5 best android apps to earn money on mobile in 2021

The world is evolving rapidly. Today, the buyer lives in one country, and the seller lives in another. Moreover, gradually the office concept is changing too. And instead, home-based employments are gaining popularity among the people, which we call freelancing. Likewise, the concept of making money is changing too. Now, it’s possible to earn money through your smartphone from the comfort of your home. Therefore, Today, we’ve brought the list of Android apps that can help you to generate a passive income using your phone anywhere.

Let’s be honest! Most people think such things fake. But it doesn’t mean that. As stated earlier, the traditional concept is changing. And new concepts of life are taking place in the world. For example: “Bitcoin.” A few years ago, when it was free. It used to be considered fake. But Today world’s leading companies are investing in it like Tesla. And the value of one bitcoin has reached $48,000, which is increasing continuously.

In this scenario, you might wonder if there are some kind of mobile casino apps that can actually pay you cash and help you increase your bank balance. Digging deep around, we have brought the list of some apps that pay you real money by watching ads, completing tasks, surveys, etc., though those don’t make you a millionaire.

Android apps to earn money by watching ads and completing tasks:

The search for the real money app took us to lots of fake websites and apps. But fortunately, we found a couple of apps that still work. And have maintained their reputation in front of users.

Below we have listed the top 5 android apps, which you can use to earn real money by watching ads, completing tasking and surveys, etc. Some of these apps allow you to choose from Amazon gift cards etc. Whereas many of them allow you to withdraw the money through PayPal directly.

Google opinion rewards:

The first app on the list is the Google opinion rewards. Google officially launches this app to facilitate folks seeking to earn opportunities through apps.

As it is the very own google’s app. So, the question doesn’t rise about it being fake. This app has been downloaded more than a 50Million times with an average rating of 4.4, which is incredibly satisfying.

Google opinion reward doesn’t give you money. Instead, it gives you many surveys in a week, which you have to give your opinion about. And as a reward, you are given a certain about of virtual money. Usually around $0.20. Which you can use to buy books, movies and download premium apps from the play store.

So, if you have lots of time, it is good to earn from google to spend on google! Just kidding.


Playment is another app that you can use to earn money. But unfortunately only in India. Playment has been installed +100k times with an average rating of 3.7.

In recent months, the users were complaining about not enough tasks to complete compared to the past. Therefore, the rating has dropped a bit. But the good news is that no user has complained about its fraud yet.

However, the recent update has brought significant improvements to the app. And it is again offering lots of opportunities to users. So, if you live in India, you can make daily up to 300 rupees using the playment app.

Earn Extra Income:

Nowadays, you may always hear about the Earn Extra income app when it comes to legitimate earing apps. This new app has a lot to earn money. And a person living anywhere around the world can earn from this app.

This app has maintained an extraordinary reputation in the play store. It has been downloaded +1.6Million times with a tremendous rating of 4.3.

The reason behind its success even after 1.6 million downloads is that this app uses various sources of earning, starting from surveys, completing tasks, ads, reviews, freelance jobs, and so on. The most exciting thing about this app is that, after going around the users’ feedbacks. Many users have claimed to be earning $500 monthly. Which I think cannot be better than this.


Swagbucks isn’t an app but a website for earning money through watching videos, surveys, and cashback on shopping things. The website claims to have paid it, members million of dollars. But we can’t take it so seriously.

After researching its legitimacy, we found an article regarding the Swagbucks on HuffPost, which was pretty satisfying to hear about. Moreover, we recently found its app on the google app store.

The app has been downloaded +1Million times on the play store with an average rating of 4.1, which should clear your confusion regarding its legitimacy.

App Trailers:

Last but not least, here is the App trailers app. This app uses ‘Video Trailers’ of apps, celebrity gossip, DIY videos, and many more sources to earn money.

The app has been downloaded +1.6Million times with an average rating of 4.1. The recent feedbacks from the users have complained about the lack of opportunities in the app. But the officials of the app have reiterated about coming of huge earning opportunities in the near future.


Gradually as the world is changing. The methods are also getting popularity among the people. Today, you can earn money without leaving the comfort of your home with mobile apps, websites, and many other methods.

And talking about Android apps, so these were the top five Android apps that allow you to earn money by watching ads, completing tasks and surveys. If you are free most of the time. Or seeking passive opportunities to earn money. Why not try these apps. And you may download premium apps using these apps.

By Safar Ali

Safar Ali is an Entrepreneur, Marketer, and writer. He has been writing for more than three years. And his pieces have appeared on some of the high-authority sites, including HubSpot, Mashable, Business.com, Business Insider, TechCrunch, Makeuseof, CNET, and many more.

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