option” key (for Mac keyboard) and “Alt” key for (Non-mac keyboard).
  3. From the boot menu, select the “Machintosh HD” and log in.
  4. Then go to the “System preferences”.
  5. Then open the “Startup disk” page.
  6. Here select “macOS Volume” as a default OS.

Then the system will reboot several times and then check for the updates. After updating hopefully the error will no longer appear.

In case the problem isn’t resolved with the above techniques there is one last choice you have.

Start the everything from scratch:

If unfortunately, the above-mentioned solutions don’t work on your system. There are two possibilities. Whether the system can’t handle Bootcamp or Windows, macOS or Bootcamp is corrupted.

Therefore, if the software have been corrupted. Startup everything from the beginning. And this time take help from a credible source to dual boot macOS and Windows OS.


We don’t recommend to use “AFPS” for Bootcamp Assistance.

Reasons behind the error “Couldn’t locate OS X Boot volume”:

There could be several reasons behind this error. The most general reason is the older version of “Bootcamp”. Therefore at first, we pointed out to update the Bootcamp to the latest version. Moreover, other likely reasons would be problems with macOS or Windows 10 Bootable USBs.

Those might not have been created properly. If you say that Bootcamp might cause this technical error. It is pretty rare Because Apple consistently updates the software to maintain flawless operation.

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Bottom Line:

Technical errors are part of today’s digital world. But these issues are resolvable. Therefore if you get into such troubles. There likely be resolutions for it too. You just need to research the solutions. Moreover, if you’re having some extra problems using Bootcamp. DO TELL US in the comment section we would be glad to help you out.

Moreover, if you have got another easier way to resolve the “Couldn’t Locate OS x Boot Volume” error. Do share with us so, the upcoming audience would try out that too.

By Safar Ali

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