Download Virtualbox on MacOS (A to Z) guide

Currently, in the world of technology, nothing is impossible—things re getting easier and possible. You can use one item in multiple ways for multiple other things. Likewise, many people want to work on many Operating systems on one computer, And it has become possible with the help of virtualization software, That enables you to work on multiple OS with only one device. Therefore, now we are going to talk about how to download Virtualbox on Mac.

This article included the entire procedure of downloading and installing the Virtualbox on your Mac OS. Furthermore, we will take a look, what we should take care of before installing the Virtualbox on our Mac OS. And what problems could occur during installation and while using the Virtualbox on the macOS system, And what are the solutions to those problems?

Prerequisites of installing Virtualbox on MacOS:

  • You must have one of these versions of macOS X hosts on your Mac before installing on a (64-bit) system.
  • 10.13 (High Sierra).
  • 10.14 (Mojave).
  • 10.15 (Catalina).
  • You must have at least 8GB ram to work smoothly on Virtualbox.
  • The software is going to take almost 179.1 MB space of your system. So, you must have a functional disk space to work on smoothly.

Now, we are going guide you on overall the process from downloading the (.dmg) file up to the installation of the software step by step.

Installation process:

Step 1:

  • Go to the given link and click on the OS X host option to start the downloading of .dmg file to your computer. And you will see the downloading process of .dmg file on the right upper side of the Screen.

Download link

Step 2:

  • The downloading file is about 94.4 MB. And after some time when the downloading completes Double, click on the downloaded .dmg file to proceed to the next step. And a new window will open verifying the .dmg file for installation.

  • And after verification, a window will open asking to Double click on the icon to install the Virtualbox. Moreover, you can check the User manual and the Virtualbox installer on the right side.

Step 3:

  • Now, once you Double click on the icon. The driver once again checks your system, whether the system is appropriate for the installation. And once approved, click on continue.
  • And yet a new window will appear showing that the software on your system will capture 179.1 MB space. And again, click on Install.

Step 4:

  • When you click on the Install button. The order Will ask to enter the password of your mac system. And when you provide the password. The installation process will begin. And after a short time, a Green Tick icon will appear. And done! The software is installed successfully on your system.

Step 5:

  • As the Virtualbox has been installed successfully on your macOS.Go to the launchpad and click on the Virtualbox icon to open the software. You will see an empty window on Virtualbox Because yet you have not installed any other program on Virtualbox.
  • And if you want to add any other OS on your macOS to work on. You can do that With a Virtualbox. You just need to click on the New icon . and write the name of Operation System you want to use.


Virtualbox Extension Pack:

Now, as you have installed the Virtualbox on your system. You need to install one more program additionally to avoid future problems. That many of the people face.

You need to install the Virtualbox extension pack, which is available on the Virtualbox website.

Why do you need to install the Extension pack?

Well, the answer is that many times people face various issues while using the Virtualbox, including stuck of mouse and keyboard. So, the best solution for this issue is the Virtualbox Extension Pack. It also has some easy steps to perform. And you can visit the article to install the Virtualbox extension pack to fit the box easily. The report includes installing Virtualbox on windows as well as installing the Extension pack for more reliability.


Download windows ten on Virtualbox on Mac:

So now, as you have the  Virtualbox. So, let’s install windows ten on Virtualbox to give a demo on how you can install the other OS on your Mac, including Windows 10. The process will include the step by step procedure. And you can install the rest of the OS systems also like Ubuntu, Linux, etc. in the same manner. So, now let get started.


  • You must have high disk storage in your mac system to distribute between macOS and Windows 10 OS. The recommended size for this is 1.5TB.
  • You should have the latest version of Virtualbox on your macOS.
  • You must have installed the Virtualbox Extension Pack on your Mac.

Installation Process of windows ten on Virtualbox on Mac:

Step 1:

  • Go to the launchpad and open the Virtualbox. After the Virtualbox opens, click on New, and a new window will open. Write the Operating system you want to install. In this case, we are going to install Windows 10, So we write windows, and the rest two windows will pick the appropriate options automatically. And click on the Continue button.

Step 2:

  • Now once you click on the continue button. A new window will appear, asking to allocate the RAM size to the windows 10. Besides, the system also shows the recommended size for the system. But it is not necessary to choose the same recommended size. It depends on your want,  what you want to use the windows 10 for. If you’re going to use the windows for substantial programs, choose the higher storage, and if you’re going to use it for daily bases, choose the smaller size.
  • Once you select your desired option, click continue.

Step 3:

  • The new window will ask you to create the hard disk for the windows ten that will be allocated to the windows 10 OS later. Here choose the second option and click on the Continue button to proceed to the next window.

  • Once coming to the new window. It will ask to select the hard disk file type. Here you can choose any. But we recommend you to choose the first option, Because other options may work differently, and could make you confused. And finally, click on the Continue button to go to the next step.

  • This window will give two options to choose from. The first is dynamically allocated. It means that the size of the hard disk you use will expand and shrink according to the system requirements( up to maximum fixed size chosen), But If you select the Fixed size option. The size of the disk will not shrink and remain the same always. Here we choose the first option.
  • And click on the Continue button to choose a hard drive space you want to allocate for the windows 10.

Step 3:

  • So, now this window gives you the option to move the scroller right and left to choose your desired space you want to allocate for the windows 10 OS.the The minimum size you can select is 32 GB. But we recommend you choose 25% of your real disk space. And similarly, depending on your needs, you can select your desired area too. And once accepted, click on the Create button.

Step 4:

  • And now, finally, you have created a virtual disk image for the windows 10 OS. Furthermore, select the windows ten icon and Click on the Setting button. You will see a new window of windows ten setting area.

  • In the setting area of the windows 10, can modify the setting you want in the future. So click The OK button, and now it is time to install the windows ten on your Virtualbox to start using it.

Step 5:

  • So, now click once on the windows ten icon to select and click on the start button. Now, it reboots the Virtualbox for installing the windows 10.

  • After some time, you will see the same usual window That we see during windows installation. After this, all you have to do is that click on the Next button.

Step 6:

  • Now the rest of the process is straightforward. After the above image is shown. You need to click on Install Now, and it will start installing windows ten on Virtualbox.
  • Once the installation finishes. You need to enter the Product key of your windows, or you can click on Don’t have the product key to skip the step.
  • Next, you have to do is to accept the terms and conditions of Microsoft and click next.
  • And once you pass the above stage, .you need to configure the hard drive space. So, choose the custom option. And you will be shown the maximum area you had selected during prior settings.
  • Now you have to partition the maximum disk space in several drives you want.
  • Moreover, You need to fill some easy steps to finish the process, including setting Cortana, etc. And once you finish .and new windows will appear saying Let’s Start.
  • And Now, Congratulations! You have installed the Windows 10 OS on Virtualbox. And you can use the Windows 10 OS mutually with MacOS on one computer.

Now you can do whatever you others do on windows.You just need to switch to full Screen from the corner of the Screen which you do in usual windows. And can quickly switch to windows OS or macOS at the same time simultaneously.

How to uninstall Virtualbox completely from Your Mac OS, including all files in it?

The install process is a piece of cake. We mention here that Because many users are confused that If we install the Virtualbox software. Does it remove all the applications automatically or not those needs to be removed manually? Well, the answer is in just three steps.

  • Go to the folder titled Applications.
  • Now click on the icon titled VirtualBox and hold it carefully.
  • Next, drag this icon to the Trash bin and drop it in there.
  • Go to the Trash and left click, and choose the Empty option Trash and done!

What problems do we face while using Virtualbox? And its Resolution.

  • The most common issue faced by people while using Virtualbox on their system is that the mouse and keyboard usually stuck.

The solution for this problem is Virtualbox Extension Pack, which is available on the official website of Virtualbox.

  • Sometimes many users even cannot proceed to the installation process of the Virtualbox. what are its solutions?

The first solution is

  1. Open up System preference window.
  2. Click on the Security and Privacy icon.
  3. And you will see System software from developer “Oracle America, Inc.” was blocked from loading.
  4. So, click on the lock icon on the left of the window.
  5. And now, click the allow button.

And again if you have a problem. It is perhaps due to the low compatibility of your system.

  • Many people observe slowness in their order after they install Virtualbox and ask for the solution. So, this problem occurs because your order is less compatible with the Virtualbox. And the only solution is installing the Virtualbox software.

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The article includes The A to Z guide on how to install the Virtualbox on mac os. Additionally, we also gave you an example of how you can install other systems on Mac using Virtualbox like ubuntu, windows, Linux, etc. We also mentioned some of the fundamental problems many people face while installing or using Virtualbox. And how to tackle those issues. You can further read our Editor’s recommendations regarding the Virtualbox and MacOS systems by clicking the above links.

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